90% Constitutional (Junk) Silver

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90% Junk Silver

Most silver coins that are sold as investment silver bullion or as collectors’ items are 99% silver. “Junk silver” refers to anything that contains 35% silver, 40% silver, on up to 90% silver. This usually includes any kind of older silver coinage from the United States, when silver was used more often due to its lower price.

All 90% junk silver retains its value as US currency, but many of these coins are more valuable as collectors’ pieces or as silver bullion due to the price of silver today. Buying bulk silver, or junk silver bags, is an easy and affordable way for investors to begin building wealth in silver.

Although the name sounds off-putting, junk silver is not a bad investment, or a worthless pile of coin bags. There are two ways to look at the investment: the first is that you can typically get more silver for your money when investing in 90% Constitutional silver than if you bought silver coins. With the price of junk silver being lower than coins, a bag of 90% coins can be a very smart investment.

The second way to look at an investment in 90% silver is from the collector’s angle. Most junk silver coins are pre-1965; they are all previously used currency, meaning they are not in excellent condition. However, the durability of American currency makes these coins interesting and historically fascinating for many collectors. At SD Bullion, you can purchase bulk silver in 90% silver, including mercury dimes, silver US Kennedy halves, Barber quarters, silver US Walking Liberty coins, mixed lots, and more.

We’ve seen the value of paper money fall due to an inflated market; because these junk silver coins are no longer in circulation, they are far more valuable than face value. As silver prices rise, these coins will only become more and more valuable.

Buy bulk 90% silver for the best available prices at SD Bullion. Shop online anytime or call our trade desk at 1-800-294-8732. Don’t let the name turn you off from this excellent investment opportunity. If you have a small budget, you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get a child interested in silver and investing, or you simply want to start slow with silver investments, this is a great way to do all of that and much more.