What are Silver Rounds?

Silver rounds is a term used in the physical precious metal bullion industry to describe silver coin-like oval-shaped pieces which are not formally legal tender issued by a sovereign government mint.

Long term silver bullion buyers often prefer to buy Silver Rounds given their typically lower price premiums vs government issued silver coins.

The following is a simple silver bullion industry definition for silver rounds.

Silver Rounds - (n) privately minted non-legal tender, silver bullion coin-like pieces of .999 fine silver typically issued in 1 troy ounce allotments.

Although silver round sizes struck and sold, do vary widely, as small as 1/10 oz silver rounds to as large as 5 oz silver round sizes.

What are the best silver rounds to buy?

Currently, the largest United States private silver mint issuers of silver rounds are the Sunshine Minting Inc. and SilverTowne Mint.

Both these two specific private bullion mint's silver round brands are highly recognized and trusted throughout North America.

Only a few years ago, the Sunshine Mint added anti-counterfeit technology to all silver rounds they produce. This added level of trust has likely made Sunshine Mint silver bullion products the best current market value especially if concerns over product authenticity are present.



SilverTowne Mint silver rounds are often the lowest priced highly recognized silver rounds on the market today.

In the following short video clip, you can see just a few of the various silver bullion product that SilverTowne presently produces.



The difference in silver round prices between these two private mint silver bullion brands is often very slim.

When selling silver rounds to high volume online silver bullion dealers like ourselves, one can expect to receive bid prices (what prices we offer for silver rounds) typically at or just below the current fluctuating silver spot price.

The often slimmer bid-ask spread for silver rounds vs silver coins is why many bullion buyers choose the former rather than the latter option when buying silver bullion in bulk quantities.

Private silver round buying and selling is a common practice that started in the 1970s silver bull market and will continue throughout this ongoing 21st Century version.

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