Where to Buy Silver Eagles?

Key Takeaways

  • The American Silver Eagle Coin is the most popular silver bullion product in the world today
  • The Silver Eagle is very liquid. This means it's very easy to buy and sell these products at any time
  • Online bullion dealers deal in volume, which means they can offer larger discounts than smaller volume dealers
  • The Silver Eagle comes in a variety of buying and storage options. From proof coins, to bullion tubes and monster boxes, both collectors and investors can find what they are looking for



When it comes to popular pieces of the precious metal industry, one product of undeniable appeal for bullion investors and collectors around the world is the American Silver Eagle coin. Minted by the US Mint, the Silver American Eagle is the official silver bullion coin of the United States, while, on the same note, being amongst the most popular choices for silver bullion investment.

As part of the Liberty Coin Act in 1985, the American Eagle Program saw the origin of this notorious silver bullion coin, along with its gold coin counterpart, the American Eagle Gold Coins.

If you’re in the market to purchase silver eagles, there’s no need for concern: with the proper guidance and some research, it doesn’t take long to find a place that fits all your personal needs and requirements selling the shapely coins.

 By following the topics below, your groundwork is bound to pay off, allowing you to decide on a trusted, fair and reliable source for bullion purchases, which could last for a long time.

Why Choose the American Silver Eagle?

The American Silver Eagle coin is present in a number of portfolios out there. As a result of their popularity, along with the benefits that they bring about, we take a few primary reasons into consideration to best demonstrate why these bullion coins qualify as a good option for silver investment.

Legal Tender and Face Value

The American Silver Eagle has an assured face value of $1 in the United States of America. Even though such coins are generally worth a lot more than their assigned face value, this guarantees that no investor’s expenditure will ever amount to zero, in the event of an unlikely scenario.

By also considering legal tender, this means that the American Eagle Silver Dollar is recognized by law as a means to meet a financial obligation, settle a public or private debt, along with a series of other uses, as assigned to it.

Government Assured Quality

The process of minting the silver eagle bullion coin is held exclusively by the US Mint. Such can be done in one of its four operating minting facilities: Philadelphia, Denver, & San Francisco as well as the West Point Mint. However, current year bullion coins are typically only being struck in the West Point and San Francisco Mints.

In light of that, all pure silver bullion and proof silver dollar coins produced boast a minimum .999 fine silver content, only struck at a US government, guaranteed 1 troy ounce size, which is enforced by the US Secret Service. 

Easy Purchase and Sale

By being globally recognized and also a valuable asset, the American Silver Eagle is commonly sought after as an excellent option by investors and coin collectors alike in the bullion market.

As such, demands for purchase as well as sales are very common, allowing one investor to steadily plan their financial operations, with plenty of different options being present. They are available in a range of conditions - from single proof coins to bold choices like the silver eagle monster box, containing 500 coins, making sure to satisfy every customer's needs and likings.


A proper way of storing your precious metals acquisitions is a predominant priority. Be it a silver or gold bar, a silver round, even a gold eagle, one thing is clear: by adapting to different sorts of preferences and situations, Silver American Eagles have a range of storage options available and are specifically made for them. 

In addition to manufacturing the coins themselves, the US Mint offers coin cases, bundle boxes, as well as tubes and rolls for bigger purchases, which might just put together the best of both worlds: a product of top-notch craftsmanship with safe, portable storage possibilities.

How to decide where to buy Silver Eagles

Trustworthy and safe operations

One priority a customer should look for before landing on their purchase is, without a doubt, how safe the online or physical environment is. In an age where technology and information have evolved to the point of a few clicks, there is never enough caution to ensure that a potential investor does not fall into a scam, fraud, or counterfeit products.

Be it while online browsing the perfect silver coin or window-shopping at a local seller: a customer should always have the guarantee of a secure, sound financial operation. The same can be acquired through trustworthy payment methods, transparent policies, safe shipping, and insurance methods as well as an easy-to-use website.

If things look unclear, something sounds off, or too good to be true, beware: your silver eagle seller should never compromise your money and information. Dealing with reputable coin dealers, shops or retailers like SD Bullion will always keep you safe, while also offering the best deals in the industry.

Pay the correct price

Fair pricing is also undeniable in every transaction. If you’re in the market for an American eagle silver coin, you should always aim at getting the best possible deal, by paying the correct amount for your product. This goes both ways, meaning that if a deal sounds way too good, caution is needed.

While trying to buy silver at the lowest price possible, a customer might end up buying coins that aren’t authentic. This means that, even though it might look like you’re saving money, it will only be bad for your wallet in the long run.

Your place of purchase should offer the correct price for your silver American Eagle coin, taking into consideration the spot price as well as the premiums added to it.

You want to know more about the pricing? Check out our blog post on Silver Eagle Prices 

Customer = Priority

It goes without saying that, when on the lookout for the right place to make their purchases, a customer should always receive exceptional and appropriate service. After all, we are rightfully deserving of it.  

While in the market for silver eagle coins, having a reliable, considerate bullion dealer that offers good customer service may just be the key element of reliability, and the final step for landing the desired purchase. Having options of live assistance, a contact phone or email, and other measures that ensure you’re getting the proper treatment, are all a step in the best direction. 

The Next Step

So you’ve decided to make your purchase at a specific dealer or retailer. If we’re on the topic of the American Silver Eagle coin, then there's a wide variety of finishes encompassed with this silver coin series worth mentioning, with their unique and distinct features.

Options of Purchase 

  • Brilliant Uncirculated Coins (BU): An uncirculated coin that retains all of its original traits is commonly referred to as BU and is a popular option among bullion Silver Eagle buyers. 
  • Proof Coins: A proof coin is a product of top-tier craftsmanship, leaving no spot of the coin’s silver under the radar. The detailed designs are the result of an accurate meticulous minting process and ensure the coins boast the best quality possible. The proof silver eagle is commonly sought out by many, due to its increasing popularity.
  • Graded Silver American Eagle Coins: With time and use, not all coins are the same due to wear and tear. Nonetheless, when you purchase Graded Silver Eagles, you are guaranteed that you’re getting exactly what your money’s worth. They come available in two categories:
    • PCGS: The Professional Coin Grading Service has been active for over three decades, providing coin grading services for customers around the world. PCGS Graded Silver American Eagles have been fully inspected by the company’s experts, and are certified for their value, their condition, and more. SD Bullion offers a range of MS-70 and MS-69 PCGS Graded Silver Eagles, from the rare coin of a specific year to the most up-to-date bullion pieces.
    • NGC: The Numismatics Guaranty Corporation, similar to the PCGS, also boasts over three decades of service, becoming one of the most trusted third-party grading companies in the world for coins of all types. All NGC Graded Silver Eagles are verified by one of the company’s experts for condition, quality, value, and more.
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