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Buy the Privateer Complete Coin Collection from SD Bullion. Plunder the coffers of SD Bullion with these stunning 1 and 2 oz rounds.
Complete your collection of Pirate Silver rounds today!

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Privateer Silver Coin Rounds For Sale

Silver bullion is a wonderful way to combine a desire to invest in precious metals with an interest in unique and rare coins. Our Privateer Silver Round Collection includes a variety of 999 fine silver rounds, in beautiful pirate-themed designs and several finishes to offer the perfect display collection. Anyone who loves tales of the high seas and the romance of privateers would love these 2 oz Privateer Silver Rounds.

Take a peek at the Walk the Plank Ultra High Relief privateer silver coin, which shows the Captain escorting a mutinous crew member to Davy Jones’ locker. The obverse shows an ominous skill, along with an old pirate saying “No Prey, No Pay” inscription across the top. The bottom declares that the coin is made of “2 oz fine silver .999”. This coin is sold in singles as well as multiples of 10 in the original mint tube.

This design is only one of our two ounce privateer silver rpunds. Fans of old sea shanties might prefer The Kraken, the Silver Siren, the Silverbug Island Kraken Privateer Silver Rounds, or even the classically designed Pieces of Eight coin. With the popularity of pirate tales, thanks to the wild success of movies and other media focusing on the sword-wielding thieves of the sea, any of our Elemetal Privateer Silver Round collection would likely be the perfect addition to anyone’s silver bullion collection.

Investors are often more interested in purchasing silver bars and larger bullion, but consider how easy it would be to sell only a part of your investment if the need arose. One and two ounce Privateer Silver Rounds are a very affordable investment, and SD Bullion's low prices makes it easy, even for investors with a small budget, to amass a significant amount of silver. Storing Privateer Silver Rounds is easy thanks to their small size and ultra light weight. Secure ye loot of Privateer Pirate Silver coins from SD Bullion today!