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Buy 20 Gram Gold Bars Online

Gold has historically been a sign of wealth. As a scarce precious metal, it tends to hold its value during uncertain economic periods and usually offers interesting returns over time. Therefore, this yellow metal could both be considered a short and long term asset, which means it could be an option of investment portfolio and maintaining wealth.

Gold bars may bring a sensible opportunity for valuable acquisitions. They consist of .9999 fine gold pieces, in different sizes. The most renowned refineries manufacture a varied catalog of ingots, eligible for precious metals IRAs. They are labeled with their specifications and some are sealed in an assay card that certifies their authenticity.

20 gram gold bars are popular among investors who look for more affordable inputs in bullions. Since they are not as large as kilo gold bars, they usually offer better premium prices and easy storage. And for those who appreciate art, some minted ingots receive artistic designs, which may even become a beautiful collection.

Advantages of Purchasing 20 Gram Gold Bars

The 20 gram gold bar tends to be popular due to its numerous advantages: to buy, negotiate and store. Considering that 1 troy ounce corresponds to approximately 31,1 grams, a 20 gram bar is lighter than the traditional 1 troy oz gold bar. And because premiums are charged by a percentage over the spot gold price, this extra cost tends to be lower than larger gold bars in terms of gross value.

Besides their competitive prices, their sizes contribute to easier storage. Bank box deposits or even home vaults can provide enough space to keep them.

Another aspect is the convenience of negotiating faster. By purchasing smaller units, investors guarantee divisible bullion, which provides them with more freedom to decide when and how much gold to use in transactions without having to liquidate a large chunk of their gold bullion portfolio at once.

Popular designs

The most traditional refineries usually produce gram gold bars, such as 10 grams and these 20 gram gold bars. Minted or poured, they contain .9999 fine gold and dimensions that may vary a little from one manufacturer to the other. The ones from the list below are all eligible for precious metals IRAs.

Valcambi Suisse

Valcambi Suisse is very traditional and acknowledged because of its modern mint techniques and high quality products. They produce minted and cast 20 gram gold bars and both contain the bar’s specifications imprinted on them: weight, fineness, metal content, a unique serial number and the assayer’s mark.

Besides these marks, their minted ingots have some other details: the obverse is engraved with the company’s logo - the revolving square - and the reverse contains the “Valcambi Suisse” name on the left.

Valcambi Suisse also offers the 20 gram Gold CombiBar. Using this technology, these bars receive pre-set lines that break along their length and width, which enables them to be broken down in 20 equal units of 1 gram, without fineness or weight loss.

In these bars, the serial number corresponds to the entire 20 gram bar. But each gram unit has its specifications (logo, 1 gram weight, purity and the assayer’s mark) individually imprinted on them.

PAMP Suisse 

PAMP Suisse produces one of the most popular gold bars in the world: The PAMP Suisse Fortuna Bar. The obverse of the bar contains the famous Lady Fortuna, the goddess of luck, engraved into it, distributing riches as a sign of good luck to the ones who earn it. The reverse displays the item’s specifications: 20 grams, .9999 pure gold, the assayer’s mark, the mint’s logo and an individual serial number.

This mint is also recognized by their exclusive Veriscan technology, which ensures the piece's identity and further authentication.

Istambul Gold Refinery

This young mint is located in Turkey and produces both cast and minted ingots. Their catalog includes the 20 gram Gold Bars and a range of other pieces with .9999 gold fineness and specifications that meet COMEX and LBMA standards. 

The obverse displays the refinery initials and the item’s information: 20 grams, .9999 purity, metal content and the serial number. The reverse contains only the mint’s logo, classic and repeatedly displayed in a 45 degree angle.

Generic Gold Bars

Instead of purchasing a specific brand, investors can opt for secondary market bars. In this shopping category, investors are guaranteed to receive a 20 gram gold bar. But the brand received may vary according to the dealer’s stock availability, which may even be a higher premium price bar. 

These items are in great condition. Despite their source, their purity, weight and metal value are untouched. They may receive lower premium prices, and due to it, they could be considered a moderate investment. 


What is the worth of 20 grams of gold?

The value of gold depends on the gram spot price of the metal, which may vary according to the amount of trade made with gold in the market. Over this price, a small premium percentage is added, so dealer’s can make their living and afford business costs. 20 gram bars tend to have lower premium gross value, and therefore, they may be a more affordable investment than larger ones.