How Much is a Ton of Silver Worth? | Silver Tonne Weight

How Much is a Ton of Silver Worth? Silver Ton Weight Silver Tonne Weight SD Bullion

You might think a ton of silver is a lot.

It is. Both in terms of overall weight and 'will debase more' fiat currency values.

Here we dissect what a tonne of silver is worth as well how much it weighs in troy ounces.

Come learn how investors buy tonnes of silver in the 21st Century bullion bull market ongoing.

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Gold Bullet | VIDEO: 50 Caliber Bullet vs Gold Kilo Bar

Gold Bar vs Bullet Demolition Ranch SD Bullion

If you enjoy firearms too, perhaps you are weird like us and have wondered about this also.

Can a high caliber bullet cut through a gold bullion bar? Who would dare test such a nutty idea?

What would happen if you shot a 2,000 MPH bullet at a 1,000 troy ounce silver bar? Could said speeding bullet, make it through such a relatively soft yet thick precious metal bar?

Well, come on in and find out some of the mysteries of the bullion stacker universe as we visit with Matt Carriker of the Demolition Ranch youtube channel. 

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What is GLD? | GLD Fees | GLD APs

What is GLD? GLD annual fees GLD Authorized Participants GLD APs GLD prospectus

The world's most popularly purchased gold ETF is a gold spot price chasing exchange-traded derivative called GLD. 

While GLD can be a useful tool for short to medium term trading needing exposure to the gold spot price, here we explain in detail why GLD is no substitute for a bedrock gold bullion investment allocation. 

We quickly cover annual GLD fees and the financial entities which can siphon gold bullion from the fund in exchange for GLD basket share blocks. All while retail GLD shareholders cannot take physical gold delivery of any kind and have no title to gold bullion held in GLD trust.

While retail GLD shareholders remain, unsecured creditors of the GLD fund. Many also remain oblivious to the risks they run by perhaps believing their gold ETF shares are somehow a safe haven instead of actually owning real gold bullion.

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Best Bullion Products TOP 10 Countdown

Best Bullion Products Best Silver Coins Best Gold Coins Best Gold Bars Best Silver Bars Best Silver Rounds Best Bullion Dealer

This Top 10 Bullion Product video playlist series illustrates the best bullion products based on our customer’s purchase volumes.

As one of the largest high volume bullion dealers in the United States, the following 'Top 10 List' of best bullion products to buy, gets based on our internal sales volume data.

Much will, of course, depend on your buying and selling objectives. But this aggregated data shows you the wisdom of the bullion buying crowd at a minimum.

Here we will count down the list from #10 to number #1, including insightful reasons to why bullion buyers choose specific bullion products we are about to show you.

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S&P 500 silver ratio SD Bullion blog dow vs silver ratio charts

The Dow Silver Ratio helps investors understand US stock market vs silver bullion values with long term historic perspective.

Here we examine long duration Dow Silver Ratio charts, but also where the value of silver may peak someday vs US stock values according to the past bullion bull markets.

Come see the ongoing cycle of this precious commodity's value versus failing and income producing publically traded enterprises.

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How Many Ounces in a Ton of Silver

How many Troy Ounces in a Metric Ton of Silver, How many Troy Ounces in a Metric Tonne of Silver,

The amount of silver in the image used for this article shows about 9 metric tonnes of silver bullion.

In the image, you can see 3 conjoined 1,000 oz silver bar pallet stacks with 4 levels.

Together they hold some 288,000 oz of silver bullion. A bit under $5 million fiat US dollars at the moment. For the next time, you are in the market to buy a few tons of silver bullion. 

Here we breakdown how many ounces are in a ton of silver so you can do this arithmetic without making crucial mistakes 

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What is Silver Used For? | Silver Uses

What Silver Used in? Industrial silver uses

We humans have been mining silver for over 5,000 years. 

Unlike gold, silver has not often been too costly to either lose or aggregately waste trace supplies of it in cumulative large un-recycled amounts.

