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Buy the most recently released 2022 gold and silver bullion coins at SD Bullion

At SD Bullion you can find the latest issues from your favorite silver and gold bullion coin programs in the world. We are constantly updating and expanding our catalog to provide you with the freshest products on the market. The list above contains the 2022 releases from the most popular mints across the world. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase your gold and silver bullion holdings at the lowest prices online. 

Bullion Coin Programs

Many specialists consider bullion coins as the most liquid option when it comes to bullion investments. Gold and silver bullion coins are backed by a sovereign government. They are legal tender within their country of emission and have a face value. Of course, their actual value comes from their precious metal content, based on the current spot price, and their semi-numismatic appeal to a coin collector.

Because they have been established as a safe haven investment for a long time, gold coins and silver coins are usually more sought-after. Nevertheless, we offer palladium and platinum coins as well. Check out the other products we have available in our inventory.

Here is a list of the most anticipated 2022 releases in the bullion coin market:

2022 American Eagle Coins – The U.S. Mint introduced the American Eagle coin program back in 1986. The same year saw the release of the American Gold Eagle and the American Silver Eagle coins. They are the official gold and silver bullion coins of the United States. The program quickly grew in popularity and today is arguably the most successful bullion coin program in the world. It has expanded to incorporate platinum and palladium versions as well. The 2022 release is the second issue of the revamping the U.S. Mint introduced to these coins’ reverses. It also features a reeded edge variation, the new anti-counterfeiting measure the mint introduced on the 2021 American Eagles Type 2; 

2022 Canadian Maple Leaf Coins – The second oldest gold bullion coin on the market. The Royal Canadian Mint started producing them back in 1979. The program also includes the Platinum and Silver Maple Leaf coins. They all carry the sugar maple leaf on the reverse, the beloved Canadian national symbol. The gold and silver coins are stamped with .9999 pure precious metal content, while the platinum coins are produced with .9995 fineness;

2022 Britannia Coins - Along with the traditional gold bullion coin, the British Royal Mint releases the Silver Britannia and the Platinum Britannia every year as well. The coins got the moniker “Britannia” from the personification of Britain which adorns the reverse of these coins. The female figure wears a helmet and holds a trident out to the ocean, as preparing for the dangers that may lie ahead. Resting on the floor, held by her left hand, is a shield adorned with the Union Jack;

2022 South African Krugerrand Coins – The Gold Krugerrand, from the South African Mint, is the oldest gold bullion coin on the market. They first introduced the coin back in 1967. The idea, at the time, was to increase private ownership of gold. The coin’s name is in honor of Paul Kruger, statesman, and president of the South African Republic during the turn of the 20th century. The Silver Krugerrand was only introduced in 2017;

2022 Austrian Philharmonic Coins – One of the most beautiful bullion coins on the market. The obverse features a medley of string and woodwind instruments. The reverse, on the other hand, shows the Great Organ of Vienna’s Golden Hall auditorium;

2022 Chinese Pandas - The Chinese Gold and Silver Pandas are rapidly becoming one of the most popular bullion coins on the market, especially among coin collectors. The reverse design is renewed every year with different depictions of the giant panda in a natural environment. Recently, the Chinese Mint made the decision of changing the weights of the coin to grams, rather than troy ounces, to adapt to the international measurement system;

2022 Australian Kangaroo Coins - The Australian Gold and Silver Kangaroo coins are other top sellers among our customers here at SD Bullion. The Perth Mint changes the reverse design of a kangaroo every year while coin collectors await enthusiastically for the new designs. The coin depicts an effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse, as designed by artist Jody Clark;

Invest in Bullion Coins with SD Bullion

Looking to acquire the most precious metal content for your dollar? You have come to the right place. At SD Bullion, your prices are locked in during check out, guaranteeing you keep the desired price when you decided on the purchase. We offer a range of products from the most popular government and private mints in the world. Most orders ship for free above $199. If you are unsure what to buy or what to expect from your purchase, talk to one of our representatives. They will be happy to assist you over the phone at 1(800)297-8732 or via email at sales@sdbullion.com