Palladium Price Record Drivers | David Jensen

The terms 'record price' and 'palladium' may become highly synonymous ahead.

Especially if the palladium supply demand fundamental factors we are about to discuss continue to help in discovering its price.

On this week's precious Metals & Markets Podcast, David Jensen joins us to discuss why palladium price records keep occurring, and how this may all play out.



Palladium Price Record Drivers

Precious metals moved mostly sideways for the week.

Silver looks to be closing about a dime less than a week ago, with silver spot price ending around $14.23 oz. The gold spot price is around the $1,224 oz mark in US dollar terms.

This week’s guest was last on with us about two months ago. One of the major topics of our discussion back then on our podcast, and upcoming today, revolves around the precious palladium market.

The most bullish of all 4 major precious metals at the moment, the palladium spot price is up over $100 an ounce since last we spoke. This week's palladium price is closing a new nominal record price high of $1,185 oz.

David Jensen's twitter handle is right here if you would like to see his tweets and perhaps follow him: https://twitter.com/RealDavidJensen

James Anderson's twitter handle is there: https://twitter.com/JamesHenryAnd



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