How to Hide Gold Bullion?

NOTE: This is article is for educational purposes alone. SD Bullion does not recommend or endorse any of the proceeding gold storage ideas in this report. The following are merely examples of gold bullion storage ideas aimed to spark the creativity within you and help uncover the nearly limitless array of options available.


Although this article may seem to be common sense, there are some ideas presented here which you may have never considered nor thought about before.


Some ideas presented on safe gold bullion storage may sound silly; some may even be unsound given one's particular situation. 


Think of this as a mere thought exercise or a tool to brainstorm and have space to think about potential safe gold bullion storage solutions.



How to best store gold and hide gold bullion safely for the long term is a question every physical gold bullion buyer should think through and often.

The gold bullion products investors buy are way more expensive and dense than silver bullion products, for example.

Gold bullion takes up way less room or space in terms of square footage needed when safely storing gold vs. silver, for instance.



How to hide physical gold hide gold bullion



For those readers who have never had the privilege of taking possession of physical gold bullion, let us give you a few examples of the amount of space gold bullion takes up.

As an example, many government mints strike gold bullion coins. There are also gold bullion bars which are mostly produced by private gold mints yet also the Royal Canadian Mint strikes gorgeous gold bullion bars as well (e.g., 1 oz and 1 kilo).

A one-kilo gold bar is akin to the size and thickness of a palm-sized smartphone. While 1 oz gold coins and gold bar sizes are similar to the 1 oz, American Gold Eagle Coin pictured below.



How to hide gold


For decades now, the most popular of all gold bullion products (between all gold bars or gold coins) has and remains the 1 oz American Gold Eagle Coin (in terms of sheer troy ounce sales volumes).

When high net worth investors buy Gold Eagle coins in bulk allotments of 500 oz, American Gold Eagle Coins arrive in red-colored US Mint cases (i.e., often also nicknamed ‘Monster Boxes’). These US Mint Gold Eagle Coin cases weigh about 40 pounds in total when fully loaded.

Below you can see them getting produced at the US Mint’s West Point facility.



A mint case of American Gold Eagle coins has 25 protective mint tubes which contain twenty 1 oz American Gold Eagle coins apiece (holding a total of 500 oz).  

Below is a close look at a box used for American Gold Eagle Coins (i.e., American Gold Eagle Coin US Mint box).

If these red ‘Monster Boxes' were stripped of all their protective interior items and gold coins, they could easily store over 1,000 oz in 1-kilo gold bullion bars.

This statement confirms the point that larger gold bullion bars are the most space-efficient method for stacking gold bullion.


How to store Gold Eagle Coin Box US Mint Case Monster Box SD Bullion SDBullion.com


If your gold bullion storage space is limited yet you are moving a large amount of capital into gold bullion, you might consider directly buying larger gold bullion bars over government-issued gold coins as they take up about 50% less space without the involvement of mint coin cases, mint tubes, or coin protective acrylic coverings.

By its natural characteristics, .999 fine gold bullion does not tarnish; thus gold bullion bars could be the best option in tight gold storage space scenarios.

Now we will discuss some intelligent ways to store gold bullion safely for the long term. We will start with home gold storage options, ideas, and tactics for safety.

Further along, we will even discuss proven outside of home gold storage options with non-bank depositories, potential bank safe deposit boxes (with 3rd party insurance options), to even more aggressive tactics some might utilize in storing gold bullion in bulk at a low price outside one’s property.


How to store gold bullion SD Bullion SDBullion.com

Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coins


To begin, let’s start with what every gold bullion buyer should do if they are indeed able to.

Take your direct gold bullion delivery in hand first.

Even if it is a small amount of gold bullion to begin, get some in hand. 

Taking physical delivery of gold bullion is perhaps the most rewarding part of the purchasing experience.

By choosing to take direct physical possession, gold bullion investors gain a fuller understanding of the real value of tangible monetary assets and bolster a gold bullion buyer's experience and industry understanding on processes and expectations.

Having private gold bullion savings within reach also helps many gold investors have more consecutive sleep-filled nights in our current world of debt/fiat currency expansion, monetary debasement in real terms, and possible economic ruin which may be ahead for many who might choose to remain oblivious to the facts and basic arithmetic.

