Modern Survivalist Currency Crisis Ongoing | Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre

Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre interview Modern Survivalist

Imagine growing up your formative years, middle to upper-middle class, in a society that appears to have figured it out.

Only then, over a matter of months, have the rug of reality pulled out from underneath your culture. And watch as wealth transfers from the many to the inside knowing few, and worse, you are all left with a society whose trust and confidence in one another has been effectively broken.

That is essentially what today’s first-time guest had happened to him in his native nation of Argentina. A nation which by appearances was prospering in the 1990s. But it was artificial prosperity from a dual fiat currency peg that could not last. 

By late 2001, the country was suffering from bank runs, account freezings, forced conversion of fiat US dollar accounts at a 1 to 1 parity into Argentine Pesos, and then overnight devaluation leading to losses of over 2/3rds of many people’s life savings. The beat sadly continues on into Argentina 2020s, as their fiat currency is now worth only about 60 pesos to the fiat US dollar now. Here the effects this has had on those living through it.

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Gold Silver Market Update | In Gold We Trust

gold podcast, silver podcast, bullion podcast

Is gold now leading a coming commodity value reversion? How does this commodity undervaluation versus stocks look over the last +100 years of time?

Why have silver values decoupled from stock price inflation? A once obvious correlation fell apart after the 2008 financial crisis. Is outsized stock market financial engineering using debt and equity share buybacks to blame?

What does the "In Gold We Trust" team think about recent strength in monetary precious metal values? How does Exter's Pyramid factor into the potential gold mania phase ahead?

Ronnie Stoeferle returns to our far-ranging silver and gold podcast this week. 

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Silver Bull Markets Past & Future | Jeffrey Christian, CPM Group

Silver Podcast Jeffrey Christian CPM Group

This past Wednesday before the Federal Reserve cut interest rates for the first time in over a decade, and we had the pleasure of speaking with Jeffrey Christian of CPM Group about a whole host of topics.

We cover what, in his experience, are the key ingredients for silver bullion bull markets of the past and potential future.

We also go back in time as Jeffrey recollects his experience as a journalist covering the Hunt Brothers in the late 1970s commodity bull markets.

Hear Mr. Christian and CPM Group's gold and silver price forecasts for the coming years, as the global financial system is perhaps in the worst shape it has been since World War 2.

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Silver Bullion Price Chart Deep Dive | Louis of Smaul Gld

silver price charts silver podcast

Returning silver podcast guest Louis Cammarosano, of SmaulGld.com joins us.

We blow through and discuss several important long term silver derivative and silver bullion related silver price charts.

We also finish the show discussing a great book with a history that is important for today's global trade and economic context entitled, "The Silver Way."

See if you can catch the exact moment, mid-podcast as Louis transforms into for him, what I would describe as a raging silver bull

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Who owns the most Silver Bullion? | Ag Whales in the Fully Fiat Era

Who owns the most Silver? SD Bullion

Great week in silver and gold spot price action. Also, a week in which some bullion industry analysts were speculating on potential silver whales going long in the market.

In this silver podcast, we go silver whale hunting, but instead of venturing guesses, we're going to use source documents to understand a few things like the following.

Learn modern-day silver hoards of bullion and derivative facts. Put some faces and names to the largest private silver bullion piles ever amassed.

Hear directly from some of them, both on their main shortcomings and continued scapegoatings. See why the most massive silver hoarder today may also be stashing gold bullion too for fear of failure.

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Gold Tier 1 Asset Price Strength vs Silver | Vince Lanci

Gold Basel 3 Gold Basel iii Gold Tier 1 asset Gold Tier One Asset

In this week's Silver and Gold Podcast, we touch on gold's impressive fiat price strength of late.

Why and how banks and large financial institutions now consider gold bullion a tier-one monetary asset, no longer a devalued tier-three asset since post-1971 until the start of 2019.

Why does, first-time precious metal podcast guest to our show, Mr. Vince Lance (gold and silver trading veteran) believe the yellow precious monetary metal has been trading stronger than fiat currency denominated silver prices of late?

