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The Silver Britannia Coins from the Royal Mint feature among the most well-known coins to originate from the United Kingdom. Not only do they command respect from precious metals collectors, but their pure silver content also makes them ideal for investors looking to expand their precious metals portfolio with quality silver.

Based in the United Kingdom, the Royal Mint is one of the oldest minting institutions in the world – its origin tracing back as far as 886 AD. Although the Mint’s chief responsibility is striking circulating coinage for the United Kingdom, it also produces planchets, commemorative coins, and various types of medals and precious metals bullion. The Royal Mint released the Gold Britannia Coins in 1987 and it wasn't until a decade later that the silver variants came along.

On the occasion of the Gold Britannia Coins' 10th anniversary in 1997, the Royal Mint launched the Silver Britannia Coin program.  These annually releasing coins are counted among the most awaited coin launches every year.

Every coin after 2012 was struck using 0.999 silver, while pre-2012 Silver Britannias contained 0.958 pure silver. The Royal Mint currently produces Silver Britannia Coins in 4 weights, 3 of them in fractional ounce weights to allow investors and collectors with a variety of budgets to have access to these brilliant products.

Ever since Britannia series of silver coins was launched in 1997, the demand for each annual iteration has been staggering. They were originally available in one-half, one-quarter, and one-tenth variants each year, but the Royal Mint added a five-ounce coin and a one-twentieth ounce coin to the series in 2003.

The obverses of the coins feature a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, rendered in incredible detail. As of 2018, the present iteration is the fifth change in Her Majesty’s portrait to date. In fact, Jody Clark, the artist behind the latest portrait of Her Majesty, is the youngest engraver ever to engrave an official coin of the United Kingdom.

The image of Britannia, the mythical Guardian of Britain, graces the reverse sides of these coins. She is seen gazing toward the sea, standing steady against the force of a strong gale -- proudly holding a trident and shield to protect the great nation of Britain from harm. Her pose signals her readiness to attack if her nation was challenged.

Complete your collection of Silver Britannia Coins from our selection of offerings belonging to various years. They're perfect for investors wanting to add quality silver and gorgeous designs to their portfolios, while collectors can complete their sets successfully.