2017 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin BU

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2017 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins

SD Bullion offers these 2017 Canadian Maple Leaf silver coins at the lowest price in the industry, guaranteed. While gold might get more press, there’s no denying the fact that silver makes an excellent choice. It’s more affordable than gold per ounce, and it’s available from many different mints, including national mints. You might automatically think of the Silver American Eagle, but there are quite a few reasons to consider 2017 Silver Maple Leaf coins when building your precious metals portfolio. What should you know about this coin?

The Advantages of Buying 2017 Canadian Coins

2017 Silver Maple Leafs allow you to take advantage of the same qualities as previously minted versions of the Silver Maple Leaf coins. This coin is made from .9999 fine silver, and features stunning imagery, including the portrait of Elizabeth II on the obverse, and the namesake maple leaf on the reverse.

Because this coin contains a full ounce of silver, you can easily protect your wealth against devaluation. Precious metals like silver work very differently from the stock market, meaning that when the market heads south, as it always does eventually, your precious metals will increase in value, preventing the loss of your wealth. Customers who do not take advantage of the intrinsic value provided by precious metals can easily find the majority of their portfolio wiped out in a worst-case scenario. However, if you include Canadian silver bullion or other silver coins in your portfolio, you will be able to have peace of mind, knowing that you have a portion of your portfolio hedged against the market.

How to Buy

You can find 2017 Silver Maple Leaf coins for sale in a number of options. You can purchase coin in singles if you prefer. At SD Bullion, we guarantee the lowest prices on mint-condition, un-circulated Silver Maple Leaf coins. Of course, you can also buy them in tubes of 25, which allows you to put a significant percentage of your wealth into silver quite easily. For those that want to buy Silver Maple Leafs in bulk, you can also purchase the sealed yellow RCM (Royal Canadian Mint) monster box, which includes 500 one-ounce 2017 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins. All quantities of 25 or more ordered from SB Bullion are shipped in original, RCB packaging.

At SD Bullion, we strive to ensure that every customer has access to the right options for their needs and budget. Providing access to 2017 Silver Maple Leafs is just one way in which we do this. We urge you to browse our full catalog and see just how many options there are for adding precious metals to your portfolio and hedging against potential market disaster and devaluation.

Quantities of 25 ship in the original sealed mint tube and quantities of 500 ship in the original sealed yellow RCM "Monster box".

Mint Packaging:
Tube: 25
Box: 500

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