How long he thinks this trend may continue? As well, what are some catalysts that might change the direction as has happened in the somewhat recent past?

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Silver Gold Price Forecast 2030s 2020s | Jordan Roy Bryne

Gold 2030s Silver 2020s Silver 2030s Gold 2020s Gold Bull Market

Time to take a long view out for the next coming bull market in commodities and these two precious metals: silver and gold.

We speak with Jordan Roy Byrne about his Gold Price Forecast 2020s 2030s and Silver Price Forecast 2020s 2030s.

Wait until you see the extensive timeframes and data he uses in helping to potentially pinpoint when the next bull markets in commodities and precious metals are coming. And for how long they will last before topping out.

Finally, and very importantly, we go into detail as to the "Whys" for his analysis. If you are a bullion stacker, with a long-term perspective, don't miss this week's precious metals podcast.

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Gold Price Analysis | Christopher Aaron, iGold Advisor

Gold Price News Analysis iGoldAdvisor SDBullion.com

This week, our returning guest Christopher Aaron of iGold Advisor takes us through some past moments when overly optimistic precious metal viewpoints got crushed.

We juxtapose some of his fundamental and technical analysis work overlaying it to today’s technical and fundamental backdrops for bullion, precious metal related investments, and even the future of the broad commodity complex in general.

Is this a potential gold price breakout fakeout? Perhaps keying on one of the climbing gold-silver ratios of the past may give some pause to bullion bulls. See and hear what our guest has to say in this week's bullion podcast.

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Market Crash 2020s Charts & Data | David Jensen

Market Crash 2020s Charts Data Gold Silver Podcast

The gold-silver ratio finally cleared and closed above the near 30-year high-level mark, with it now costing about 90 ounces of silver to acquire 1 ounce of gold. In the coming months and year, we’ll likely find out if this crucial ratio can distort to record levels over 100, reached only during the 1930s Great Depression.

Get a big picture tour of the US and global economy from a returning guest, Mr. David Jensen of Jensen Strategic consulting.

If you are perhaps a big chart and data person, or someone who subscribes to more common sense economic theories, you won’t want to miss Dave’s contributions to this week’s podcast.

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US Dollar Dilemma | Luke Gromen

USD dilemma Luke Gromen FFTT

Founder of the unique macroeconomic research firm, Forest for the Trees, Mr. Luke Gromen, comes on our podcast this week to discuss the big picture for the world economy.

Luke paints a bearish case for the fiat Federal Reserve notes value long term, making a case for tangible assets such as gold and other precious metals.

Hear Luke's thoughts about how prior record level debt levels got rectified in our past.

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Global Macro: Tavi Costa on China, Bullion, & The Trade of the Century

Silver Gold Podcast Tavi Costa Investments 2020s Long Gold Short Yuan Crescat Capital SD Bullion.jpg

Our guest this week offers what he and his global macro investment firm deem to be, "The Trade of the Century."

Bullish bullion and bearish the full fiat yuan Chinese currency, our guest this week (Tavi Costa) give us insights into why and how they are positioning their investor capital headed into the 2020s.

Do you have any idea how many times China has "reset" their fiat currency over the last 100 years? We were surprised to find out this figure and much more insight from Mr. Costa this week. 

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When to Sell Silver? | Best Time to Sell Silver

Best Time to Sell Silver When to sell Silver

In this week's podcast, we want to take a forward look at some ideas and tools we can use to ponder when is a good time to sell some silver potentially.

Some of the tools we will cover can also be used in other broad-ranging asset classes, but for this week we will focus in on silver's future price potential.

It's easy to mistakingly look at the present situation and extrapolate it as if things will remain as they are now. But less than one decade ago, silver price performance proved many doubters incorrect. We will operate here presuming silver will do this again, likely in the decade to come.

The difficult question we will tackle is when to know silver is reaching fair value or perhaps overvaluation. Here we will cover some tools we can use to determine these questions ahead.

