Safes & Vaults

Safes and Vaults

You've just purchased an addition to your precious metal coin collection. Maybe you've just started investing into gold and silver coins and you're not sure how to protect them, but you know you need to do more than to just shove the coin into a drawer somewhere. Owning precious metals is one thing, but storing it is quite another challenge. How should you store your precious metal?

There are only two basic choices you have: you can either store your tangible coins, rounds, bars and other items yourself or you can have someone store it for you. With the best safes and vaults in the industry today, home storage might just be the better solution.

How To Protect Yourself From Danger

The issue with storing gold and silver coins, along with other precious metals, at home is that if you lose it, then it is gone. This is why finding the best TL rated safe for your gold, silver, jewelry, and other valuables is so important. You'll also need to have a safe or vault that is insurance-rated so that if you do experience a loss, you have the opportunity to receive financial compensation from your insurance policy.

There are a number of high quality safe and vault manufacturers which manufacture a number of different sizing options for collectors and investors today. One of the best options, ISM Goldman, offers the highest rated safe in the industry today, a safe which gives you 60 minutes of protection on 6 sides from torch cutting.

Secretive storage can be beneficial if you only have a coin or two that you need to protect. When your coin collection begins to increase, however, it will become easier for burglars to locate your precious metals. Although some safes and vaults may be somewhat cumbersome because of their size or weight, there is no denying the security that you can provide your valuables with these effective products that can protect your coins and valuables from danger.

The Benefit of Storing Your Precious Metals At Home

If you were to store your gold and silver coins at a local financial institution, you might end up paying $500 per year or more for the privilege of having a secure box. As your collection expands, you may be required to pay even more per year. There may also be storage or handling fees on top of this amount. For the average collector, it only takes 10 years for a home safe or vault to pay for itself and you receive the added advantage of having instant access to your collection.

Private financial institutions may even require the purchase of a minimum amount of precious metals before they'll even allow you to store the items at their location. You'll still be paying fees in addition to this cost, including insurance against loss, which you'd be paying if you owned your own safe or vault to store your valuables. That's why coin storage in security safes at home is always something that should be considered by collectors and investors.

You also get to be in control of the actual insurance policy that protects your precious metals. Many homeowners policies in their basic form will cover $1,000 in tangible precious metals at most. It is not uncommon for there to be zero coverage for gold or silver coins, but it is possible to purchase a rider or addendum to your policy to specifically cover these items. One phone call to your insurance agent can let you know for certain what is already covered and what you'll need to add to your policy to protect your entire collection.

What Option Is Best For You Today?

At SD Bullion, we understand that you wish to protect your investments as effectively as gold and silver can protect your finances. Because of that, we offer only the best safes and vaults from reliable manufacturers like ISM Goldman and AMSEC. If you have a room that you intend to use to protect your valuables within your home, we also offer half-ton vault doors that are ready to install so you can have the right level of protection.

Coin safes for sale can range in size, TL rating, and other factors. Many are insurance rated and suitable for the storage of all of your valuables. Find the best storage solution for your gold, silver, jewelry, and other valuables today so that tomorrow and beyond, you can make sure that your investment will be as protected as it can possibly be.