Safe Gold & Silver Storage


Looking for a Safe Place to Store your Gold & Silver? Consider our High-Security Vault at SD Depository

You've just purchased an addition to your precious metals collection. Maybe you've just started investing in gold and silver coins and you're not sure how to protect them, but you know that keeping precious metals at your home may not be the safest option. Owning precious metals is one thing, but storing it is quite another challenge. How should you store your precious metal?

There are only two basic choices you have: you can either store your tangible coins, rounds, bars, and other items yourself at home or you can have someone store it for you. With porch pirates and the risk of home invasions, storing at a secure bullion storage location may just be your best option.

SD Bullion StorageSD Bullion Storage

Why Store Your Metals with SD Depository?

New customers will get the first three months of storage completely free! After that, SD Depository’s current costs start at as low as $9.99 per month. The costs are determined by the monthly closing spot price of each precious metal and the total weight of each precious metal in the customer's account. The percentages that are used to calculate the storage costs are at the top of this page. If the total comes out to less than $9.99, the customer would pay $9.99 per month. If you were to store your gold and silver coins at a local financial institution, you might end up paying $500 per year or more for the privilege of having a secure box. With SD Depository, we are proud to offer the lowest storage rates in the industry!

All physical precious metal storage options offered by SD Depository are 100% fully insured with proven secure logistics professionals directly servicing customer’s bullion storage accounts. The products are fully insured by our Lloyds of London insurance policy up to the melt value of the products stored in the depository.

Once your storage account is set up, you are free to send in any precious metals you have stored elsewhere (either bullion from home or other less secure, over-priced depository services).

The physical bullion products you buy and deliver to your bullion storage account are always allocated in your name or title and segregated from all other bullion account holder holdings. The metals put into your account will be the exact product that is sent to you if you choose to take physical delivery of your bullion.

You always have the option to take delivery of physical precious metals held within your bullion depository account.

Once your storage account is set up, you are free to send in any precious metals you have stored elsewhere (either bullion from home or other less secure, over-priced depository services).

Opening your bullion storage account through SD Depository is easy. Call our trading desk to get the process started and allow our experienced traders to fully answer any questions you may have.

Selling your precious metals from your direct bullion account is seamless and simple since there is no need to ship the metals. Please consider us when searching for a quality offer or bid price on the bullion you are selling.

44 of the 50 states now collect sales tax on precious metals in some form. The main SD Depository location is in Michigan, where all gold and silver bullion is tax-exempt. So if you live in one of the states that charge you tax upon purchase of your precious metals, storing at SD Depository may be the most cost-effective way to purchase your bullion.

How to Start Your Storage Depository Account

We can be reached by phone at 1.800.294.8732 (USA / Canada) or internationally at 1.614.300.1094 (internationally).

Visit the SD Depository Storage page for more information on storing your precious metals.