1/4 oz Gold Maple Leafs

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Buy 1/4 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins

Think that your only option when it comes to investing in gold is to buy a full ounce or more of the metal? That might have once been the case before gold fractional coins arrived on the scene, but that's not the case any longer. You’ll find fractional rounds available, but you’ll also find official coins in fractional weights as well, such as the quarter ounce Gold Maple Leaf coin. Minted by the Royal Canadian Mint, this coin contains a full quarter of an ounce of .9999 pure gold, and is priced low enough that even investors with lessor budgets can now afford to make gold a staple in their precious metals portfolio.

When you buy Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins, you can opt for a number of sizes, ranging from a full ounce to a half ounce to the quarter ounce Gold Maple Leaf coin. It is priced at roughly a quarter of what you would pay for the standard one ounce gold coin created by the Royal Canadian Mint, but features identical artwork on the obverse and reverse, including the iconic maple leaf, and the notation that the coin includes .9999 pure gold. The only differences are the value stamped on the coin, and the notation on the reverse that it includes a 1/4 ounce of gold, rather than a full ounce.

With the ability to buy a quarter ounce Gold Maple Leaf coin, you can hedge your bets and bolster your portfolio, while protecting your wealth from devaluation without spending as much as you would on a one ounce gold coin.

At SD Bullion, our goal is to ensure that every customer is able to find the right investment option for their needs and budget, and including the quarter ounce Gold Maple Leaf coin in our inventory is one step closer to that goal. We invite you to browse our inventory, choose from 2014, 2015 or 2016 fractional Gold Maple Leaf coins, as well as our wide range of other options. Whatever you purchase, rest assured your purchase will be with the most trusted and lowest priced bullion dealer on the internet!