$100 Face Bag of 90% Silver Half Dollar

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Buy 90% Silver Half Dollars - $100 Face Value Bags

The United States Government ceased production of silver coins in 1964 due to the quickly increasing gap between the value of the silver in the coins and their face value. This old US coinage is one of the most popular methods of investing in silver. Containing $100 face value of Half Dollar Silver coins, this product is an excellent method of accumulating silver bullion at low premiums. Even though coins are playfully termed ‘junk silver,’ they make a great investment option for those who want more economical methods of investing in precious metals.

Each $100 face value contains a total of 71.5 ounces of silver. The coins may vary by design or series (Kennedy, Franklin and or Walking Liberty) but will all be 90% silver half dollars minted prior to 1965 by the US Mint. 90% Silver coins offer a brilliant way of beginning a foray into precious metals investments—offering a considerable bulk of silver at low premiums over spot.

Orders of multiple bags may be combined into one bag for shipping purposes. To ensure you have bags for storage feel free to purchase our Empty SD Bullion 90% Silver Canvas Bag.

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