Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins

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Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins

The Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin, from the Royal Canadian Mint, is the second most popular silver coin we offer, behind the American Silver Eagle Coin. Silver Maple Leaf Coins are highly recognizable around the world and fully guaranteed by the Canadian government (enforced by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, RCMP). Silver Maple Leaf Coins have a higher silver bullion content (.9999 fine silver) and new cutting edge anti-counterfeit designs, often making them a more desirable silver coin among silver bullion coin buyers. The Royal Canadian Mint releases Canadian silver coins every year.

Silver Maple Leaf Coin History and Design

While the Royal Canadian Mint first issued a silver dollar in 1935 (the Silver Jubilee), the Canadian Maple Leaf coins were first minted in 1988. The coin has changed in appearance slightly over the years, with commemorative designs being released for various occasions, such as the 2010 Winter Olympics, and the 20-year coin anniversary. The obverse of these Canadian coins feature Queen Elizabeth II, some as a younger Queen, some as a middle-aged Queen, and some as the present-day Queen. The obverse also states the year of issue and the value ($5 CAD).

On the reverse side of the Silver Maple Leaf is an illustration of its namesake, a sugar maple leaf. This design has been the focus of the Canadian silver dollar during its entire lifespan. It is a distinctive design, with sharp detail that gives this coin its status as a treasured collector’s item.

During the first few years of minting, around one million silver Maple Leaf coins were released by the Royal Canadian Mint. While most silver coins are distributed in rolls of 20 coins, the Silver Maple Leaf is distributed in rolls of 25 coins; while this feature was mostly just for the sake of meeting demand, it has become a unique element that charms most collectors.

Buy Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins are listed at 1 oz, but it is common for them to surpass that weight by a small fraction. Most silver coins, including the US Mint American Silver Eagle, are designated at 99.9%; Maple Leaf coins are designated at 99.99%, making them a little higher quality in regards to silver content.

Despite most silver coins seeing a reduction in production, there is still a large demand for Canadian silver dollars, both as collectible pieces and as currency. In 2010, nearly 18 million coins were minted, and 2015 saw similar production rates. Investors have also driven up the demand; with their high natural quality and the ease of reselling for a high value. Canadian silver dollars are perfect for diversifying a portfolio with a hard asset. They are easy to store and transport, and can be divided, sold, or used as currency.

Brand New 2018 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

The newest version of the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf features micro-laser engraved radial lines, MintShield surface protection, as well as a repeating maple leaf motif below the bold maple leaf design as added security measures. These new anti-counterfeit designs were introduced in 2015, and are the absolute cutting edge in silver bullion security features.

This coin features the name “Canada” above the leaf, and the numbers “9999” flanking the leaf to prove its purity. The obverse features the Queen, as designed by Susanna Blunt in 2003. These coins are available in 1 oz designs, and come in mint tubes of 25 or monster boxes of 500.

Buy or sell silver dollars from the Canadian Royal Mint for the best prices available at SD Bullion. Shop online anytime or call our trade desk at 1-800-294-8732.

A Deeper Looking Into The Silver Maple Leaf Coin Program

Perhaps only second in popularity to the American Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs are a beautiful tribute to one of the most recognizable Canadian symbols in the world. The very first Canadian Silver Maple Leaf was released in 1988, and it has remained an annual event ever since, with the Royal Canadian Mint releasing a new issue every year.

The Maple Leaf is one of the most iconic Canadian symbols. Interestingly, its first official use dates back to only the 1860s. Over the years, it came to represent Canada as its unique shape and numerous applications made it well known.

The Royal Canadian Mint strikes the Silver Maple Leaf Coins. These coins boast a fine silver purity, superior to even American Silver Eagles. Although special releases with various privy marks were released to mark important milestones, Canadian Maple Leafs have two main variants – BU (Bullion Uncirculated) and Proof.

Established in 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint is a Crown Corporation of Canada. Although the Mint is responsible for producing all circulation coinage in Canada, its enormous minting capacity allows it to strike coins on behalf of other nations as well. Other than minting coins and medals, it also indulges in precious metals refinement and assay services.

While the proof coins feature a much more detailed design and finer finish, the bullion variants have a much higher mintage resulting in comparatively lower premiums over the spot price of silver.

The obverses of all the Canadian Silver Maple Leafs feature a familiar rendition of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait. Susanna Blunt created this design in 2003. However, Silver Maple Leafs released prior to 2003 have a different portrait of the Queen. The Queen’s image is imprinted on all Canadian currency, as she is the official head of state.

The reverses, however, are what give these coins their name. With a breathtaking design of a Maple leaf, the coins highlight the unique shape of these leaves that make them stand out. The detailing is incredible – as veins crisscross the leaf, making it look almost alive. ‘Canada,’ the name of the issuing country is imprinted above the leaf. Furthermore, this side displays the weight and purity of silver used to strike the coin.

Canadian Silver Bullion Coins

Even though the designs on Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins make them attractive, it is their pure silver bullion coin content that imparts value. Silver products produced from 0.9999 pure silver bullion are relatively rare. Since Royal Canadian Mint is a government mint, there is a huge demand for Silver Maple Leaf Coins – from both silver coin collectors and silver bullion investors.

Collectors love to get a hold of every annual release of coin series. However, for pure silver coins under coin programs as popular as the Canadian Maple Leaf program, the demand is drastically higher. The detailed designs, coupled with the popularity of this coin program, makes every annual release a globally anticipated event for collectors.

On the other hand, investors see value in the pure silver (0.9999) content present in each coin. Canadian Silver Maple Leafs make excellent products to diversify precious metals investment portfolios. Moreover, as part of an acclaimed coin series, they are relatively easier to liquidate – further increasing their attractiveness as a tangible asset investment.

Choose from SD Bullion’s comprehensive lineup of Canadian Silver Maple Leafs and complete your coin collections or bolster your investment portfolios. These coins are eligible for use in various Silver IRAs, making them a perfect contribution towards your retirement – hedging against inflation.