1. How Much Does a Gold Brick Weigh?

    How Much Does a Gold Brick Weigh?

    How many times have you been watching a movie when suddenly someone starts running around carrying some gold bars? If you're anything like me, you begin wondering how these people can

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  2. What are Dimes Made Of?


    Every day we use coins, but have we ever stopped to think about what they are made of?

    The earliest coins were made from electrum, a combination of silver and gold. The Lydian state minted these coins around 700 BCE, and merchants and consumers used them in trade. About 500 BCE, silver starter coins were minted in Caria, an ancient district in Turkey. These early coins depicted Greek gods, Roman emperors, and even tortoises and stags.

    Coins have evolved over the years, but they have remained an essential part of global trade and commerce. Let’s take a look at the evolution of dimes and what they have been made from over the years.

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  3. How Much Does a Dime Weigh?

    How Much Does a Dime Weigh?

    In the coin world, the quarter receives a lot of attention. However, what about the next one in line? Let’s take a closer look at the dime. 

    Why are dimes so small?

    The Coinage Act of 1792, also known as the Mint Act, established the U.S. Mint and created a decimal system for the young nation’s currency. The legislation authorized U.S. dimes, which would be worth 10 cents. Because it would be the second most valuable coin after the quarter, it makes logical sense that it would also be the second largest. But, in fact, the dime turned out to be quite a bit smaller. The reason for this goes back to the timetable of when specific coins were introduced...

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  4. How Much Does a Quarter Weigh?

    How Much Does a Quarter Weigh?

    As children, we were very excited to discover a quarter left under our pillow by the tooth fairy. We may have wondered whether it was silver. Many adults still have questions about quarters,

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  5. How Much Is A Silver Dime Worth? Formula Below

    How Much Is A Silver Dime Worth? Formula Below

    All 10¢ dimes issued in 1964 and years prior have 2.5 grams or almost 1/10th an ounce of pure silver in each coin. Although today's circulating dimes have a ‘silvery’ polish, they don’t contain any pure silver at all. The US Mint currently uses low-value pot metal alloys to strike all US dimes today.

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  6. How Much Is A Silver Half Dollar Worth? Melt Value

    How Much Is A Silver Half Dollar Worth? Melt Value

    All half dollars issued in 1964 and years prior had 11.4 grams or almost 2/5th an ounce of silver in each.

    To calculate how much a silver half dollar melt value is, use the following equation and data inputs...

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  7. Saving in Silver - Not a Bad Idea Historically Speaking

    Saving in Silver - Not a Bad Idea Historically Speaking

    Since the beginning of this 21st Century, silver’s value versus every one of the hundreds of fiat currencies has increased.

    If you are looking for something with more long term stability coupled with value appreciation potential versus continuously inflating paper and digital fiat currency options, look no further than silver bullion.

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  8. New Gold Silver Ratio Chart from 1862-2020 Just Released

    Gold Silver Ratio Chart

    SD Bullion has just released a brand-new Gold to Silver Spot Price Ratio Chart that shows the gold-to-silver ratio in a new, unique way. The chart is in the shape of a circle with a Gold Eagle and Silver Eagle split in the middle. The circular chart clearly shows how the ratio has progressed over the past two centuries. Click here to see the full-size chart!

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  9. Gold Price During Recession

    This week we want to focus on historic US Stock market downturns. And mainly examine them through percentage losses juxtaposed by gold, and silver values through the same timeframes.

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  10. How Much is a Gold Bar Worth?

    The base prices of all gold products are determined by the gold spot price. The gold spot price is a live price, meaning the price for gold is constantly changing (unless the market is closed of course). Since January 2018, the price for gold has not gone below $1,250 per ounce. In late 2019 to early 2020, the gold price has risen to levels as high as $1,650 per ounce.

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