American Gold Eagle Proof Sets

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  4. 2024-W CAC PR-70 First Day of Delivery Deep Cameo American Gold Eagle Proof 4 Coin Set
    2024-W CAC PR-70 First Day of Delivery Deep Cameo American Gold Eagle Proof 4 Coin Set
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    May 27, 2024
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Gold American Eagle Proof Sets

Gold American Eagle coins are valued due to the gold content. However, these proof sets also carry value as collector’s items, making these coins some of the most valuable investments that a bullion buyer can make.

Proof Gold coins are the first round of coins that are minted from a set. They are used to proof the dies and to create archives, and are not meant to be circulated as currency. Today, the US Mint proof sets are also created for collectors, and are given a glossier finish and finer details to make them more valuable. Each year, the US Mint takes orders for proof runs, and only creates that many proof sets. Usually, the ratio of proof sets to uncirculated coins is one to five, but it can easily be less. After the proof run, only dealers and private collectors will have a specific year’s proof set.

The Proof Gold American Eagles were first minted in 1986. They come in 1 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce, and 1/10 ounce. The obverse of each Gold American Eagle features Lady Liberty, with her torch and the branch of an olive plant, as well as the mint year. The reverse shows an American eagle, returning to his mate and hatchlings, who wait for him in a nest. This side also shows the weight of the gold, which is measured in troy ounces, and the face value of the currency.

Proof coins are graded on an entirely unique scale from NCG or the PCGS. The grade is based on the quality of the minting and handling, as well as how it was stored. Proof coins are worth more than just the value of the gold they are comprised of; they are also valued more highly when they are of rare quality. Therefore, grading is very important with proof sets. PF70 or PR70 are both extremely valuable grades, meaning there are no imperfections that the human eye can see, even with very close magnification.

Obviously, the main value in proof sets lies in their collectability. They are far rarer than bullion due to the limited number that are minted, and raising the price exponentially. Even proof sets that have not been graded will fetch a very high price. Every year, a small, varied amount of proof coins are minted. There are some years where very few 1 ounce Gold Eagles were minted, making those years more valuable to collectors. For investors, proof sets are a great investment because they are very easy to sell at a high price to collectors. Their value is not strictly tied to the value of gold, but they can be another great way to diversify a portfolio. These would also make great gifts for a budding collector. They are sold with the original mint box and the COA, and make a beautiful display piece to show your collection off.

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