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How do level-headed silver bullion investors think about the prospects for future silver prices and values?

James Anderson of SD Bullion spoke with Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics on Tuesday, July 16, 2019. The discussion mainly revolved around the longterm future silver price perspective for prudent silver bullion stackers.

With both silver price history and gold price history in context with respective spot price breakouts today. This short clip is the kind of grounded discussion silver bullion stackers will likely resonate with.


Future Silver Price Topics Discussed:

- Bullishness is beginning again in the monetary metals: gold, and silver.

- The longer-term perspective of why commodities (especially gold bullion and silver bullion) are such undervalued assets at the moment. Their potential downsides versus upside at the moment makes this a prudent trade over the coming years and long term (swapping some fiat currency for bullion at these price levels).

- A recent video James Anderson made entitled, “When to Sell Silver Bullion?” where he illustrates how the eastern vs. western silver spot price disparity (throughout this full fiat currency era 1970-2019), was and possibly can again be an excellent indicator for when to sell some silver allocation portions ahead.

- Taking into perspective the extreme scenario, some paint for the future value of the fully fiat US dollar currency. Studying the former reserve currency of the world, the since fully fiat British pound sterling, helps to keep the future for the fiat US dollar’s value loss within a rational perspective and projection.

- The question of ‘How Much Silver Bullion is there?” in context to the physical supply-demand silver investing fundamentals ongoing.

- How silver bullion bull markets typically have 2-year explosions in value (e.g., last time 2009 silver price to 2011 silver price run). When is that happening again? Hard to suggest with derivative price discovery markets (COMEX, LBMA).

- James has interviewed various silver price analysts (technical and fundamental) who state this coming silver bull market could stretch into the 2030s.

- Other respected precious metal research firms are forecasting silver prices in the $40s per troy ounce with gold prices passing new nominal price highs by 2022 to 2024.

- Perhaps some establishment financial media could start asking the COMEX's CME Group when they might stop encouraging foreign central bank interventions in our critical price discovery derivative markets.

- Ultimately current record low commodity values versus financial assets should revert towards more historical middle grounds and possibly overshoot for another duration ahead (the opposite of what has happened the last 5 to 8 years).

- The amount of weak silver bullion holding hands currently versus the strong silver bullion hands. How many are going to be selling silver bullion likely cause they want to break even and walk? Or perhaps somehow remain oblivious to the devaluing fiat currency and cashless game afoot?

- What about this Silver Whale theory by Alistair Macleod? First foremost, know the past silver bullion whale facts (i.e., Who owns the most silver?). In the second place, the late 1990s to middle 2000s with Warren Buffett’s silver bullion hoard and his consistent discrediting of gold bullion money.

- How to find James Anderson's work in the physical precious metal industry?

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James Anderson
James Anderson
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