What are Silver Coins?

First, we must establish what silver coins are. Silver coins contain pure silver, with the most common weight being 1 troy ounce coins (1 troy oz = 1.09714 oz). Silver coins are also minted in fractional weights like ¼ oz & ½ oz. They are also minted in larger pieces such as 5 oz or 1 kilo (1 kilo = 32.1507 troy oz).

Silver Coins

Silver coins and silver rounds are often mistaken for each other and it is easy to see why. They look very similar, however silver coins are minted and backed by governments, while silver rounds are minted by private mints and carry no face value. The backing of the governments make it so that silver coins will traditionally have a higher premium over the silver spot price compared to rounds of similar weight and purity. Coins carry a face value, meaning they can be used as currency, however their face value is usually much lower than the value of the silver that they contain.

Why Buy Silver Coins?

Silver coins are considered by some to be a more sound investment compared to bars/rounds for a few reasons. One of the main reasons is that there are much harsher punishments for counterfeiting coins as opposed to rounds or bars. Another reason is that traditionally government mints have higher standards than the private mints that produce silver rounds and bars. In addition to that, silver coins also have a higher demand than rounds/bars which makes coins one of the most liquid types of silver bullion.

Most Popular Silver Coins

American Silver Eagle Coins

The American Silver Eagle dates back to 1986 and is the official U.S. silver bullion coin.  Silver Eagles are without a doubt the most popular silver coin in the world. The Silver Eagle coin is sold by the US Mint to authorized dealers, then to retailers like SD Bullion, who make them available for purchase to the general public.

Canadian Silver Maple Leafs

The Silver Maple Leaf is the Royal Canadian Mint's most popular coin program. The Maple Leaf is second in popularity only to the US Mint's Silver Eagle. They have attracted the attention of both collectors and investors since the first Silver Maple Leaf Coin was produced in 1988.

US 90% Junk Silver

Junk Silver Coins, also known as US 90% Silver Coins, usually pertains to old US currency whose value is based off the silver content as opposed to the face value. US circulation coins (dimes, quarters, half dollars) were minted using silver up until 1965, when silver was eliminated from US coins by the Coinage Act of 1965.

Where Can You Buy Silver Coins?

Best Option: Reputable Online Dealers

One of the more convenient ways to acquire silver coins is to order them through reputable online bullion dealers such as at SD Bullion. Unfortunately, there are people who sell counterfeit coins on the internet, so it is very important that the website you order from is reputable and verified by the Better Business Bureau and/or have a high number of positive reviews on their site.

The main benefit of ordering online is that the prices are typically much lower than the options below. This is because online dealers operate on a high volume of transactions without having to pay third party fees (eBay). This high volume allows them to operate on much lower margins then a typically coin dealer can.

Good Option: eBay

There is a slightly higher risk purchasing from eBay, since anyone can list coins for sale on the eBay website. This includes various sellers from China selling fake goods. So make sure and keep an eye out for this. Prices on eBay are also typically higher as online dealers have to pay extra fees to eBay to sell their products there.

However, eBay does offer a wide variety of products from various dealers. So a lot of collectors use eBay to find very specific collectible pieces that are hard to find on most bullion websites.

Good Option: Local Coin Shops

Sometimes, there are local coin shops in your area that sell silver coins. Coin shops are best made to service the coin collector looking for rare and unique items. For the typical silver bullion investor, coin shops are usually higher priced than high volume bullion dealers; simply because they don't move the same volume as highly popular bullion items.

How To Buy Silver Coins from SD Bullion?

There are two main ways of purchasing silver coins from SD Bullion, either through the website or over the phone.

The website is open for orders 24/7 while our traders are available to place orders or answer any questions you may have from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. est Monday through Thursday and from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. est on Friday.


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Over the Phone

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