Kookaburra Silver Coins

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Australian Kookaburra Silver Coins from the Perth Mint

One of the most collectible silver coin series in the world, the Silver Kookaburra coins are known for their beautiful designs and rarity. The fact that they are minted by the Perth Mint, a name that is now synonymous with high-quality and elegant bullion silver and gold coins, coupled with annual design variations makes these coins one of the most desired coin series in the world.

Perth Mint Bullion Coin History

Established as a branch of the Royal Mint in London, the Perth Mint is now wholly owned by the Government of Western Australia and is responsible for minting Australia’s legal tender coins in conjunction with the Royal Australian Mint. Although the Perth Mint was originally set up to manufacture gold sovereigns and half-sovereigns, it is now a well-known gold and silver bullion producer that is known for making fine precious metal products such as coins, bars, and medals. In fact, till the year 2000, the Perth Mint had refined a massive 4500 tons of gold, which was just over 3% of all gold refined by man.

Collectors with an interest in Australian coins eagerly await every release of this series of coins due to the limited mintages that allow only a maximum of 500,000 coins (since 2011) to be minted and released by the Perth Mint. The Silver Australian Kookaburra coin is minted in 4 weights of silver, coins containing 1 troy ounce, 2 troy ounces, 10 troy ounces and one kilo of silver are the variants released annually.

Perth Mint Coins - crafted to collect

Every coin release in the Kookaburra Silver coin series features an image of the famed Australian Kookaburra on the reverse of the coins, a majestic bird native and exclusive to the continent; this is what gives the coin its name. It is a terrestrial tree kingfisher, which has a distinctive and loud call that sounds eerily similar to echoing human laughter. Although they are classified under the ‘Kingfisher’ category, they are not generally associated with water – humid forest areas and arid savannah regions are their habitats of choice.

2017 Silver Kookaburra Coin Design

These official silver bullion coins are Australian legal tender currency and portray the renowned Ian Rank-Broadley image of Queen Elizabeth II. This regal portrait is enclosed within a ring containing the words ‘Elizabeth II,’ ‘Australia,’ and the face value of the coin in question (these values range from 1 Dollar to 30 Dollars).

2016 Silver Kookaburra Coin Design

These silver coins are valued for their imagery and collectability rather than just the .999 fine silver bullion each contains and is a brilliant product for both investors and Perth Mint silver coin collectors. Investors stand to reap the benefits of its annual appreciation due to their limited mintage, while coin collectors will be able to complete their collections without missing out on a single coin from the Kookaburra series.

These coins add diversity to any physical precious metal bullion portfolios by bringing collectible value to the table in addition to their fine bullion value. Moreover, they make a thoughtful gift for someone who loves the rich wildlife of the Australian continent, as these silver coins display one of the unique and beloved Denizens of Wild Australia.