1. Record High Palladium Exposes Price Suppressions Ongoing

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  2. Does Silver Tarnish?

    What is Silver Tarnishing and What Causes It?

    Tarnishing, also called toning, is an effect on the outermost layer of a metal that causes the metal to become discolored. Like iron rusts when exposed to oxygen, silver can tarnish when exposed to the air due to a reaction between silver and hydrogen sulfide in the air. Also, touching silver products with your hands may cause tarnishing over time due to the oils from your skin. 

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  3. How to Buy Silver Coins

    What are Silver Coins?

    First, we must establish what silver coins are. Silver coins contain pure silver, with the most common weight being 1 troy ounce coins (1 troy oz = 1.09714 oz). Silver coins are also minted in fractional weights like ¼ oz & ½ oz. They are also minted in larger pieces such as 5 oz or 1 kilo (1 kilo = 32.1507 troy oz).

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  4. Silver vs Gold Bullion Ahead of the Next Bull Market Mania Phase

    gold vs silver SD Bullion blog silver podcast gold podcast

    This past week the world witnessed the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Armed Forces shoot some 16 long-range surface to surface missiles at Iraq's Ain Assad air base housing US troops.

    Too, an international passenger plane bound from Iran to Ukraine was allegedly rocketed out of the sky. All 176 lives aboard were lost, 63 of which were Canadian citizens,

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  5. JPMorgan Silver Crime Charges to NY Fed REPO Loan Ramp

    JP Morgan Silver Crimes Manipulation Jaime Dimon

    We often cover the ongoing JPMorgan silver bullion saga here. It seems we have a new twist in the ongoing story since JPMorgan's takeover of the bankrupt Bear Sterns short silver position in early 2008.

    Late last year, in early November

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  6. 6 Mega Banks Which May "Bail You In" | G20 Bank Bail-In Laws

    Hello out there, this is James Anderson and welcome to this sixth Precious Metals market update from SD Bullion.

    We will remind veiwers of still existing Bank Bail-In Laws and how new Financial Crisis Laws intertwine with this past week’s biggest financial news.

    At the 4:16 mark below is this week's brief major precious metals price update.


    Precious Metals Market Update | Bank Bail-In Laws Still on G20's Books

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  7. How Much Silver is in the World?

    Here at SD Bullion, we often dig deep into physical precious metals research questions such as,

    And not merely coming up with industrial figures, but more so trying to understand how much.999 fine investment-grade bullion in each respective major precious metal there is amongst investors and central bank hoards. Then put that precious info into a context versus other competing asset classes and monetary aggregates outstanding.

    In the following video, we again dig deep asking ourselves another time, "How Much Silver is there in the World?"

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  8. Silver Eagle Coin Shutdown 2019

    Silver Eagle Coin Shutdown 2019

    Only a matter of days remaining until pre-orders, and sales volumes for 2020 Silver Eagle Coins surpass remaining inventories of 2019 Silver Eagle Coins.

    As is a regular yearly occurrence, the US Mint will be transitioning its most popular bullion coin production in early December. They will, of course, be changing out the old into the coming year’s coin dies.

    Then the US Mint will begin stamping out enough 2020 coins for some advanced inventories for the now and early next year’s early Gold and Silver American Eagle bullion coin demand (orders are already getting placed).

    Here we break down some big changes for the US Mint and its world-leading

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  9. Silver Price Forecast | Silver Price Predictions 2019

    Silver Price Forecast | Silver Price Predictions 2019

    Are you wondering about where the price of silver in fiat US dollars will go to in 2019?

    The following is a list of 2019 silver price forecasts and silver price predictions by silver market analysts deep in the precious metal derivative and silver bullion trade.

    Remember that often the inverse measurement we US bullion buyers and sellers use to value silver here is a fiat currency that has lost over 95% of its value to silver bullion throughout its existence.

    We believe the trend of fiat US dollars losing value to silver bullion will not continue into the 2020s.

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  10. Jim Rickards: CIA Shill Who Cries Wolf?

    Jim Rickards: CIA Shill Who Cries Wolf?

    These days online, it is pretty commonplace to see negative name-calling instead of polite well-considered discussions.

    Some of the alternative financial media's most naysaid targets are often those receiving the most attention. Much of the highest levels of vitriol get reserved for those few who make compelling arguments against a passionate group’s biases or even delusions of financial market grandeur. Many engage in this needling of group thinkers to gain further attention.

    Enter best-selling financial author, James G. Rickards. Perhaps one of the modern gold market's most well-studied and well-spoken proponents. One who does an excellent job of boiling down the complex with helpful metaphors.

    Over the last decade, dude has spread a lot of strong hot takes (i.e., often well-formed opinions) around the internet, in financial media spaces, and throughout the many pages of his best selling books. 

    This post-9/11 ‘was not an inside job’ CIA analyst, often

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