$10 Face Bag of 90% Silver

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10 Face Bag (Qty 1)$0.29120.30
100 Face Bag (Qty 10)$0.19119.58
500 Face Bag (Qty 50)$0.14119.23
1000 Face Bag (Qty 100)$0.09118.87
5000 Face Bag (Qty 500)$0.05118.58

Sell to us at $117.11. Call for details.

Item Details

Buy 90% Silver | Constitutional Silver From the Most Trusted Gold & Silver Bullion Dealer in the US!

This product contains $10 face value of pre-1965 dimes or quarters, and contains approximately 7.15 ounces of pure silver.

Investing in U.S. 90% constitutional silver coins is one of the most popular ways of purchasing physical silver as it is official US currency, & is typically available at very low premiums over spot.

As Pre-1965 official silver currency was minted in small fractional denominations, 90% silver is often thought to be the ideal form of silver for monetary use should the financial system collapse, as evidenced by the value of 90% silver soaring to nearly double the value of its silver content in the lead up to Y2K.

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