It often gets touted that gold bullion is one of the only remaining financial assets which do not require the performance of third parties for their value.

Many experts within the sector describe physical gold bullion favorably as not having “counterparty risk." This 'riskless' description is correct in the sense that gold bullion will never become worthless.

Gold bullion always has one significant counterparty risk inherent to, potential outright theft.


Source: 1 kilo Gold Bullion Bars  

NOTE: This is article is for educational purposes alone. SD Bullion does not recommend or endorse any of the listed storage ideas in this report. The following are merely examples of storage ideas aimed to spark the creativity within you and help uncover the nearly limitless array of options available.  


Like anything of value, there is always a threat that one’s gold or gold bullion capital could somehow get physically stolen from its rightful owner(s). Be it by strangers, people who work on or around your home who gain intimate knowledge, incompetent companies, even a rogue government, but most often sadly, by someone within one’s circle of familiarity.

Physical gold bullion in one’s home is typically either stolen by loved ones or those who learned about the gold through someone close to them.

It is safest that the only ones who might know about any gold bullion you may or may not hold are your spouse, older age dependants possibly, and if large enough a trusted executor and legal will documentation (because accidents do happen).

Gold bullion is virtually untraceable. Even if you would have gold bar ID numbers, the ability to liquidate gold bullion is effortless in the world we live. In other words, if someone steals your gold bullion savings, you may be entirely out of luck.

With the threat of robbery or possible home invasion in mind, we are about to discuss some creative options to safeguard your gold bullion holdings.

To do this well, you have to think like a would-be criminal might in your dwelling.

And no, we are not merely going to tell you to buy a home gold bullion safe, and you are then all set.



Hidden home safes serve well for hiding and safekeeping some valuables. It may also be useful to have a small more obviously located decoy safe with a reasonable amount of gold bullion that you would be willing to part with if the worst came to pass.

What we will discuss below are other ‘out of the box’ creative solutions to diversify one’s gold bullion hidings in one's property by using some standard objects and locations within a dwelling.

Again these are simply ideas for you to brainstorm with, not advice.

You likely agree that virtually any living spaces have great hidden locations no thief would ever think to look. Most thieves who break into homes, try to do so when you are not home (lessons the chance of their getting shot and killed, or other violent confrontation).

Most home robbers are desperate people who want to take things of value as fast as they can, escape and get away from the scene of the crime.

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COMMON SENSE WARNING: Stay OFF Social Media with Your gold Bullion Stash Identities

Sensible gold bullion owners should refrain from posting their stashes on social media websites.

If you still chose to fraternize within the gold bullion buying community in such a way, please do take some necessary common-sense precautions.

Use a dummy account which never shows your face or location, etc.

Of course, there is a healthy gold Youtube video channel community out there that loves to show off their gold bullion acquisitions to one another and discuss related topics. It is likely still somewhat safe to engage in so long as one merely gives away their voice and only close up shots of a few gold bullion items here and there (i.e., never detailed imaging of the interior or exterior of their abode). Your location and address should always stay ambiguous.

Below is a recent example of a customer who did all the safety precautions for his video, which we have mentioned.



Before we begin with potential at-home gold bullion storage ideas, we must stress a couple of other points of importance.

None of these ideas is fail-safe. They are merely meant to incite ideas. You will have to decide what makes the best sense for your gold storage needs.

Know that virtually any living dwellings have empty hidden potential storage spaces between walls, under stairwells, between floors, etc. 

Your options are often only limited to your creativity and specific circumstance.


Gold Bullion Location Diversification

Even if all your gold bullion gets stored within your property or living space, gold stash location diversification is essential to helo possibly limit the risk of losing everything all at once.

Having your gold bullion hidden in multiple spots is prudent, so long as they get well protected with you and perhaps a trusted loved one (with possible locational descriptions in a sealed legal will) can keep track of their exact locations.

Onwards with some ideas for potential gold bullion hiding spots.



How to store gold bullion SD Bullion SDBullion.com


New, mass-produced covered chairs, sofas, and ottomans disassemble easily and reassemble quickly without showing signs of tampering and can be fitted with easily accessible hidden pockets.

