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Buy Australian Kangaroo Silver Coins from the Perth Mint

The 1 oz Australia Silver Kangaroo Coin is minted by the Perth Mint need no introduction to seasoned silver investors that love to collect these annually changing designs. Moreover, this is one of the few legal tender silver coins in Australia that undergoes an annual design makeover. Hence, limited mintages of each design make these coins highly sought after by collectors that have extensive silver coin collections or those who wish to own every silver coin from this series of Kangaroo Silver coins.

Perth Mint 1 oz Kangaroo Silver Coins

This bullion coin series was started in 2010 by the Perth Mint, which was originally established as a branch of the Royal Mint in London. Each year the mint is known to release these silver coins in two forms – proof coins and frosted uncirculated coins. Unlike other silver bullion coins, these coins carry an impressive value due to limited mintages of these coins coupled with being part of a well-known and long-standing series of silver coins. Hence, this is one of the few precious metal coins that is purchased for its rarity and collectability as well as the weight of silver bullion it contains.

Perth Mint Bullion Coin History

One of Australia’s official bullion mints, which is owned by the Government of Western Australia, the Perth Mint was established in 1899 as a branch of the United Kingdom’s Royal Mint to assist the bullion production in the commonwealth. It is the last remaining facility that opened as a branch of the Royal Mint in Australia since the other two branches – Sydney and Melbourne Mints shut down operations. Renowned for creating the world’s largest and heaviest gold coin made from a whopping 1012 kilograms of pure Gold, making it the most valuable bullion gold coin in existence. Moreover, the Perth Mint is known for the quality and fine finish of their bullion coin products, which makes their overall bullion product portfolio desirable by both bullion buyers, investors, and collectors alike.

Take a Closer Look at these 1 oz Kangaroo Silver Bullion Coins

Each official Perth Mint Kangaroo Silver Coin we sell contains exactly 1 troy ounce of pure .999 silver bullion with a legal tender face value of 1 AUD assigned to it by the Australian Government (although they are traded based on their silver bullion content). The obverse features the Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, which is encircled by her name, name of the issuing country ‘Australia’ and the face value of the coin ‘1 Dollar.’ As expected, the reverse features a beautiful design of a Kangaroo, with this design changing annually. One of the most well-known marsupials hailing from Australia is known to be seen hopping gracefully across the Australian outback.

Although the Kangaroo is not the official symbol of Australia, it has been long associated with the country due to the fact that it is exclusive to that region. Their inimitable, distinctive movement makes them a unique marsupial, in addition to being the largest of marsupials.

This is one of the few silver coin series that are extensively sought after by silver bullion buyers and silver coin collectors looking to complete their collections and it is a great investment. Designed to portray an iconic Australian marsupial, this silver bullion coin also makes an excellent gifting item due to its elegant and beautiful design.