In other words, often we humans have thrown silver away in non-recycled trace amounts used industrial or electronic applications. Take a look at just how many things, use physical silver today.

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IRA Approved Silver Coins, Bars, Rounds | Silver IRA Approved

IRA approved silver bullion coins bars SD Bullion

Quite often, new investor entrants into the physical precious metals market are unaware that you can buy and hold approved Silver Bullion products within a Silver IRA.

Owning a prudent silver bullion allocation within an IRA account can simultaneously offer an investor both proven wealth protection and growth opportunities.

But there are a few strict rules and regulations by the IRS regarding physical precious metals investments within a Silver IRA account.

Here we cover the rules regarding which silver bullion products are Silver IRA investment approved and why. As well which silver coins or silver bars/rounds get excluded from Silver IRA holdings by the IRS and reasons why.

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China Gold Standard Speculation | Yuan Devaluation

China Yuan Devaluation Chinese Renminbi Devaluation

For close to a decade, there’s been growing speculation that China’s importation of nearly 20,000 tonnes of gold bullion is leading to a new China gold standard involving their yuan renminbi currency.

Here we cover recent commentary as well as standard China gold media coverage of late, over the years, and China gold reserve related charts.

Since 2007, China has been the world’s #1 gold miner by volume year after year. There is a ban on exporting gold from China. Thus the more than 6,000 tonnes of gold the state has mined over the last few decades has stayed in China.

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Is Silver Used in Solar Panels? | Silver in Solar Panels

Silver in Solar Panels | How Much Silver is used in a Solar Panel?

Silver is born initially from star explosions.

So it is somewhat ironic, yet also fitting that silver helps us retrieve power from the same kind of energy source from where it was initially born.

Without silver involved in solar panel fuel production, silver cells could not be as efficient at turning sunlight into usable energy.

Silver solar panel use is growing and here to stay for many years to come. 

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Gold Bar Weight | Largest to Smallest Gold Bar Sizes

Gold Bar Weight Gold Bar Sizes Gold Bar Weights

Gold bars weights are highly variant, and often they are not even homogenous nor fully fungible.

In other words, often enormous gold bar weights are not exact. They, therefore, cannot be traded without adequate record-keeping, weighing, and assaying.

Here we examine the changing gold bar weight standards from 'Gold Standard' eras bygone. To now smaller gold bar weights the eastern world has been demanding more of in this 21st Century gold bullion bull market.

See the varying sizes of gold bar weights available in the physical gold bullion market and learn to which country most are getting saved by.

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Gold Silver Bullion Tax IRS Reporting Rules

IRS Precious Metals Reporting Tax Rules USA

In the following SD Bullion infographic, we again cover IRS bullion reporting requirements when buying bullion in the USA.

We also discuss current IRS reporting requirements if selling bullion to US-based precious metal dealers as well.

Also discussed are current general Gold Silver Tax ramifications for when you sell bullion at either a profit and or a loss (always consult a tax professional on the matter as we are not tax pros)

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Is Silver Magnetic? | SEE FOR YOURSELF

Is Sterling Silver Magnetic?

Here we exhibit a test to see is silver magnetic by using some rare-earth magnets, called neodymium magnets, to show how silver and other various precious metals react to strong magnets.

Learn scientifically how pure silver reacts to magnets or when silver gets put into a strong magnetic field.

We even consider the question is sterling silver magnetic too.

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Platinum Price History | 140-Year Platinum Price Chart

Platinum Price History Long Term Platinum Price History

Only relatively recently scientifically discovered in 1735 AD, the amount of platinum we humans have mined gets dwarfed by historic total silver and gold mining outputs.

The US dollar price per troy ounce of platinum has steadily risen over time as the purchasing power of the US dollar has wained in value.

The following nearly 140-year platinum price chart illustrates Platinum Price History in US dollar values per troy ounce.

Currently, platinum is priced cheaper versus gold in over a century. Learn more about Platinum Price History here.