The staples, screws, or pins used to secure the upholstery to the underside of the unit’s frame can be removed or loosened, depending on what you want to hide within their interior structures.



How to hide physical gold hide gold bullion SD Bullion SDBullion.com


Stereo speakers often come in several useful shapes and sizes which can be easily opened and stashed with gold or gold coins in the unused space they often have within.

Careful here if you have an expensive stereo system. More than likely, most thieves like music too and high-end stereo speakers are not cheap (they might get stolen).


False-bottom Drawers



The false-bottom drawer or secret cupboard is still a useful way of quickly stashing some gold bullion. Don’t get greedy and try to block off 90 percent of the drawer’s total area though. Perhaps use several narrow hides rather than one large, obviously altered one.

Converted drawers and cupboards should also contain plenty of junk to hide their underlying conversions from would-be thieves.



How to hide gold bullion ideas SD Bullion SDBullion.com


Typically an option for hidden gold bullion storage in a kitchen, the kickboard hide is worth a mention.

These common kickboards are the piece of finishing wood or molding at the base of kitchen units, cabinets, etc.

Common kitchen kickboards may get easily removed for access to considerable space behind and underneath the kitchen accompaniments as mentioned above.

The kickboard can then be put back into place when access to the hidden gold bullion stash is not needed.


Hidden Book Safe


Buying large old books in second-hand book stores could be an outside the box solution for storing some gold bullion, jewelry, cash, and other valuables.


Bed with Hidden Trunk

How to store gold bullion ideas SD Bullion SDBullion.com

Image Source


Various bed designs are hitting the market today with secret or armored compartments to safeguard one's valuables.

If your budget and desire allow, you could even go next level and make your bed’s underlying frame a fireproof safe, able to hold a potential tonne of large gold bullion bars if needed (and yes we are fully aware the following add is over the top).


^^^ At about 60 seconds in, you have to LoL ^^^


Burying Bullion

Sometimes treating your bullion like a pirate may make more sense than having others look after it.

If you want to have, bullion hidden, yet not under the roof of your house, burying it may make some sense especially, if you have a lot of land and open real estate.

When to possibly bury some gold bullion?

Here we refer to the time of day, week, and year. The more secretive you want to be, the later and quieter the hour of digging will be required. Dawn, dusk, after midnight, would be a good idea.  Avoid the winter or spring months. The soil is soggy in the spring and hard in the winter. Think of digging ahead before actually burying your goods.

Where to possibly bury some gold bullion?

Three important points to consider about where to potentially bury gold bullion are: location, accessibility, and security.  

Creative locations with not very obvious landmarks should get considered. Treasure hunters and law enforcement officials know that humans use close markers for reference points so be as creative as possible when selecting your landmarks.

Accessibility refers to how easy it is to access your goods. If burying within your personal property, you will have to dig at least 10 feet to avoid metal detectors and be beyond law enforcements limits for digging. For the urban and suburban survivalist, the cache should be at least ten miles from a population center like a small town and no more than 30-40 miles from home. Don’t waste time looking for likely spots, use a map and perhaps a GPS device.

Security refers to the measures you take to cover your tracks when you select a burial spot or are doing the actual burying. Use low reflection equipment; make sure no one is following you and make as little noise as possible.


Off-Property Gold Storage Ideas

There are various proven third party non-bank gold bullion depository services we can provide customers who have interest in direct fully insured bullion storage either domestically (here in the USA) or abroad (in safe jurisdictions).

Often people think to store some gold bullion in a Bank Safe Depository boxes, yet there are some important additional details (insurance, access, privacy) to consider with that option.

Some of the cheapest off property (yet uninsured) options for storing lots of gold bullion in bulk may merely by renting a self-storage unit although this, of course, has inherent risks associated as well.


Conclusions on Safely Hiding Gold Bullion

Perhaps you aren’t going to grab your shovel and treasure map quite yet.

Admittedly some of the suggestions above will not fit your circumstance and are for mere entertainment as well.

The point of this "How to Store Gold Bullion" article is that one can be conservatively creative in utilizing sensible locations to conceal gold bullion stashes.

Discretion and common sense are paramount here. If you have dependents, make sure you always have a legal will and directions on how to find all hidden treasures.

Thanks for visiting us at SD Bullion.


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