Mo Menezes

Mo Menezes
Mo Menezes
Researcher and Contributor

Murilo (Mo) Menezes is an attorney and tenured English professor. His passion for economics and coinage led him to the gold and silver industry where he writes in-depth articles about collectible coins; as well as coin news and investing articles.

  1. Who is on the quarter?

    Who is on the Quarter?

    Discover the faces on the quarter and their significance in American history. Explore iconic figures from presidents to influential leaders. Learn more!

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  2. Who is on the dime?

    Who is on the dime?

    Discover the faces behind the coin with our guide on who is on the dime. From founding fathers to influential women, learn about the history and significance.

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  3. Who is on the Nickel?

    Who is on the Nickel?

    Discover the story behind the faces on the nickel. From Jefferson to the buffalo, explore the history of this iconic American coin. Learn more now.

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  4. Who is on the penny?

    Who is on the penny?

    Discover the faces behind the US penny! Learn about the historical figures and symbols featured on this iconic coin. Read more here.

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  5. How to Sell Silver Coins

    How to sell silver coins?

    Get top dollar for your silver coins. Learn the best ways to sell your coins and get the most value for your investment. Start now!

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  6. Gold vs. Silver: Key Differences to Know Before You Invest

    The image shows a stack of silver bars and a stack of gold bars and, in between both stacks, the words "Gold vs Silver"

    Discover the main differences between gold and silver - volatility, diversification, and more. Invest wisely with more information. Read now.

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