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Buy 1 Gram Gold Bars Online

Precious metals have long been a symbol of wealth. Used for different purposes, gold bullion has always been present in different cultures and traditionally provides not only status but some financial power as well. Gold bullion has always been popular because of its long usage in gold bars, gold rounds and gold coins and because it is internationally recognized as a store of value.

During an uncertain economic scenario, gold bullion tends to perform well. Because of its scarcity, its value is usually less prone to fluctuation, which makes it relatively attractive for those interested in portfolio diversification and the maintenance of certain financial stability.

And if the idea is to accumulate gold bullion at reasonable prices, 1 gram gold bars are something to keep an eye out for. Their more affordable prices offer interesting opportunities to start accumulating gold as a physical asset.

Advantages of Buying 1 Gram Gold Bars

Fractional gold bars like the 1 gramone, along with 2,5 gram and 5 gram gold bars, for instance, tend to offer more affordable purchase conditions. First, their production costs tend to be less expensive than larger gold bullion pieces and, therefore, their prices can be more suitable for strict budgets. 

Also, they usually offer lower premium prices, in terms of gross value. Sometimes, even lower than gold coins. But, the purity level of gold in bars is higher: .9999 of fine gold. And added to these low premiums, they tend to be more affordable investments.

Because of its intrinsic value, gold can be stored for a long time without significant devaluation. However, if you decide to resell your assets, fractional bars also allow gold investors to make more flexible negotiations, usually, with preserved value. 

As they are tiny and light, they fit anywhere, be it a depository service, bank deposit boxes or home vaults will be enough for a comfortable storage.

Popular Designs

Gram gold bars are usually part of the most important mint catalogs in the world. They contain 1 gram of .9999 fine gold and dimensions that may vary a little according to each mint. They are eligible for precious metals IRAs and are usually accompanied by an assay card to guarantee the item’s quality and authenticity.

Valcambi Suisse 

Renowned for their long life in the market, this private mint has been operating for over 60 years producing bullion items and offering high quality related services. Valcambi Suisse minted gold bars are a sensible option for those who want to add bullion and elegance to an investment portfolio.

Their 1 gram gold bar is .9999 pure gold and class. The obverse features the bar’s specifications: weight, purity, gold content, an assayer’s mark, an individual number and their famous symbol - “The revolving square” - on the top. The reverse contains only the company’s name “Valcambi Suisse” elegantly engraved on the bar. 

PAMP Suisse

PAMP Suisse is one of the most traditional mints in the market. Renowned for their modern techniques and a beautiful catalog of items, including their smallest 1 gram bar, this mint became very famous because of their Lady Fortuna series. Yet, their exclusive Veriscan technology adds extra security features to the items against counterfeits.

In the obverse of the bar, Lady Fortuna, the goddess of luck and fortune is blindfolded, laying riches through her cornucopia, as a sign of indistinct prosperity. The reverse displays the bar’s specifications: weight, purity, metal content, a unique serial number and the mint’s logo stamped on the top.

Istanbul Gold Refinery

Istanbul Gold Refinery is a young mint from Turkey which has already earned its renown among the best ones worldwide. Certified by the LBMA (London Bullion Market), they follow the highest standards of production and offer an amazing list of items, including the 1 gram gold bar.

The obverse side displays the bar’s information: weight, metal content, purity, a seven-digit serial number and the assayer’s mark, which is also ensured in the certificate card that comes with it. The reverse side showcases the company’s initials, "IGR", in a repeated and classic diagonal pattern.

Generic Gold Bars

Secondary market bars could be an opportunity for investors who are more interested in widening their physical assets with gold bullion itself, rather than with brands. These bars are in great condition and offer 1 gram of at least .999 fine gold for lower premium prices, in terms of gross value. Investing in this type of purchase, the investor will surely receive a 1 gram gold bar, but its brand may vary according to the availability in our inventory, which may even be a higher premium price bar.

SD Bullion also offers the same option in different sizes. Make sure to check our available 1 oz or 5 oz gold bar designs as well, if you would like to make a more sizeable purchase. 

Gold IRA with 1 Gram Bars

International economic crisis, especially the 2008 one, has shown investors that a diversified investment portfolio can be a hedge against market turmoil and inflation. Not only stocks and bonds but also tangible assets are supposed to be considered in this process of diversification. Investors are struggling to find the correct way to widen their options, especially in their retirement accounts. 

For the last few years, the bullion market records have shown that the value of precious metals have performed well during uncertain times. And, although silver, platinum and palladium find several usages in industrial areas, gold is the metal that traditionally remains popular among investors for financial transactions.

1 gram gold bars may be a good investment of low cost input free of default risks. 


How much is a 1 gram gold bar worth?

A 1 gram gold bar is currently worth around $74.00. The price of a 1 gram gold bar will fluctuate daily based on the current spot price of gold. As the price of gold fluctuates, you simply need to divide it by 31.1 as there are 31.1 grams in a troy ounce of gold. This simple math will give you the current value of a 1 gram gold bar.

Is 1 gram of gold worth buying?

A gram bar may be an opportunity of buying gold bars for lower input on something with long lasting value. Gold tends to remain valuable despite the uncertain economic periods. Since these gold bars offer lower premium percentages, in terms of gross value, they could have more affordable prices and be less risky than other kinds of investment.

What size is a 1 gram gold bar?

These gold bars are certainly 1 gram of at least .999 fine gold, but dimensions may vary a little according to brands. Valcambi Suisse gold bars, for instance, have a rectangular shape, with rounded edges and measure 8.50 x 15.00 x 0.55 mm.