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  1. 10 oz Johnson Matthey Poured Gold Bar
    10 oz Johnson Matthey Poured Gold Bar
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    June 11, 2024
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  3. 10 oz Gold Valcambi Bar - In Assay
    10 oz Gold Valcambi Bar - In Assay

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    June 28, 2024
    1 - 4 $24,155.30
    5+ $24,115.30
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Buy 10 oz Gold Bars Online

Gold bullion is universally recognized as a sign of wealth. No other metal expresses this idea better than this one. Gold bullion bars have been used for economic trade by different nations since Ancient Rome, without any historical connection to one singular culture or country. This universal acceptance is still valid and usually makes gold bars appealing to investors all over the world.

Gold bars can be a great option for those who want to invest in diversified properties and maintain wealth despite economic variations. Conveniently sized for storage and usually affordably priced, 10 oz gold bars could be an interesting option for investment portfolios.

What are Gold Bars?

A gold bullion bar is a quantity of pure gold, shaped in bars, normally rectangular, of different sizes and weights, and produced in very specific conditions by many of the world’s most known mints and refiners. This level of gold purity is customarily measured in a millesimal scale of fineness. The finest gold bars are .9999, that is, 99.99% pure gold. Besides a unique serial number, some gold bars also provide an assay card to certify the authenticity of the bar. The assay card provides information about the bar’s weight, dimensions, metal content and its purity.

Minted Gold Bars vs Cast Gold Bars

There are two possible styles of gold bars according to their mint process: Minted Gold Bars and Cast Gold Bars.

Minted Gold Bars demand a more detailed production process. Refiners make them using blank gold bars and then engrave them with special designs and inscriptions. The final product is a more uniform bar, with a smoother appearance and shine. On the other hand, Cast Bars production is simpler and faster. Basically, molten gold is poured into molds prepared with the markings and a simplistic design. Compared to Minted Bars, Cast Bars may seem less refined, but the lower costs of production makes them less expensive and might even carry lower premium prices. 

10 oz Gold Bars x Other Gold Bar Weights

Gold Bar weights can vary from 1 gram gold bars to 1 kilo gold bars. A 10 troy ounce gold bar corresponds to approximately 311.03 grams of .9999 fine gold. Most refineries and mints produce these 10 oz gold bars using both techniques, Minted and Cast Gold Bars, and traditionally in rectangular shape.

Refineries usually produce 10 oz Gold Bars in bulk so that bar prices could get closer to the gold’s melt value. Because of that, these bars are very appealing to investors who prefer buying a significant amount of gold with lower premium prices.

Why Buy 10 oz Gold Bars?

The main reason to buy gold bars is gold itself. Gold is one of the most noticeable precious metals, used for different purposes along history, but specially for trade as minted gold coins and bars. Due to its intrinsic value, gold tends to maintain its wealth despite economic fluctuations and, therefore, it might be considered a long-term investment.

A 10 oz Gold Bar could be an option if the investor is up for a single high financial input. These bars may have lower premium prices than smaller bars, which allow investors to buy a significant amount of gold for affordable prices. The same idea applies to any large gold bar, like 5 oz gold bars as well.

Another interesting aspect is easy storage. A 10 oz gold bar is smaller: approximately 311.1 grams of .999 fine gold in a rectangular shape. Compact and portable, they can be stored at home safes, bank deposit boxes or any other place you prefer.


How much is a 10 oz gold bar?

The value of a 10 oz gold bar is easy to calculate. Simply take the current gold spot price and multiple it by ten. The spot price of gold is based on one troy ounce of pure gold. And a 10 oz gold bar containes 10 troy ounces. Therefore, multiplying these two numbers together gives you the base value of a 10 oz gold bar. Next, simply add in the posted dealer premium and you have the total value of the 10 oz gold bar you are looking at purchasing.

How big is a 10 oz gold bar

A 10 oz Gold Bar is usually a small rectangular slab. Considering that 1 troy ounce weighs approximately 32.15 grams, a 10 troy ounce gold bar is expected to weigh something like 311.1 grams of .9999 pure gold. Other proportions like length, width and thickness may change a little according to the bar mint or refinery. For example, 10 oz Australian Perth Mint Gold Bars measure 47 x 24 mm, on average.

What are generic 10 oz gold bars?

Differently from what it may sound, Generic Gold Bars are not another type of gold bars. In fact, it is a purchase option. When an investor decides to buy a generic 10 oz gold bar, he is not buying it because of a specific brand. Instead, he is opting for any of them. The investor is guaranteed to receive a 10 oz gold bar, in good condition, of any available brand, including those which may carry a higher premium.