Gold prices are typically less prone to fluctuate than most stocks or even silver, platinum or palladium. As such, most experts will suggest that the sensible way to capitalize with it is in the long run, hedging against inflation and working as a safe haven in case of a personal financial crisis or widespread economic events.

Since medieval times, gold along with other precious metal prices have been measured in troy ounces. However, recently, due to the international measurement system becoming more popular and standardized in more and more countries, some refiners are making the change to grams and kilos to stamp their products.

Many factors can contribute to the current value of gold in the market today. In the short to medium term, live gold prices fluctuate during business days, sometimes by the minute, according to physical gold and derivatives being traded on COMEX and LBMA. In the long term, market speculation and mostly the supply and demand of gold bullion and gold derivatives (e.g. futures contracts, ETFs, options) will play a more significant factor.

Here at SD Bullion you will find gold coins and gold bars ranging from 1 gram gold bars to 1 kilo gold bars for purchase. On this page, you will be able to view the gold price today per gram.

Gold Price per ounce vs Gold Price per Gram

It has been a tradition in the bullion industry to weigh precious metals in troy ounces rather than in avoirdupois ounces or even grams and kilos. You will find a broader variety of gold bullion products in troy ounces than in grams. However, many mints and refineries in the world are also stamping their products in the international measurement system, also sometimes referred to as the metric system, due to its acceptance around the world. Thus, it is easier for gold investors in countries where grams and kilos are the standard unit of weight to understand and purchase their precious metal products. Especially considering those countries usually announce gold prices per gram, rather than per troy ounce.

To elaborate the conversion rate, 1 troy ounce = 31.1 grams. So, it would take roughly 31 1-gram gold bars to make a 1-troy-ounce gold bar.

This page is focused on providing you with updated live prices of gold per gram. Conversely, you can check our 1 oz gold spot price page. There, you will find charts of historical data and the current price of gold in troy ounces as well.

Gram Gold Coins

The number of gram gold coins in the market has been growing exponentially in recent years. The Chinese Mint made the change in 2016 to the international measurement system. Their official gold bullion coin, the Chinese Gold Pandas, are weighed in grams. Another top seller is the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin Sheet, containing twenty five 1 gram gold maple coins. A masterpiece of the Royal Canadian Mint, showing off their incredible expertise in the minting of coins.

Many experts suggest that investing in small gram coins, such as 1 gram to even 15 grams is a savvy way to enjoy the benefits of buying gold even if you do not have a considerable sum of money to invest at the moment.

Gram gold coins are issued by a sovereign government mint. They are legal tender within the country that issued them and carry a face value. Some gold bullion coins can also share a market with collectible coins given their semi-numismatic nature. When you account for all those factors, it tends to be slightly easier to liquidate when you decide to sell gold coins.

Gram Gold Bars

Gram gold bullion bars are another alternative for those who are looking to invest in physical gold bullion. You can find affordable 0.5 gram gold bars to even 1 kilo gold bars. Argos-Heraeus gold bars, Valcambi gold bars and PAMP Suisse gold bars are some of the most prominent brands that produce gram gold bars. But you will also find Royal Canadian Mint 1 kilo gold bars, a product stamped by a government owned institution.

10 gram gold bar

These are the most common gold bar weights in grams to kilo:

A gold bullion bar usually carries a lower premium when compared to a gold bullion coin. Their rates are, in general, defined by their precious metal content alone. And when you consider the fact that the added premium is a percentage charged by the bullion dealer over the spot price, small gram gold bars will usually have lower premiums in terms of gross value given their lower initial cost.

On the other hand, because gold is priced in bulk, you can maximize your investments by purchasing more pure gold content per dollar spent with larger bars, like 100 grams or even 1 kilo gold bars. It all comes down to how much gold you want to add to your portfolio. 

Nonetheless, both small gram gold bars and even kilo gold bars are very liquid and selling gold products shouldn’t be a hard task. Gold is a default-free investment, and poses virtually no counterparty risks as well.

Gold Price Per Gram FAQ

What is the price of gold per gram?

The price of gold per gram is equal to the price of gold per troy ounce divided by 31.1035, which is the conversion rate. Real time prices fluctuate during trading days mostly influenced, in the short term, by trades occurring on derivative and commodity markets, such as COMEX, LBMA, among others. In the long term, however, the gold price is, overall, decided by basic laws of supply and demand.

How much is 1 gram of gold worth?

The price of 1 gram of gold will vary from time to time, according to the gold spot price, but you will be able to obtain a close value by dividing the price of 1 troy ounce of gold per 31.1. It is important to note that gold dealers will usually add a premium over the spot price in order to meet business costs and still make a profit.

How to calculate gold price per gram?

To calculate live gold prices per gram you can just apply the conversion rate and divide 31.1035 (or 31.1 for an approximate number) for whatever the price of 1 troy oz of gold today. Then, you can just multiply that value for the product’s weight in grams. But remember that, when you buy gold, bullion dealers can add a premium over the spot price, which will account for the “Ask Price”. When you sell gold bullion back to a dealer or to another investor, the final value is referred to as the “Bid Price”.

How many grams are in a troy ounce?

One troy ounce equals 31.1035 grams. 1 Kilo equals 32.1507 troy ounces. Remember that 1 troy ounce differs from a regular ounce (avoirdupois ounce). 1 troy ounce equals 1.09714 avoirdupois ounces.