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Buy Perth Mint Gold Bars Onilne

Perth Mint Gold Bars may be an excellent option for gold bullion investors and collectors. They are 99.99% pure and contain industry-leading security measures.

In addition to the intrinsic value that gold bars carry, the Perth Mint Gold Bars provide an elegant design showcasing the Australian pride represented by their beloved kangaroo, and the Mint’s logo in the portrayal of their classic swan.

Perth Mint Gold Bars

Perth Mint is one of the most recognized mints of the world and offers a beautiful and varied catalog of gold bars. The technology used to avoid counterfeiting makes their products desirable for any investor who wants to combine safe inputs with elegant collectibles.

This Australian Mint is one of the oldest refineries in the country and wrote, over the years, a history of minting evolution in order to reach the highest standards of quality and levels of fineness in terms of metal content to their pieces.

Each Perth Mint Gold Bar contains .9999 pure gold and their sizes vary from ½ oz up to 1.000 oz. They are serial numbered in a tamper-proof display card to prevent any damages to the packaging, which also contains the assayer’s signature, assuring the quality and authenticity of the gold bar.

Cast and Minted Gold Ingots 

The Perth Mint produces cast and minted ingots. In both kinds of bars, the designs share the same basic elements.

Cast gold bars demand simpler processes, and therefore they are easier to make and tend to have lower production costs. In this process, molten gold is poured into a mold, and after cooling, the ingot is engraved with essential information. 

Minted ingots follow a more elaborate process of manufacturing. To make them more visually attractive, these bars receive special polishing and finish, so their rectangular shape gets sharp edges and a brilliant luster.

Designs and Sizes

The standard design which the Perth Mint uses in its pieces features the company’s logo: The Perth Mint Swan, which is imprinted in the obverse of the bars and the kangaroos, symbol of the Australian outback on the reverse.

The Perth Mint Majestic Swan is featured with a long neck in an “S”-format. Tail feathers and wings seem to wrap the swan, making a circle figure. Surrounding the swan, we read the company’s name “The Perth Mint - Australia”.

On the reverse, the Australian kangaroo motifs are displayed in a repeated and diagonal pattern.

Minted ingots receive further inscriptions on its face: purity, metal content and weight. Cast Bars, on the other hand, contains only the logo engraved on it.

The minted bar is Perth Mint’s most sought-after gold piece and the one with more options of sizes. Their most common weights are: 1 gram gold bars, 5 gram gold bars, 10 gram gold bars, 20 gram gold bars and the traditional 1 oz gold bars.

But recently, Perth Mint released a new option for cast bars: a 1 oz cast gold bar in a square shape. The obverse showcases its design in 3D relief while the reverse remains flat.

The Perth Mint

The Australian government founded the Perth Mint in the end of the 19th century. At that time, Australia used to be a British colony and the mint was one of branches that belonged to the British Royal Mint, in charge of producing gold sovereigns for the British Empire. Sydney and Melbourne branches were active, but after the Perth Mint, the British Empire closed both, concentrating the production in Perth, Western Australia. 

From its foundation in 1899 to 1931, when Britain abandoned the gold standard, which defined their currency value based on gold spot price, Perth Mint had struck more than 110 million gold products, making it the official producer of gold sovereigns.

The pause in the gold coins production for the British Royal Mint did not stop the refinery’s development. By that time, the Perth Mint was already skillfully producing gold bullion bars and their production showed high level standards of quality and purity. It took little until 1957, when they successfully manufactured the first .999999 fine gold 13 oz proof plate.

1970 was another landmark. It was the year when the British Empire finally released the Perth Mint from their ownership. And after that, the company kept conquering space in the bullion market.

Nowadays, the Perth Mint is the official Australian government mint along with the Royal Australian Mint, which produces Australian dollar coins for circulation. It refines approximately 80% of the Australian gold production, minted bullion coins and other precious metals from other sources for international financial institutions, which accounts for an average of 10% of the world production.

The Perth Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint are among the few national mints that produces bullion bars for investment purposes. Their products are some of the most respected and sought-after ones, competing with the most recognizable private mints in the industry, such as PAMP Suisse Gold Bars and Argor-Heraeus Gold Bars.

Where Does Perth Mint’s Gold Come from?

The Perth Mint was founded in Perth right after the discovery of many large gold deposits in Australia. But after years of experience making high quality bullion products - not only using gold and silver mined in the country - other countries and international financial institutions decided to head their gold and other metals to the Australian refinery, so they could supply their demands too. Therefore, besides the Australian currency in circulation and other legal tender items, Perth Mint also manufactures blank coins to foreign governments and financial institutions.

Why Invest in Gold Bullion Bars

Specialists have concluded, while observing market trends during economic downturns that an effective way to avoid losses would be diversifying investment portfolios. The market fluctuations tend to cause inflation and as a consequence, fiat currencies devaluation. So, if all the investment is concentrated only on assets which depend on monetary stability, there is a higher chance of losses. Therefore, specialists suggest diversification.

Precious metals may be a sensible option for these situations. Over the years, studies show that bullion spot prices usually vary less despite the economic scenario of instabilities. It means that, for short or long terms, the money once invested tends to remain valuable over time.

Picking the right size for you investment is paramount, though. Larger bars, such as 10 oz gold bars, could have lower premium percentages, but the price of investment is higher. They could be your choice if you want to maximize the amount of gold per dollar investment.

On the other hand, smaller bars, like 5 gram gold bars, might be a sensible option for those looking for flexibility. They are easier to handle, transport and store. In addition, they do not require a large investment to start enjoying the benefits of owning gold bullion.

How to Buy Perth Mint Bars

SD Bullion offers many options of Perth Mint Gold Bars for those interested in investing in diversified gold bullion bars. We have an easy checkout process and accept a variety of payment methods. Moreover, all your purchases are shipped securely and discreetly, ensuring that both your privacy and your products remain intact. If you require any assistance from our customer service team, feel free to contact us at or at 1(800)294-8732. You can reach us from our web-chat feature as well, if you prefer to do so.