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Buy 1 Ounce 999 Fine Silver Rounds Online

We are excited to release a new SKU we've been discussing for a few months now. That is a SKU that will allow our customers to pick up new silver rounds directly from the minting press of select private mints.

Not only will these be new silver rounds, but these one ounce silver rounds will be extremely affordable when measuring the premium price over the current spot price of silver.

When you purchase silver rounds through this SKU, you are allowing SD Bullion to select the design that we ship to fulfill the order. These silver rounds will be guaranteed to be new (never purchased before) and at least 999 fine silver.

Quantities of 20 will be shipped in the tube provided by the mint the silver rounds were purchased from. Quantities of 500 will be shipped in tubes of 20 inside the same box that was provided from the mint the silver rounds were purchased from.

This product is different from generic silver rounds because most generic silver rounds were purchased from the secondary market; meaning they have been previously owned before. Whereas, when you purchase this product, you'll be the first ever owner of these silver rounds!

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