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Louise Yamada Gold Price Forecast | Record Surge to Come

Gold Price Forecast 2020s Louis Yamana Gold

Louise Yamada gold price forecasts and gold technical analysis are always worth noting. Even if you think technical price analysis does not matter, it does to the majority of the market where price discovery gets derived.

Ms. Yamada gold forecasts are part of her work as the managing director of Louise Yamada Technical Research.

In this clip from late last week, Yamada gold price bullishness was pervasive as she technically examined why gold prices are likely to rise given this 6-year base we have been building in fiat US dollar-priced gold.

Check out her technical reasoning for coming record fiat US dollar gold prices in the 2020s.

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IRA Approved Gold Bullion Coins, Bars | Gold IRA Approved

IRA Approved Gold Bars IRA Approved Gold Coins

Quite often, new physical precious metals market entrants are unaware that you can buy and hold approved Gold Bullion products within a Gold IRA.

Here we cover the IRS rules regarding which gold bullion products are Gold IRA investment approved. And which gold coins get excluded from being allowed for gold individual retirement account holdings by the IRS.

Owning a prudent gold bullion allocation within an IRA account can simultaneously offer an investor both proven wealth protection and growth opportunities.

But there are some strict rules and regulations by the IRS regarding precious metals investments with an IRA account. Knowing them can help you avoid potential mistakes with your Gold Bullion IRA choices.

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Central Bank Gold Agreement No Longer Necessary in Europe

European Gold Agreement, ECB Gold, bank gold, European Central Bank Gold Agreement,

Last Friday, July 26, 2019 - the spot gold price got what should be the opposite of a “Friday News Dump” using a long term gold price perspective.

Effectively the significant bank power of Europe (ECB) and 21 other national central banks publically agreed that no gold bullion sale coordination is needed this September 2019 and after.

These +20 central 'gold holding' banks likely agree to sell sovereign gold bullion currently, is the exact opposite of what any prudent central bank should be doing.

Perhaps this ECG gold-related press release is because gold bullion owned direct without encumbrances is now deemed a top tier one asset? Gold now considered real money, without risk on a financial institution's balance sheet. 

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How Much Silver is in a Silver Dollar? | 5 Coin Types

how much does a silver dollar weigh in ounces? how much does a silver dollar weigh in grams?

There are a few variations of silver dollar coins that have formerly circulated in the USA.

As well, we have hundreds of millions of more modern .999 fine silver dollar coin versions that are issued today in varying sizes (1 oz, 5 oz).

Even too, there was a 40% silver dollar coin that got issued during the stagflationary 1970s, as silver got ironically pulled out of our circulating coinage simultaneously.

Here we cover the five most common silver dollar coin's silver weights and mintage figures. So how much silver is in a silver dollar? That depends which silver dollar of course.

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Another Silver Manipulation Trader Busted | Scotia & Bear Sterns

Precious Metals Manipulation

Another former commercial bank precious metals derivative trader pleaded guilty to manipulating precious metal futures contract prices.

The same leveraged COMEX and NYMEX derivative price discovery contracts that help determine physical gold, platinum, palladium, and silver bullion product prices, day after day.

This most recently guilty precious metal trading traitor, who worked for Bear Stearns and a Scotiabank subsidiary desk, is now in cooperation with a US Justice Department investigation. 

The US Department of Justice is also digging into JPMorgan’s ongoing role in manipulating precious metal prices over a similar timeframe. Read the sordid details and conspiracy facts.

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1964 Morgan Dollar | As Seen on TV Sarcasm

1964 Morgan Dollar Cook Islands Silver Clad Coin

If you cannot sleep or suffer from insomnia. The chance is high, you have seen your fair share of late-night too good to be genuine offers on tell-a-vision.

This following 1964 Morgan ‘Silver’ Dollar offer is worth about five cupronickels in melt value, clad with 0.0022827 troy ounces of fine silver.

Working in this industry for over a decade, the lengths some will go to make a quick buck often boggles my mind.

A few years back one of us here had some fun making a sarcastic version of this ongoing TV spot to shed some dark humor light on this offer you would surely regret.

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