Why does Physical Silver cost more than the Silver Spot Price?

Silver spot vs silver bullion price Why does Silver bullion cost more than the Silver Spot Price

New silver bullion buyers often ask why the fluctuating Silver Spot Price is lower than the prices for the various Silver Bullion products we offer on our website.

Here we will explain (#1) what is the Silver Spot Price and (#2) its relation to the physical Silver Bullion market.

After reading these insights, you will better understand how and why silver bullion product prices are higher than the fluctuating, mostly derivative contract-driven, silver spot price.

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Gold Allocation Discussion

Gold Investment Allocation Percentage SD Bullion

The following is some fundamentally often forgotten information, following the post-1970s financialization of the US and most western economies.

The adage of maintaining a 10% gold bullion allocation remains mathematically sound although possibly somewhat out of date. Learn why 10% may be too small given a recent full fiat currency era study.

Financial intermediaries often hate bullion. Why is that typically so?

Because physical gold bullion never churns their profits, it takes investor wealth outside of the current leveraged financialized system. Learn more about potentially prudent gold allocation percentages.

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Largest Gold Nuggets Ever Found


Do you know how large the 5 Biggest Gold Nuggets ever found are?

With the second-largest gold nugget finding recently occurring in Australia 2018, we got video clips and pics of that 'haul down under' mate.

Learn about what percentage of gold purity the typical gold nugget is depending on the location it is found. As well, what the total troy ounce gold yield was for each of the biggest gold nuggets ever found.

How many monster boxes of gold (500 troy ounces) do you think the all-time biggest gold nugget equates?

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Should I buy Gold Coins or Bars?

Should you buy Gold Coins or Gold Bars?

The answer requires the prudent gold bullion buyer to weigh a few factors aside from the gold bullion itself.

Things like the overall gold price, gold guarantee government or private mint, gold purity, gold-selling privacy statues, gold unit size, bid-ask spread, brand recognition, and more.

The best answer for you requires some thoughts which we delve into here.

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How to Hide Gold Bullion?

How to Store Gold Bullion

Knowing how to safely store Gold Bullion is critical to long term success when saving physical gold fo the long term.

Here we will discuss various creative at-home gold bullion storage ideas, gold location diversification tips, as well as other hidden gold storing ideas that might never have occurred to you.

See some creative gold storage ideas which might help spur your own responsible decision making.

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Platinum Price vs Gold Price

Platinum has not been this cheap vs gold since 1907 AD. You read that right! In over 110 years we have not seen platinum values slump this far versus gold.

Check out these following long term charts on platinum prices versus gold prices in US dollar since the late 1800s. and throughout this post-1971 full fiat currency era.

For those searching for long term physical precious metal value buys, look to platinum (and silver at the moment over palladium and gold bullion). Keep a multidecade longeterm timeframe in mind.

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Do like JP Morgan’s doing, Buy Silver Bullion

JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Crimes US Department of Justice Investigation Ongoing

Roll in your supposed silver cornering Hunt Brothers graves.

Eat your former silver buying hearts Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, & Berkshire Hathaway.

This silver trade has taken over 50 years to formulate fully. JP Morgan's COMEX warehouse now holds perhaps the most significant non-government physical silver bullion position in recorded financial history.

The largest silver bullion owner is currently under investigation by the US Department of Justice for financial market crimes in the silver and other precious metals derivative markets. Later this year we should learn more facts. 

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Prices for Junk Silver Coins SD bullion

Junk Silver Coins, Constitutional Silver Coins, and 90% Silver Coins are all ways to refer to the same thing: pre-1965 / pre-1964 90% silver dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollar coins.

Here we will discuss the current state of the Junk Silver Coin world and how it limited supply continues to dwindle year after year.

The United States used silver coinage for most of its history. Junk Silver Coins are the last remaining silver coin legacies of our forefathers. Come learn about them.

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How to buy Silver at Spot Price?

Where can you buy silver bullion at the spot price?

Be careful here, many offers for silver at spot price or perhaps even pricing silver under spot price is often a realm of conmen, counterfeits, and bait-and-switch deception.

We'll show you how to buy silver at spot safely here and how to ensure you do not get ripped off.

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Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Mintage | How Many were Made?

Morgan Silver Dollar Mintage Coin SD Bullion

Morgan silver dollar coins are a favorite large 90% silver coin for collectors and bullion aficionados alike.

Most of the over 650,000,000 of these Morgan Silver Dollar Coins got minted over a century ago. And most have likely been lost to melting or at the very least strong silver collector hands.

Here we break out each Morgan Dollar Mintage by year and specific location of the five US Mints who produced them over a 27-year timeframe in which they got struck (1978-1904, and in 1921).  

Come learn how many Morgan Silver Dollar coins were made in which specific years.

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Best way to buy Physical Silver

When it comes to successful physical silver bullion buying, we have some direct suggestions for you here.

Always perform proper due diligence and use best practices to ensure you get, the silver bullion you are buying at a fair price and also delivered in a reasonable amount of time.

We have created various educational resources here to help you buy physical silver safely and successfully. Learn more about successful silver buying techniques here.

