Where does Gold come from? | How is Gold made?

The origin of gold bullion (according to recent scientific discoveries) begins with violently imploding stars or colliding twin neutron star supernovae.

In this rare yet most violent event we know of, massive amounts of dense, precious metals are formed and eventually traverse across space on asteroids until ultimately forming into and or colliding with planets.

In other words, many billions of years ago, gold laced asteroids infused the Earth's mantel and crust with various precious metals like gold.

Where Does Gold Come From?


Where is Gold formed and found?

Physical gold gets mined on every continent other than Antartica.

On Earth, the most substantial amounts of gold ore are spread about and found in the various oceans - but extracting gold under and from seawater is not yet profitable or feasible.

There are currently about 190,000 tonnes of physical gold in the world, just over 6.1 billion troy ounces. 

That is just about 0.8 troy ounces of physical gold for every human being alive today. In terms of today's fluctuating gold price, the value of the world's physical gold supply is around $8 trillion in fiat US dollar value total. 

One tonne of gold is equivalent to 32,150.7 troy ounces of gold. Here you can see what a ton of gold looks like in real life and how to calculate its ongoing value.

In terms of national gold mining outputs, China was the largest producer of gold in the world in 2016 (and has been the largest miner of gold for many years in a row now). Chinese gold mining accounted for around 14% of total global physical gold production for the year 2016.

What is Gold used for?

For about 6,000 years now, human beings have mined gold for uses such as adornment, long term savings, or for industrial uses (e.g. technological, medicinal, and scientific applications).

About one-half of all new line gold supplies get used in gold jewelry and adornment.

Around forty percent gets used in long term savings via gold bullion coins and gold bullion bars.

And finally about one-tenth of all-new line gold gets used in industrial applications.

How is gold bullion made?

The following video takes you through the process of refining gold into .999 fine gold bullion purity.

Learning how gold is made helps people better understand why historical gold values are so high.


From supernovas to gold vaults, gold jewelry adornment, and high technology applications.

Gold is here to stay.

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