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If JPMorgan Allows It... | Ed Steer Gold and Silver Daily

JP Morgan Silver Precious Metal Lawsuit DOJ Ed Steer

This week we are welcoming a first-time guest to the show, a man with multiple decades of investing experience and documentation of the precious metals markets, Mr. Ed Steer.

Ed has been an outspoken critic of the precious metals price discovery complex and commercial bank concentration. His comments on the ongoing Department of Justice prosecution of ex-JP Morgan precious metals traders is worthy of your ears.

What did Ed think of former CFTC commissioner Bart Chilton's recent admissions about JP Morgan's involvement in the silver and precious metal complex?

What has surprised Ed over the years, and what does he believe is in store for the monetary metals in the coming decade?

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A Chronicle Bigger Than Finance | Chris Marcus

Precious Metal Manipulation JP Morgan Silver Criminal Investigation SD Bullion silver gold podcast

This week we have an in-depth conversation with a first-time guest to the show, Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics will be joining us to talk about his decade's long experience in the precious metals markets.

As well, we close our discussion talking about his final interview with the recently deceased former CFTC commissioner Bart Chilton.

You won't want to miss some of the admissions that Bart Chilton made about JP Morgan and silver markets, before passing away from a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Be sure to check this week's show notes too, embedded you will also find Chris' groundbreaking final discussion with Bart Chilton covering the silver price manipulation saga both behind us, ongoing, and ahead.

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When's this Stock Market BUBBLE Going to Pop? | Dave Kranzler

When is this Stock Market BUBBLE Going to Pop Dave Kranzler SD Bullion gold podcast silver podcast SDBullion.com

With us this week a returning guest to the show, Mr. Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics.

Dave comments here on precious metals and other financial market matters.

Key to the points of this latest gold podcast is when is this decoupled Stock Market Bubble going to pop and what is happening with precious metals.

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Gold: You Either Understand it or You Don't | Grant Williams

Gold Podcast Grant Williams Real Vision

With us this week is Mr. Grant Williams. A new guest to the podcast, he is a co-founder of Real Vision financial media website, also the noted author of the popular TTMYGH newsletter and more than a three-decades-long veteran of the global financial markets.

We discuss gold, the Federal Reserve likely cutting interest rates and blowing their balance sheet beyond the $8 trillion dollar level, and what lessons he has learned which might serve listeners well in practice.

Grant is one of the most eloquent gold market commentators. As well his co-founder and himself both published some of the best precious metal related long-form financial videos in 2018 which you can watch in full here too.

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Interest Rate Cuts and Gold 2020s | Jordan Roy-Byrne

Jordan Roy-Byrne TheDailyGold.com SDBullion.com/blog The Daily Gold

With interest rate hikes most likely near or over with, what happens with gold and other precious metals when the Federal Reserve has to cut interest rates again?

First time guest to the Metals & Market podcast, Mr. Jordan Roy-Byrne is here to show us historical patterns. Hear how he believes gold in the coming decade is setting up.

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Russian Coin Dealer INTERVIEW: Russia Gold Silver DeDollarization?

Russian Gold Reserves Russian Bullion Dealer

For many years now, it appears each and every month that passes. The Russian Federation consistently and rather transparently adds an average of almost 1 million ounces of gold bullion to her official foreign exchange reserves.

But what about average Russian citizens?

What do average Russians know about Gold, Silver, and other precious metal bullion investment allocations?

Do Russian citizens have an interest in saving hard assets? Are Russians even allowed to privately stack bullion?

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Jim Willie the Golden Jackass { Part 1 of 2 }

Jim Willie latest Golden Jackass SD Bullion gold podcast

It has been almost a full year since we last spoke with Jim Willie, author of the Hat Trick Letter and purveyor of Golden-Jackass.com.

Silver Doctor's own Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart spoke with Jim at length today. We will break this discussion up into two parts. Check out Part One right here.

Be sure to subscribe and click the alert button on the Silver Doctors youtube channel to be alerted when Part Two is uploaded early next week.

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