Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins

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Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins

The Canadian Maple Leaf silver coin, from the Royal Canadian Mint, is the second most popular silver coin we offer, behind the American Silver Eagle, and is still highly recognizable around the world. In fact, the Silver Maple Leaf has a higher silver content and finer design, making it a more desirable coin, despite its lower popularity. The Royal Canadian Mint releases Canadian silver coins every year.

History and Design

While the Royal Canadian Mint first issued a silver dollar in 1935 (the Silver Jubilee), the Canadian Maple Leaf coins were first minted in 1988. The coin has changed in appearance slightly over the years, with commemorative designs being released for various occasions, such as the 2010 Winter Olympics, and the 20-year coin anniversary. The obverse of these Canadian coins feature Queen Elizabeth II, some as a younger Queen, some as a middle-aged Queen, and some as the present-day Queen. The obverse also states the year of issue and the value ($5 CAD).

On the reverse side of the Silver Maple Leaf is an illustration of its namesake, a sugar maple leaf. This design has been the focus of the Canadian silver dollar during its entire lifespan. It is a distinctive design, with sharp detail that gives this coin its status as a treasured collector’s item.

During the first few years of minting, around one million silver Maple Leaf coins were released by the Royal Canadian Mint. While most silver coins are distributed in rolls of 20 coins, the Silver Maple Leaf is distributed in rolls of 25 coins; while this feature was mostly just for the sake of meeting demand, it has become a unique element that charms most collectors.

Buy Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins are listed at 1 oz, but it is common for them to surpass that weight by a small fraction. Most silver coins, including the US Mint American Silver Eagle, are designated at 99.9%; Maple Leaf coins are designated at 99.99%, making them a little higher quality in regards to silver content.

Despite most silver coins seeing a reduction in production, there is still a large demand for Canadian silver dollars, both as collectible pieces and as currency. In 2010, nearly 18 million coins were minted, and 2015 saw similar production rates. Investors have also driven up the demand; with their high natural quality and the ease of reselling for a high value. Canadian silver dollars are perfect for diversifying a portfolio with a hard asset. They are easy to store and transport, and can be divided, sold, or used as currency.

Brand New 2017 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

The newest version of the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf features micro-laser engraved radial lines, as well as a repeating maple leaf motif below the bold maple leaf design as added security measures. These were introduced in 2015, and are the absolute cutting edge in silver bullion security features.

This coin features the name “Canada” above the leaf, and the numbers “9999” flanking the leaf to prove its purity. The obverse features the Queen, as designed by Susanna Blunt in 2003. These coins are available in 1 oz designs, and come in mint tubes of 25 or monster boxes of 500.

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