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War Collection Coins

War is a time of trial, heartache, and sacrifice. Some of the greatest wars this world has seen leave many families affected. When those wars finally end, it is important that we remember these sacrifices and learn the lessons that history has taught us so that war doesn't repeat itself. One of the ways that we as a people have done this over the ages is through the creation of war collection coins.

There are numerous designs available today with modern war coins so that you can remember the heroics or sacrifices your family has made throughout the years to protect what is valuable to you. Civil War coins, World War I and II coins, Vietnam War coins, and other commemorative coins are typically made with silver or copper so you receive a tremendous amount of value with your purchase.

Silver and copper coins are easy to buy and sell and are always in demand. There is also the personal value which comes when these war coins represent the sacrifices your family may have made. There's also the unique designs on each war coin, often printed in limited mintage, so there is a certain numismatic value available as well. If you're looking for a unique way to diversify your silver coin portfolio, this may be it.

Celebrate Heroes With an Exclusive Collection

One of the most unique silver war coin collections that has been produced to date is the Heroes collection that is available exclusively at SD Bullion. The Heroes SDWC D-Day coin, for example, offers collectors 1,557 1 ounce proof coins which honor each of the MIA personnel who have been honored at the Normandy American Cemetery Garden of the Missing. Each individually numbered certificate of authenticity in this coin specifically honors one of these heroes, including their name, rank, and unit. Other proof designs in this exclusive war collection feature extremely limited COAs in a similar style that directly correlates to the sacrifices our heroes have made for us at the time they served.

You'll also find silver and copper commemorative coins available which help us all to remember the Revolutionary War and other important events in history. The World War 2 coins and other war coins feature specific phrases that relate to the war, such as “Secession,” “Don't let them die in vain,” or “We must all hang together or we will all hang separately.”

These war coins have an extremely limited mintage, come in brilliant uncirculated or proof condition, and feature visually striking designs by Heidi Wastweet.

War is hell and it is our duty to remember the lessons history has taught us over the years. Whether you're interested in World War 1 coins or you wish to commemorate the actions of you or your loved ones in a war where you served your country, these war coins make for the perfect investment or gift. Let us know what coins you prefer and together we will remember the sacrifices of so many which allow us to be here today.