South African Gold Krugerrand Coins

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South African Gold Krugerrands

The South African Gold Krugerrands is one of the most sought after gold coins in our industry today. This one ounce gold coin is offered in brilliant-uncirculated condition and has a 22K purity, which is a millesimal fineness of .9167. First introduced in 1967, the Krugerrand is considered the oldest 1 ounce gold coin available for buying, selling, or trading. At one point in 1980, the 1 ounce Krugerrand made up over 90% of the gold coins that were offered on the world market.

What makes the Gold Krugerrand unique is that there isn't a published legal tender value on the coin. South African considers the value of the coin to be the current spot value of gold. This was done purposely as the government wanted to encourage personal ownership and investment into gold.

The Design of the South African Gold Krugerrand

Issued by the South African Mint, the South African Gold Krugerrand receives its name from the fifth president of the country, Paul Kruger. As the leader of South Africa, he represented his nation's interests against Great Britain during the Second Boer War and is often seen as a controversial hero. Some liken him to a folk hero, ready to sacrifice anything for his people. Others see him as a stubborn leader who represented an unjust cause. Kruger held the office of the presidency for nearly two decades and would serve in the government for over 40 years.

The obverse of the coin offers collectors and investors a profile of Paul Kruger, with the country name offered in dual language. The reverse of the coin is of a springbok antelope, which happens to be the national symbol of South Africa. Crafted with stunning detail, the design is meant as a homage to the political and natural heritage of all South Africans.

The reverse of the coin states that it is made from 1 ounce of fine gold. The year of its mintage is also included .

Is the South African Gold Krugerrand Worth Collecting?

Because these gold coins are made with 22K gold and not .9999 fineness as others that are on the market today, some collectors may be hesitant to invest into this specific coin. With nearly 50 years of history, however, there isn't a more established gold coin on the world market today. Each coin offers a guaranteed quality with an attractiveness which allows these coins to be visually appealing. Their elegance may have been designed to attract investors in a closed economy, but those efforts have now created gold coins that are in high demand worldwide.

Gold is often considered to be a worthwhile investment opportunity, but even an investment into South African Gold Krugerrands is not without risk. The price of gold can rise or fall on a daily basis, so the volatility of the market must be something each collector or investor considers before finalizing their purchase.

If you've never had the opportunity to see a Gold Krugerrand personally, then consider an investment into these highly sought after gold coins today. These are highly regarded coins that will help to diversify a collection, protect a financial future, or help someone plan for their retirement. Contact us today with any questions on what we have in-stock right now or questions about the Gold Krugerrand in general and we'll be happy to provide whatever answers we can.