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New Zealand Mint

Promoting themselves as the “Minters of the South Pacific,” the New Zealand Mint is the only privately owned mint in the region. They do not produce local currency for daily purchasing, but they do create some outstanding .999 silver coins which are issued in restricted production runs for New Zealand and other nations which do assign a legal tender value to the coin.

The Fiji Taku, silver Mokoha Great White Shark, and other unique options from this Auckland mint could be the right precious metals for your collection. If you're looking at other precious metals, it is important to note that the New Zealand Mint was one of the first mints in the world to adopt the .9999 purity standard for gold coins.

The History of the New Zealand Mint

The New Zealand Mint is the only precious metals mint in the nation even though it is privately owned. It has been producing commemorative coins, medallions, bullion, and international legal tender since 1967. You'll find silver coins from the Cook Islands, Niue, and Fiji created in brilliant splendor for your consideration.

This Auckland mint has also been one of the leading innovators of the colorized silver collectible commemorative coins that are filling the global market today. Their unique designs and expectations for excellence have not only created timeless collectibles and investments, but have helped to shape how our entire industry views precious metals as an investment.

How dependable is the New Zealand Mint from the eyes of the average investor? In 2007-2009, when many global economies were experiencing a recession, investors turned to the silver coins and other precious metals produced here. The mint was doing one month's worth of business every day as investors looked to protect their wealth with coins like the Hawksbill Turtle, Niue Turtle, and other commemorative coins.

The New Zealand Mint does not just strike collectible coins. You'll also find an effigy management business, a jewelry business, and their own coin and bullion exchange that allows customers to buy, sell, or store their silver bullion and other precious metals.

Why Collect Silver Coins From the New Zealand Mint?

The visual distinctiveness of the coins produced at the New Zealand Mint is the first thing you'll notice about many of the silver coins produced by this private organization. The silver Taku, for example, offers collectors a variety of finishes and textures on the coin, helping to enhance the visual aesthetics of the coin with something tangible you can touch. Course textures replicate sandy beaches, while smooth textures replicate a calm ocean. You'll also find the weight and purity of the fine silver depicted on each coin.

You'll find that many of the coins offer an obverse of Queen Elizabeth, with a design similar to what can be found on currencies and collectibles around the world. Design updates for the Taku include the silver Hawksbill Turtle, with similar markings for purity and weight on the reverse of the coin.

You'll also find a number of commemorative series available from the New Zealand Mint, many of them colorized, which feature 1 ounce silver coins. Favorite TV shows and movies from Doctor Who to Star Wars have been featured by this mint, as well as several nature series such as Birds of Prey and River Monsters. Coins which featured creatures from Greek Mythology, a forgotten cities series, and their annual Chinese New Year coins are also highly popular.

In other words, there is something for everyone at the New Zealand Mint thanks to their innovative and visually appealing designs. It's up to you to find your favorite silver coins to collect.

What Could the Fiji Taku Do For Your Collection?

Whether you're in the market for commemoratives, Takus, or Turtles, the New Zealand Mint has masterfully crafted silver coins and other precious metal options available right now so you can expand your collection or investment portfolio. With 40+ years of experience creating exquisite collectibles which have a visual appeal that goes beyond the value of the precious metals themselves, coins like the Fiji Taku are a wonderful way to add diversification or to start a silver coin collection.

Because each mintage from this Auckland mint tend to be restricted, sometimes to very small numbers, collectors tend to move quickly to get their preferred coins and collectibles before they sell out. If you're looking for coins that provide a one-of-a-kind experience, yet still protect the value of your investment, then these silver coins from the New Zealand Mint are an exciting opportunity to consider today.