Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Mintage | How Many were Made?

Morgan silver dollar coins are a favorite large 90% silver coin for collectors and bullion aficionados alike. It is easy to buy Morgan Silver Dollar Coins here at SD Bullion.

More than ever, most of these silver dollar coins get traded at higher price premiums above their silver melt value due to their rarity and high consistent silver coin collector demand.

Most of the over 650,000,000 of these Morgan Silver Dollar Coins got minted over a century ago. And most have likely been lost to melting or at the very least strong silver collector hands.

Here we break out each Morgan Dollar Mintage by year and specific mint of the five US Mints who produced them over a 27-year timeframe in which they got struck (1978-1904, and in 1921).

If you know your silver price history, you likely know that the 1873 Coinage Act demonetized silver, which led to the demise of the silver dollar in regular circulation.

Although silver Trade dollar coins got produced in the six years that followed The Coinage Act, these silver Trade coins were meant for circulation overseas and were not legal tender in the United States of America at the time.

To help solve poor economic conditions through much of the 1870s, and to help bolster Western suppliers of silver at the time, Congress passed the Bland-Allison Act in 1878. This Act required the government of the then USA to purchase large quantities of silver and convert the silver ore into silver dollar coins. Thus, the dollar denomination was restored once again in the form of the Morgan dollar.

The Morgan Silver Dollar Coin name is in homage to their designer, George T. Morgan. The Morgan silver dollar is perhaps still the most popular of all American 90% silver coins scarcely available today.

The image below illustrates the Morgan Silver Dollar Mintage figures for each year and mintmark combination for the Morgan Dollar series.

Only circulation strike Morgan Silver Dollar coins are included within these more than 650,000,000 strikes now owned by silver investors and silver coin collectors worldwide.

Key dates in the Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Mintage include both the 1893-S Morgan Dollar struck at the San Fransisco US mint (only 100k stikes). As well as the 1889-CC Morgan Dollar struck at the Carson City Mint (with alone 350k strikes issued).

Morgan Dollar Mintage

Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Mintage

Year (mint) Morgan Dollar Mintage Year (mint) Morgan Dollar Mintage Year (mint) Morgan Dollar Mintage
1878 8TF 749,500 1886 19,963,000 1895-O 450,000
1878 7TF 9,759,300 1886-O 10,710,000 1895-S 400,000
1878-CC 2,212,000 1886-S 750,000 1896 9,976,000
1878-S 9,774,000 1887 20,290,000 1896-O 4,900,000
1879 14,806,000 1887-O 11,550,000 1896-S 5,000,000
1879-CC 756,000 1887-S 1,771,000 1897 2,822,000
1879-O 2,887,000 1888 19,183,000 1897-O 4,004,000
1879-S 9,110,000 1888-O 12,150,000 1897-S 5,825,000
1880 12,600,000 1888-S 657,000 1898 5,884,000
1880-CC 591,000 1889 21,726,000 1898-O 4,440,000
1880-O 5,305,000 1889-CC 350,000 1898-S 4,102,000
1880-S 8,900,000 1889-O 11,875,000 1899 330,000
1881 9,163,000 1889-S 700,000 1899-O 12,290,000
1881-CC 296,000 1890 16,802,000 1899-S 2,562,000
1881-O 5,708,000 1890-CC 2,309,041 1900 8,830,000
1881-S 12,760,000 1890-O 10,701,000 1900-O 12,590,000
1882 11,100,000 1890-S 8,230,373 1900-S 3,540,000
1882-CC 1,133,000 1891 8,693,556 1901 6,962,000
1882-O 6,090,000 1891-CC 1,618,000 1901-O 13,320,000
1882-S 9,250,000 1891-O 7,954,529 1901-S 2,284,000
1883 12,290,000 1891-S 5,296,000 1902 7,994,000
1883-CC 1,204,000 1892 1,036,000 1902-O 8,636,000
1883-O 8,725,000 1892-CC 1,352,000 1902-S 1,530,000
1883-S 6,250,000 1892-O 2,744,000 1903 4,652,000
1884 14,070,000 1892-S 1,200,000 1903-O 4,450,000
1884-CC 1,136,000 1893 378,000 1903-S 1,241,000
1884-O 9,730,000 1893-CC 677,000 1904 2,788,000
1884-S 3,200,000 1893-O 300,000 1904-O 3,720,000
1885 17,787,000 1893-S 100,000 1904-S 2,304,000
1885-CC 238,000 1894 110,000 1921 44,690,000
1885-O 9,185,000 1894-O 1,723,000 1921-D 20,345,000
1885-S 1,497,000 1894-S 1,260,000 1921-S 21,695,000

Did you know about Morgan Silver Dollar Mintages?

Morgan Silver Dollar Coins were once the winning coins of Las Vegas casinos, often used in slot machines and other gambling gaming devices.

It was in the late 1960s, and throughout the 1970s, that silver coin melt values advanced well beyond their legal tender face values.

Thus these silver dollar coins disappeared from Las Vegas casinos, which began converting over to representative chips and tokens as opposed to real silver money.

What is the Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Melt Value?

Morgan Silver Dollar Melt Value

Learn More about Morgan Silver Dollar Coin Melt Value calculations

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