Gold & Silver Price Forecast 2021- Beyond Now Gone Exponential

The following short video below provided by SD Bullion updates rapidly expanding M0, M1, & M2 fiat Federal Reserve note ($USD) piles to track Gold and Silver's future price targets.

We begin with the thesis that throughout US financial history, there are times when the currency of issuance gets devalued sharply versus gold. Currency debasements also help degrade record debt levels and promise piles sovereign nations cannot keep in real terms. 

This decade the 2020s is setting up to be the loudest rhymes of gold revaluation higher history.

Go back to post US Civil War gold's eightfold ramp, or examine the deflationary 1933-34 gold confiscation and -70% USD devaluation, or the early 1980 record gold price beating that the then newly fiat Fed note took from precious metals and other price exploding commodities.

What is ahead will likely be some variation of this same timeless story.

Gold accounting for the lies we collectively allowed, the nation's currency supply being a direct mirror of this phenomenon.

The masses again losing purchasing power to early bullion holders over the unfolding timeframe.

Gold Silver Price Forecast Long-Term

We begin this update with a chart that illustrates nearly the last 100 years or one century of US financial history. The following chart tracks our nation’s outstanding monetary base vs. gold valuations ongoing.

There is a historical precedent for history rhyming to the 40% threshold and even beyond.

A conservative thesis and long-term forecast being made by myself and many other long time bullion savers are that the gold line and the blue line on the following chart will again meet likely later this decade.

As the value of gold bullion rampantly increases versus seemingly endless fiat currency issuance already outstanding and growing ahead.

Two Problems

One issue is the chart above is only updated through January 2020.

Both combined global and fiat Federal Reserve note currency issuance has been exploding since the viral crisis took down the global economy in March 2020.

The second problem is ongoing. 

How, too, other than regular updates like we are doing here, can you make long-term price target projections when the fiat currency numerator piles are endlessly increasing?

Well, this week, we’re giving you and others out there another long term price forecast update based on the latest data.

And remember, as we go through this exercise, the US Treasury and private Federal Reserve melded under this viral crisis. 

There’s no telling how much fiat and debt monetization these two plan on issuing in the coming months and years.

This will be the third time we’ve made this gold-silver forecast update. The other two videos from earlier this year are worth watching if you did not see them yet. I will leave links to both in the video's comment section and show notes.

Here is the free google doc gold silver price forecast worksheet; I will also leave the show notes and comments below. You can get a sense of the simple arithmetic required to compare our national currency issuance versus our supposed Official gold reserve values ongoing.

Gold Silver Price Forecast April 2020:

Gold Silver Price Forecast June 2020:

The Federal Reserve’s recently exploding m1 fiat Fed note pile is up nearly $1 trillion since our last update in late June 2020. The rate of change higher in 2020 has been unprecedented in the m1 supply.

There are ongoing positive fundamental and technical setup for all four primary precious metals moving into 2021. Interested investors should move quickly to acquire positions before they become costly.

Below is a monthly look at Gold, Silver, Palladium, and Platinum thus far in the 21st Century.

Monthly look at Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium prices

It is our contention before this bullion bull market ends, all four will find new nominal price highs in fiat Federal Reserve notes, likely in a near unified exponential move akin to early 1980.

By simply monitoring the expanding fiat Federal Reserve note M0, M1, & M2 piles, we can gather an idea of how high the gold price may go, and as a ratio subset, how high silver prices might peak in a manic bullion bull market euphoria.

As you will see from our first update in April 2020, into late June, and now in early December this year. The long-term price forecasts for gold and, as a subset, silver keep growing higher in nominal terms.

Much higher four-figure and ever five figure gold prices are readying solely based on the outstanding currency issuance to date.

As we move deep into negative real rates, further choking from fixed interest rate regimes coinciding with exploding record levels of debt globally will likely lead to a currency confidence crisis. Gold will stand to benefit greatly.

As a subset and already with the currency creation completed to date, triple-digit silver is a likely future given as well, given the data outstanding.

Of course, patience is perhaps most precious. Bullion bulls must consider that we often live in derivative command/control intervened financial markets. Before acquiring a prudent precious metals position, always remember that mathematically inevitable can always be delayed longer than perhaps one can stand to wait.

But, with these two melded currency creation leaders coming together in 2021, seemingly endless fiat foolery plans to debase our debts in real terms about to be unhatched.

Precious metals stand to benefit greatly. Position accordingly. And too, plan for when to take some profits by selling silver and gold in increments along the way.

And as always, thank you for watching.

Take great care of yourselves and those you love.

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James Anderson
James Anderson
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Given that repressed commodity values are now near 100-year low level valuations versus large US stocks, James remains convinced investors and savers should buy and maintain a prudent physical bullion position now, before more unfunded promises debase away in the coming decades...