Morgan Dollar Silver Content | Melt Value

Although rarely ever sold at or near their silver melt values, here we break down the content of silver Morgan Dollar Coins.

We also examine how to calculate their silver melt value using simple arithmetic and the silver bullion content contained in each.

Most of the Morgan Silver Dollar Coins being bought and sold today have higher premiums over their silver melt values due to their rarity and silver coin collector demand.


Morgan Dollar Silver Content Melt Value SD Bullion

Morgan Dollar Silver Coin Mintage Figures

With an over 650,000,000 million Morgan Dollar Coin Mintage, most of the yet to have been melted Silver Morgan Dollar Coins remain in silver collector hands and collections.

Carrying a legal tender face value of $1.00 US dollar, these older 90% silver coins maintain values well above a fully fiat $1 Federal Reserve note bill or digital credit entry.

Morgan Dollar Silver Content

Morgan Silver Dollar Coins are 90% silver and 10% copper. The non-precious copper metal got added to make them harder and able to be used in monetary circulation and day-to-day transactions. Given Gresham's Law, (i.e., bad money drives out good money), these ever rarer large overall 26.73-gram weight coins are more often treated as collectibles rather than mere day to day transactional monetary units.

Morgan Silver Dollar Melt Value SD Bullion SDBullion.com/blog

Morgan Dollar Melt Value

Given these metal ingredient facts, the silver content of each Morgan Silver Dollar Coin should be 24.057 grams or 0.77345 troy ounces of silver bullion content.

To calculate the current Morgan Silver Dollar Coin melt value, multiply 0.77345 by the ongoing fluctuating silver spot price documented here on our website.

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