Gold Conspiracy - America's Book of Secrets History Channel

One of the most precious metals, so rare that people have lost life and limb to obtain gold. 

But who sets the gold price? And what are the secret methods to control its value?

Come watch this H2 America's Book of Secrets Gold Conspiracy episode for these and other important gold related topics.

America's Book of Secrets - 'The Gold Conspiracy'

Season 3, Episode 4 

Episode highlights include:

  • @1:25 the program begins with talking about large notional COMEX gold trade in 2013 which temporarily halted trading.
  • @4:24 the Nixon Shock is mentioned and from that time forwards we have been on a fully fiat currency exchange monetary system.
  • @8:08 record China gold bullion buying is mentioned. 
  • @10:18 the former head of the IMF is arrested on sex charges while at the same time claims are he was investigating Official US Gold Reserves.
  • @14:30 locations of the US Gold Reserves are discussed. You can see inside some of the US Mint's facilities here.
  • @30:43 allegations of overpriced gold selling tactics by Goldline and Glen Beck. Interestingly yet not suprising, Glenn Beck is now also $hilling for expensive cryptocurrency newsletter subscriptions. 
  • @34:54 Chinese counterfeit gold products are becoming a real issue for would be gold buyers.
  • @37:30 covers non-bank gold and silver bullion depository growth. We offer various direct non-bank full insured gold vaulting options here at SD Bullion in case you do not want to hold all your precious metals in your home and diversify locations.
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James Anderson
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