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Gold Standard Advocate Judy Shelton? | Gold Accounting Regardless

Gold historically accounts for fiat currency debasement

The derivative gold price discovery mechanism responded bullishly to the news that President Trump may be appointing a pro-gold advocate to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

The spot gold price shot above $1,430 fiat Federal Reserve notes based on this breaking news. Much of this rising spot gold price occurred during typically lightly traded Globex hours after the Comex had closed it highly fractionally reserved leveraged trading for today.

Whatever the case may be in terms of those already appointed are potential to be appointed, the seeds have already been well sown. Gold has building energy and seems poised to again account for the fiat currency bubble we have deluded ourselves into today.

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Gold Safe Haven Investment Status? | Recent Historical Examples

Gold investment hedge Gold safe haven appeal

Safe haven investments are usually defined as those asset classes that should, in theory, keep or even increase their value when markets are turbulent.

Investment hedges are typically made to help offset the risk of any adverse price movements in other particular investments one might have in an investment portfolio.

Gold bullion ownership has and will continue to be used for both safe haven and investment portfolio hedging purposes.

Here you can find real-life examples of how gold serves both as an investment hedge and at times, as the quality of life-saving safe haven.

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How much Silver and Gold is there in the World?

How much Silver Bullion and Gold Bullion is there in the world?

Although neither of these precious metal markets is highly transparent, there are some decent data points published which can help us know how much silver bullion and gold bullion there is in the world.

To understand how much physical silver and gold bullion there is, we need to take a deep dive into historical mining data. Indeed, you likely be surprised to learn how little silver bullion exists compared to gold bullion.

See and learn for yourself.

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How to Hide Silver Bullion?

How to Hide Silver Bullion SD Bullion

Knowing how to store and hide Silver Bullion safely is critical and paramount to long term success when saving physical silver bullion for the long term.

Here we will discuss both home silver storage ideas for silver location diversification, as well as other hidden silver storing ideas that perhaps never occurred to you.

See some creative ideas here on potentially safe silver bullion storage which may help spur you to make responsible decisions for your specific silver hiding needs.

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Asteroid Mining Precious Metals? | Psyche 16

Asteroid Mining Gold Silver Platinum Palladium SD Bullion

This potential asteroid mining target is believed to contain massive quantities of nickel-iron metal ore. An amount so large it could supply the world’s human production requirements for several million years here on Earth.

It is called 16 Psyche, and it is floating out in our galaxy’s central asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter’s respective orbit paths. Slightly more massive than the size of the US state of Massachusetts, and NASA is on course to visit the metallic asteroid soon (perhaps by the year 2022.

Like a science fiction come to not near reality mind trip, imaging the what’s - if’s - how’s - and even possible when’s is undoubtedly fun to do. We also have a chuckle at some silly headlines getting made about this metal-laden asteroid satellite expedition. Do you want to be a billionaire, too? Click here.

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Russian VAT on Gold Bullion May be Cancelled 2020

Russia gold tax cancellation 2020s

Russia, one of the world’s largest gold buyers and gold miners, may be adding to her increasing internal demand for gold bullion if current VAT cancellation legislation passes for 2020. 

Today there is still a +20% tax on all gold bullion bar purchases for Russian citizens, of which the current Russian gold bullion bar buyer does not get back when selling gold bullion bars. This plan could also boost internal Russian demand for gold bullion upwards of 50 to 100 tonnes annually.

Currently, too Russia is the world’s third largest gold bullion miner, but this upcoming legislation may help her overtake Australia, the world’s current second largest gold bullion miner. Learn more here about current Russian gold bullion demand changes potentially ahead.

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Is Silver a Good Investment | Silver Investing 2020s

Silver Bullion Buying Silver Investing 2020s

As we eventually move out of an era in which precious metals and consumed commodities have likely never been cheaper versus paper and financial assets, now is the time to review why a historically cheap precious metal like silver makes sense for prudent investor allocations with 2 to 5 year or even longer time horizons.

In the following silver investing video, we will discuss physical silver reality as well as current silver supply and silver demand factors moving into the 2020s. Let's begin with the physical silver industry's supply chain.

Here you can learn why and how silver is indeed a small yet dynamic precious metals market worldwide.

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Precious Metal Market Manipulation Continuation?

Gold Manipulation Silver Manipulation Merrill Lynch JP Morgan Citigroup

Last time western financial powers allowed for the global prices of gold, silver, and other precious metals to remain suppressed (London Gold Pool collapse 1968), the world ultimately underwent an era with a rapid multiplication of precious metal values peaking by early 1980.

Our ongoing expectation is the world will again highly rebid physical precious metal bullion products from many current decades running undervaluations, to eventual fair value, and then ultimately to possibly overvaluations longer term.

Here we examine another precious metal price manipulation signpost (Merrill Lynch recently fined by the US Department of Justice). As we continue on the long road to eventually rediscover what the fair value of precious physical metals might be.

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Best Way to Buy Physical Gold

Best way for Buying gold bullion

When it comes to physical gold bullion buying, we have some direct suggestions on how to do so successfully.

Always perform proper due diligence and use best practices to ensure you get what you are buying at a fair price and delivered in a reasonable amount of time.

We have created various educational resources here to help you do just that.

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