Record Gold Prices, QE Forever Coming

To begin this video, have a look at the Gold Spot Price chart for the 21st Century.

The yellow line is the fiat Federal Reserve note ($USD) denominated twenty-year gold price history per troy ounce.

The black line is an ongoing average of 163 other full fiat currency spot prices for gold, also measured from the year 2000 to now in 2020.

On a technical basis, these 163 full fiat currency’s gold price has broken out here in 2020, akin to their 2003 price breakout.

You can see how all these fiat currencies combined devalued versus gold following their 2003 technical breakout.

A similar pattern is likely to repeat this decade and perhaps into the next.


The world’s largest fiat currencies by FX trading aside from the fiat Federal Reserve note are already hitting new record gold price highs,


Here is the fiat Euro pricing for gold.

There we can see a recent breakout above the 1,400 mark.


This is the fiat Japanese yen pricing of gold this century.

Their gold price breakout occurred late last year in 2019 and has now become support.


The fully fiat British pound has eclipsed its old 2011 high and appears to be moving higher here onward.


The fiat Aussie and Canadian dollar prices are both screaming higher respectively.


When one understands how our fully fiat monetary system functions on an ever-expanding basis, it is not really a question of IF but really WHEN will we see coming new record prices for gold in Fiat Federal Reserve notes.


The head of the chartered yet private Federal Reserve central bank visited the US Senate and the US Congress this week.

We sat through many hours of mostly meaningless testimony to bring you these highlights as Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell essentially tells the word that QE forever is the new normal policy tool to fight recessions. Now that we have boxed ourselves into low growth, over-indebted, interest rates can never go back above real inflation rates again environment. Have a listen.


This is the precise moment when Montana Senator Jon Tester could have followed up questioning Jerome Powell about current market interventions at never before seen sizes and scopes.

For example the NY Federal Reserve’s ongoing REPO operations since mid-September last year make the last version look like child play. This chart basically makes it look like we’re having economic 9/11’s every business day now.

The Federal Reserve is expanding its balance sheet at rates not seen since the 2008 financial crisis. And on a 12-month rolling basis, this supposed greatest economy ever appears to be required to liquify injections from the private central bank at rates of change, never before recorded in this full fiat Federal Reserve note era.

This week the NY Fed reported that US Household debt has been stretched again to a new all-time high. We are now many trillions beyond the 2008 housing bubble’s debt peaks.

Embedded within that orange trough of debt, the bigger than ever auto loan bubble is showing further signs of disfunction. Three months or more delinquency on payments is not about 50% higher than it was as the last financial bubble burst.

Hard to say how much more we can lever this one out.

The fiat paper values for private financial assets are now more leveraged than ever measured by our nation’s gross domestic product.

This chart illustrates that ever since the first internet stock bubble burst about 2 decades ago, the private Federal Reserve has been assisting the further financialization of our seemingly endless bubble-to-bubble economy.

Breaking financial news today shows that the Federal Reserve’s likely doubling of its balance sheet in the coming years will not be enough to help prop up, this dangerous everything but gold and commodities price bubble they have enabled.

It appears the Federal Government is going to try and illicit help from Mom and Pop retail investors, providing tax incentives to invest buy and hold stock valuations as they inevitably fall back to reality from their current record price levels.

How does the old saying go?

“I’m from the government and I’m here to help you buy into record priced stock valuations.”

Good luck, for those who hold the S&P 500 over Gold in the coming years will likely see a reversal of purchasing power measured in gold.

If history is any guide for gold during market downturns moving forward. The rollover we witnessed from the 1960s nifty-50-era may be mimicked ahead.

Looking ahead as current majority US stock market share owning Baby Boomers sell off their stocks into retirement this decade and into the next.

Those holding falling valuation S&P 500 shares will likely see their wealth measured in gold fall by a factor of ten or more from today.

If you have winnings in the stock market, now is a likely good time to be taking some chips off the table and moving them into prudent bullion positions.

Thank you for visiting us here at SD Bullion.


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James Anderson
James Anderson
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Given that repressed commodity values are now near 100-year low level valuations versus large US stocks, James remains convinced investors and savers should buy and maintain a prudent physical bullion position now, before more unfunded promises debase away in the coming decades...