How Much Is A Gold Coin Worth?

Key Takeaways:

  • Gold coins derive their value from 4 components: spot price, premium price, weight and purity. Scroll down to see how the combination of these create the overal value of a gold coin.
  • Also, the popular of the series can create a higher or lower value. We cover this in the popular series section below.


For as long as civilization has established itself, gold has been a valued metal and an esteemed acquisition. Perhaps representing wealth or one nation’s greatness in the past, it can be agreed that in current times, such a scenario has changed. 

Gold and precious metals alike are increasingly more accessible to the average person. Whether it be through a gold bar, silver coin, or other option, investing in physical bullion is no longer exclusive to an elite class or those who possess power over others.

Furthermore, the act of buying gold and other bullion metals has sharply increased over the last few decades. Basically, anyone can take their first steps into the bullion market nowadays with such products becoming more available for purchase through well-established precious metal dealers, like us here at SD Bullion.

By giving further thought to how to best acquire this tangible asset, should you decide to do so, options such as gold coins may present themselves as a respectable and sensible choice.

How A Gold Coin Gets Its Value

There are a few options to consider when purchasing gold coins. This article provides some insights about this market, according to experts. Let's take a look at some basics first:

Spot & Premium Price

One might ask “how much is a gold coin worth?” Understanding how a particular gold coin gets its value is paramount when making a purchase. Be that as it may, the first step is to look up the Gold Price Today. The so-called spot price is an average price of a single troy ounce of physical gold bullion based on trades occurring live during the business day on mercantile and derivative markets, such as LBMA, NYMEX, and COMEX.

On top of the gold spot price, precious metal dealers charge a percentage called a “premium”. The premium may vary from one dealer to another. They ensure dealers are able to cover business costs and turn a profit. At SD Bullion, we pride ourselves on always striving to offer the lowest premium over the spot price.

Weight & Purity

Factors such as weight and purity are also considered when assessing a coin, bar, or round’s value. Different weights and purity levels, on top of the previous factors, will determine the price of a gold bullion coin piece.

The most popular size for gold coins is 1 troy ounce. However, many mints produce coins in other sizes to adjust to each customer’s needs and demands. The US Mint produces the American Gold Eagle, for instance, not only in 1-ounce size but also, ½ ounce, ¼ ounce, and even 1/10 ounce.

It is worth noting that a few mints around the world, such as the Chinese Mint, are starting to use grams instead of troy ounces.

Popular Gold Coin Programs and Series

With countless gold coins in the market, from series and programs from all around the world, it’s easy to find yourself wondering which one you should invest in or even collect.
Throughout the years, many models have held their respective position in the industry. Establishing their reputation, they cover from the adept coin collector to the newcomer in the bullion market, drawing everybody’s attention.

That being said, the American Gold Eagle coin is among the world’s most notorious ones. Based on their popularity only, one might just assume that most collectors own or have had one of these in their collection.

Not straying far from the latter, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is also on the list of popular gold coins. The Canadian Mint has definitely earned its spot in the industry with its wide range of high-quality products.

Other notorious gold coin programs available in the market include:

  • Chinese Mint Gold Panda;
  • Royal Mint Gold Britannia;
  • Perth Mint Gold Kangaroo;
  • South African Mint Gold Krugerrand;
  • Mexican Mint Gold Libertad;
  • Austrian Mint Gold Philharmonic;
  • US Mint Gold Buffalo.

Gold Coins Worth By Weight

  • 1 oz - Usually the biggest size manufactured by most mints. Arguably the most popular size among investors as well. The 1-ounce gold coin is an industry-standard and might be a primary choice of serious gold investment.
  • ½ oz - A great way to invest in gold bullion, by also balancing the amount invested, the ½ ounce option may be optimal for boosting one’s portfolio, even if on a budget.
  • ¼ oz - Budget-friendly, a beginner investor may look up to it, when finding their way into gold bullion investing.
  • 1/10 oz - One of the smallest weights available, they are one of the easiest options for one to start benefiting from gold investments.

A few programs include smaller sizes, such as 1/20 oz or even 1 gram.

Gold Coins Worth By Series

Obverse side of the American Gold Eagle coin.Reverse side of the American Gold Eagle coin.

  • American Gold Eagle coin - The official gold coin of the United States, the American gold eagle’s industry-best standard is among the top picks for collectors and investors alike;

Obverse side of the Gold Maple Leaf coin.Reverse of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin.

  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin - Having a rich history that spans over decades, these iconic Canadian coins bear their notoriety along with a beautiful maple leaf design;

Obverse side of the American Gold Buffalo coin.Reverse side of the American Gold Bufallo coin.

  • American Gold Buffalo coin -  With one of the most iconic designs in the world, the gold buffalo coin withstands its’ .9999 24K fine gold purity and amazes every eye it meets;

Obverse side of the British Gold Britannia CoinReverse of the British Gold Britannia coin.

  • British Gold Britannia coin - One of the oldest series in the world, these pure gold sovereign coins consolidate the British Royal Mint high standards and vast history in one prominent product;

Obverse side of the South African Gold Krugerrand coin.Reverse side of the South African Gold Krugerrand coin.

  • South African Gold Krugerrand coin - Perhaps a product that helped create a gold bullion coin trend, the gold Krugerrand was the first coin series created and continues to amaze the bullion industry with its premium 22K gold craftsmanship;

Obverse side of the Chinese Gold Panda coin.Reverse side of the Chinese Gold Panda coin.

  • Chinese Gold Panda coin - An exceptionally collectible gold coin, the Gold Pandas combines a lighthearted striking design with the industry’s best quality and purity. Their obverse design portraying one or more giant pandas in their natural environment changes every year, making them a good choice for those interested in coin collecting;

Obverse side of the Mexican Gold Libertad coin.Reverse side of the Mexican Gold Libertad coin.

  • Mexican Gold Libertad coin - These incredibly history-rich coins bear a close relationship with the bullion industry’s origins, along with its utmost best standards.

SD Bullion

Gold coins are arguably one of the most popular choices when it comes to physical gold investing. If you are considering making a purchase, check out the gold coins we have available in our inventory. In case you have any questions, reach out to one of our customer support representatives during business hours. We will be happy to assist you.

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