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James Anderson
James Anderson
Content Director

A bullion buyer years before the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, James Anderson is a grounded precious metals researcher, content creator, and physical investment grade bullion professional. He has authored several Gold & Silver Guides and has been featured on the History Channel, Zero Hedge, Gold-Eagle, Silver Seek, Value Walk and many more. You can pick up Jame's most recent, comprehensive 200+ Page book here at SD Bullion.

Given that repressed commodity values are now near 100-year low level valuations versus large US stocks, James remains convinced investors and savers should buy and maintain a prudent physical bullion position now, before more unfunded promises debase away in the coming decades.

  1. Relentless Rally in Silver, Gold

    Global financial market participants are now speaking by collective record-sized gold silver investment actions.

    The move to physical bullion and also into the less secure, fractionally bullion-backed derivative complex is now making monetary precious metals spot prices ramp higher.

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  2. US Mint Cannot Meet Bullion Demand, Record Precious Metal Inflows

    Give all the major precious metals market news of late, this will be the first of a two-part Market Update for this final week of late July 2020.

    We have some record-breaking data insights to cover later in this video.

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  3. Gold Silver Short Squeeze May Become Almighty

    Of all the bullish bullion headlines this past week (e.g. record precious metal ETF fund flows, bullion shortage premium gap outs, and price action, etc.).

    Perhaps one of the more important headlines and articles was published by a former long time Financial Times, now Bloomberg columnist, John Authers.

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  4. Silver Price Breakout Has Begun

    Silver and gold both finished this past week’s trading well. 

    Each having tremendous runs since their brief spot price crashes in mid-March 2020 much assisted by ongoing fiat ∞QE policies running rampant.

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  5. Silver's V-Shaped Spot Price Recovery

    The recent V-shaped recovery for spot silver price and COMEX silver futures prices is now near completion.

    The silver spot price now threatens to again pass $20 an ounce next week, now is a good time to remind ourselves about the last time we saw the spot silver prices crash and then rebound with simultaneous retail and whole silver bullion shortage.

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  6. On the Building Silver Boom | A Response to John Dizard

    Gold and the precious metals complex is increasingly showing signs of strength.

    In this week's update, we are going to look at more bullish signs the largest bull run for bullion may be nearing the starting gate.

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  7. Silver Bullion Building an Unprecedented Bull Market 2020s

    This 4th of July week 2020. We're seeing the largest ongoing COMEX silver stopped contract delivery figures in over four decades of time.

    We're about to dive into details of that topic and more.

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  8. Gold Silver Price Forecast Long Term Update

    In the last 65 days of time, the US National Debt has increased by over $2 trillion fiat Federal Reserve notes. The nation's debt is now over $26.2 trillion ballooning towards $30 trillion through the end of this year into 2021.

    Much in part due to the now partially melded US Treasury and private Federal Reserve central bank's response to worsening economic and financial conditions.

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  9. Ultra Wealthy Going for Gold and Silver Bullion

    We've been wondering aloud why there is so much gold bullion flowing into the COMEX and specifically Brink's NY out of the four major Swiss gold refineries?

    The all-time record stopped COMEX gold contract is happening this month in June 2020, thus far it represents over 5.2 million oz of gold. Almost 161k of gold kilobars you see below. Each one valued at around $57 grand.

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  10. Silver Bullion: The Best 5 Year Investment

    This past week, over 680 of you out there took part in a random bullion poll we posted.

    The vast majority of you deem silver bullion to be the best bet out into the year 2025.

    Today we are going to explore why silver bets are a building consensus across the investment world. Perhaps too why we probably all are underestimating the asymmetric potential of this bullion bet.

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