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Market Updates

  1. Gold & Silver Price: Disconnect Between Paper and Physical Continues

    Gold & Silver Price: Disconnect Between Paper and Physical Continues

    Much has been said about “supply chain disruptions” over the past several months, and if we’re talking about the physical gold market, the supply chain disruptions are affecting all major points of production.

    Here’s a quick sampling of the various supply chain disruptions in the physical gold market...

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  2. Gold Bullion Shortage Scramble Sends COMEX Premium to 45 Year High

    Gold Bullion Shortage Major Update

    Worsening physical gold bullion shortages forced COMEX futures prices upwards touching near $1,700 oz this morning.

    This just after gold news broke yesterday that three major Swiss gold bar refineries will be shutting down their operations due to the viral pandemic growing near their northern Italian border region.

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  3. A Trillion For You, And A Trillion For You Too

    The Illness has exposed our financial fragility...

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  4. Wild Volatility Continues As Billions Get Thrown At Markets & Economy

    Wild Volatility Continues As Billions Get Thrown At Markets & Economy

    Silver enters a bear market in one single day, and the stock market gets locked limit-down...

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  5. The Blood Bath Has Begun

    Three weeks ago to the day, we asked the question, “What if the Stock Market Bubble Bursts?” … and since then we have been so fast slapped in the face by a US stock market crash falling harder and quicker than even the 1929 version.

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  6. The Federal Reserve Continues to Claim US Economy is Strong

    The US central bank, the private Federal Reserve, continues to claim that the US economy is strong. But yet this past week it initiated monetary policy as extreme, as last seen during the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.

    Early morning Tuesday of this past week, the Federal Reserve sprung a 50 basis point cut supposed surprise on financial markets, only to have the debt market respond by further front running the Fed’s likely additional interest rate cuts likely back to zero upcoming.

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  7. Why Stocks and Precious Metals Prices Fall?

    Rise by the leverage, fall by the deleveraging.

    This past week's fastest drop in the US stock market since July 1933 in the Great Depression validated our recent video update documenting silver and gold vs stock performances last +50 years of market recessions and bear markets. 

    What we saw this past week was virtually all asset classes melting down in fiat prices. 

    It was akin to what we witnessed for gold bullion and silver bullion during the spring of 2008, before the full fall 2008 Global Financial Crisis became apparent to all. Time will tell if this current situation feeds on itself leading again to bullion shortages.

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  8. Largest Silver Gold Manipulation Criminal Case Coming

    This week we learned that U.S. authorities at the DoJ, who have for years not only accused various JPMorgan Chase & Co. employees of rigging precious-metals futures but also got many to plead guilty. The US Department of Justice (DoJ) is now, more importantly, building a criminal case against America's biggest bank itself.

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  9. Will CFTC Position Limits Fail Again?

    This week, the CFTC, or the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, made headlines with their fourth attempt at passing into financial law position limits on 25 commodities derivatives and futures contracts.

    The CFTC yesterday proposed commodities position limits of up to 25% of the deliverable supply of each commodity. We’ll get into what that may mean for the COMEX silver market in a minute.

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  10. Oh Grandad, "How Stupid Do You Think I am?" - NYFed Advisor on Silver Price

    Silver Price Exponential Rise a High Probability NYFed Advisor SD Bullion

    Every three months since the year 2009, the private New York Federal Reserve’s Investor Advisory Committee on Financial Markets convenes for a quarterly meeting around a long central table seating some 14 members plus high-level New York Fed staffers

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