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Buy 5 oz Gold Bars Online

Many experts suggest that investing in gold bullion could be a sensible way to hedge against financial instabilities. Because of its nature, gold may perform well in challenging economic times and its value tends to transcend the volatile market, making gold bars an interesting store of value.

5 oz Gold Bars could be a good option for those who want to invest in different assets. These bullion bars offer affordable pricing per ounce, long term storage, easy transportation and are easy to resell. These bars are made of .9999 pure gold by some of the most acknowledged private mints and gold refiners. Just like other larger bars, 5 oz gold bars tend to have lower premium percentages, which can provide better purchase conditions.

Is Buying 5 oz Gold Bars Today a Good Idea?

For centuries, gold has been considered a safe investment. The gold supply can be scarce and finite, which historically has maintained less fluctuating gold prices and performing well during economic downturns. Therefore, investors keep buying gold bullion to diversify their portfolios.

5 oz gold bars are an excellent combination of quantity and price. Since gold bullion is priced in bulk, these gold bars usually offer lower premiums. That is, it could be possible to purchase more fine gold content per dollar invested. The same idea applies to other larger gold bars, such as 50 grams or even 100 grams gold bars.

Popular 5 oz Gold Bars Designs

Valuable addition to the investment portfolio, refineries offer gold bars in different sizes and shapes. Usually, the 5 oz Gold Bars have rectangular shapes and dimensions vary a little from one refinery to another. But all of them contain 5 troy ounces of, at least, .999 gold. They are stamped with the bar’s weight, precious metal content and a unique serial number in order to certify the authenticity of the piece. Some 5 oz gold bars come in an assay card to ensure those specifications.

The 5 oz Gold Bar is produced by some of the top private mints in the world. According to the brand, bars may vary in shape and fantastic designs, but patterns related to weight, metal content and level of purity are usually similar.

Let’s check some brands that are greatly recognized mints in the bullion market.


Credit Suisse is one of the most tradicional and recognized mints worldwide. The obverse of the bars is simple and elegant, and the reverse - in all of their bars - displays the company’s logo in a repeated tile pattern.


An iconic symbol, Lady Fortuna was the first artistic design printed in small bars in the world, and still, it is one of the most sought-after designs. The Roman goddess of fortune wears a blindfold cornucopia atop her head which seems to distribute riches at the bottom of the bar.

Besides the finest content of .9999 pure gold and creative designs, which can be extremely valuable to collectors, the bars feature anti-counterfeiting technology. PAMP Suisse is recognized for its high quality products and became, over the years, a standard in the bullion market.


Perth Mint is another globally renowned company due to their high quality catalog of products. Their cast 5 oz gold bar bears their classic logo - the elegant swan in the center of a circle, engraved with the company’s name - “The Perth Mint, Australia” and traditional inscriptions about the bar on the obverse.


For those looking to benefit from lower premiums, they can resort to the Generic bars option. This way you are guaranteed to receive a gold bar with the specific weight and gold purity described, but no specific brand. It is even possible to receive a gold bar that is slightly more expensive than the generic option.


How much is a 5 oz Gold Bar?

Many factors may influence gold bar prices: the weight, the source, the refinery, and very importantly: the purity of gold. Another factor is the current state of market trade trends of physical gold and derivatives. The amount of transactions happening during a business day at institutions like COMEX and LBMA - London Bullion Market Association cause the gold spot price to fluctuate.

How big is a 5 oz Gold Bar?

Dimensions of the 5 oz Gold Bars can vary a little from mint to mint. Traditionally, they are shaped in rectangular molds, making them easier to stack, store and transport, starting from a smaller 1 gram gold bars, for example, to larger bars, like the 1 kilo gold bar. Considering that 1 troy ounce corresponds to approximately 31.1 grams, a 5 oz gold bar is expected to weigh 155.5 grams, on average.