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Buy 100 Gram Gold Bars Online

After the 2008 financial crisis, the idea of diversifying assets with precious metals got stronger. Gold bullion, silver bullion and platinum bullion products have always been used for several purposes over the years and proved to be a sensible option of investment for those who want to keep investing but prefer a less fluctuant way to maintain wealth.

Many experts believe gold to be a sensible investment and a store of value. Gold is a scarce metal on the crust of the Earth and will not tarnish. Thus, its value varies little compared to other assets and the money invested could remain protected against fiat currency devaluation. Especially over the past 20 years, this yellow metal has performed well during market turmoils. That is why investors see gold bars as a safe haven asset.

These Bars are also valuable for collectors. Some refineries offer amazing catalogs of products, beautifully designed and manufactured, in order to make each bar even more precious and wanted by the admirers of this art form. 

100 gram gold bars are a perfect combination of collectible and investment. Since they are priced in bulk, investors can acquire a considerable amount of gold for lower premium percentages.

The Advantages of Buying 100 Gram Gold Bars

100 gram Gold Bars can be an interesting alternative for those who want to maximize their investment per dollar spent. As mentioned above, gold bars are priced in bulk. For that reason, these larger bars, much like kilo gold bars, tend to have lower premium percentages over spot prices than smaller bars do. It means that each dollar invested buys a greater quantity of pure gold content.

Gold tends to maintain its value despite economic downturns. So, even if inflation periods decrease the value of fiat currencies and cause trouble at the stock market, because of its rarity and natural value, gold is expected to suffer less with these kinds of fluctuations and might even outperform stocks in the long-run. 

The 100 gram gold bar is very popular in the gold bullion market for short-term trades as well. Usually, the difference between their acquisition costs versus the value received when reselling is lower than other assets.

It is also valid to mention that 100 gram gold bars are portable and their rectangular shapes favor easy storage in bank deposit boxes or even at home vaults, if the investor prefers.

Popular 100 Gram Gold Bars Brands

PAMP Suisse

PAMP Suisse is one of the leading refineries with their high standard mint process and the modern technology used to ensure their catalog’s authenticity. They produce bars in different shapes and sizes. The 100 gram gold bars are .9999 fine gold and found in both styles: cast and minted.

The 100 gram Minted ingots are also very famous because of their design. The obverse contains the famous Lady Fortuna - the goddess of luck - engraved into the bar, as a sign of fortune to those who own her. And the reverse displays, besides the company's logo, the bars weight, fineness, the assayer’s mark and an individual serial number.

PAMP Suisse Cast ingots also receive the utmost care. Molten gold is poured into a mold and once the bar is ready, the company’s logo and other important information - 100 gram, 99.99% purity and serial number - is imprinted on the bar. This process is not as demanding as the production of minted bars, but the simplicity of the process makes the cost price lower, which tends to make the product itself more affordable too.

Both PAMP Suisse bars, minted and cast, contain 100 gr of .9999 fine gold, an assayer’s certificate and are eligible for IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts). 

Valcambi Suisse

Valcambi Suisse is one of the most traditional mints all over the world. Renowned by their modern techniques and the highest quality products, this mint manufactures gold bars of different sizes and shapes, including their cast 100 gr gold bars.

The obverse of the bar contains the Valcambi Suisse logo - the famous revolving square - and compulsory marks related to the bar’s information: fineness, weight and a unique serial number. To ensure the authenticity of the piece, Valcambi Suisse also provides an assay card. 

Generic Gold Bars

Generic gold bars are not a type of bar, but an option of shopping. When purchasing a generic gold bar, instead of buying one specific brand, you are guaranteed to receive a 100 gram gold bar. But, the brand of the bar sent may vary according to our stock’s availability, and therefore, the investor may even receive a higher premium price bar. 

Because of that, generic bars tend to have lower premium prices, and usually, they tend to be a more affordable investment.

It is essential to explain that the source of the bars does not influence their value. Since they are all in good condition, 100 gram gold bars are still .9999 pure gold and its natural value remains despite their source. 


How much is a 100 gram gold bar worth?

It is customary to measure gold weight in troy ounces. 1 oz corresponds to 31.1 grams approximately. Hence, a 100 gram bar corresponds to a little more than 3 oz. Larger amounts of gold tend to carry lower premium percentages, which usually makes these bars more affordable than single units of smaller ones, for instance, 1 troy ounce gold bars.