RCM 1 Kilo Gold Bar

Only $11.99/oz Over Spot, ANY QTY!! .9999 Pure Gold, Serial Numbered & Stamped with RCM logo

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Buy Royal Canadian Mint 1 Kilo Gold Bars Online

One of the heaviest gold bars produced by the famous Royal Canadian Mint, this 1 kilo Gold bar is ideal for those who wish to convert substantial amounts of liquid cash into commodities that appreciate in value over time.

The Royal Canadian Mint is an official Mint of Canada and its shares are held in trust for the Queen in right of Canada. It is responsible for the production of all coin based legal tender in Canada as well as the production of coins for other nations due to its sheer size and capacity. Moreover, they also mint precious metal (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) bullion coins, medals, and bars; the quality of their products is recognized worldwide by numismatics and investors alike.

Each of these bars contains a whopping 1-kilogram of pure 0.9999 Au (Gold). The bar boasts a simple, elegant design that features only the maple leaf logo of the Royal Canadian Mint imprinted on the obverse with the words ‘Royal Canadian Mint’ encircling the logo. Underneath the logo, the weight and purity (in this case - 1 Kilo Gold 999.9) of the gold is imprinted along with a serial number that is unique to every single gold bar.

The reverse is plain and free of any imprints whatsoever, other than the minor imperfections and roughness that is expected from a cast gold bar such as this one.

However, as these gold bars have no "unique" designs or images, it means that you get each gold bar at as close to spot price of gold as possible. Consequently, these bars are an attractive investment option as the lower cost guarantees that you get the maximum amount of gold for every dollar you spend, unlike other products that feature fancy designs and imagery . Hence, it is a brilliant method of investing your hard earned money and expanding/diversifying your investment portfolio.

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