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  1. Largest Silver Gold Manipulation Criminal Case Coming

    This week we learned that U.S. authorities at the DoJ, who have for years not only accused various JPMorgan Chase & Co. employees of rigging precious-metals futures but also got many to plead guilty. The US Department of Justice (DoJ) is now, more importantly, building a criminal case against America's biggest bank itself.

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  2. Will CFTC Position Limits Fail Again?

    This week, the CFTC, or the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, made headlines with their fourth attempt at passing into financial law position limits on 25 commodities derivatives and futures contracts.

    The CFTC yesterday proposed commodities position limits of up to 25% of the deliverable supply of each commodity. We’ll get into what that may mean for the COMEX silver market in a minute.

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  3. Oh Grandad, "How Stupid Do You Think I am?" - NYFed Advisor on Silver Price

    Silver Price Exponential Rise a High Probability NYFed Advisor SD Bullion

    Every three months since the year 2009, the private New York Federal Reserve’s Investor Advisory Committee on Financial Markets convenes for a quarterly meeting around a long central table seating some 14 members plus high-level New York Fed staffers

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  4. Record High Palladium Exposes Price Suppressions Ongoing

    Like the London Gold Pool of the pre-1971 full fiat US Dollar era. Then and still today, systematic attempts to control and contain precious metals prices, eventually end and even backfire into physical short-falls of supply, and exponential price runs higher from artificially low valuations.

    Come see in this video presentation just how much palladium bullion has exited the NYMEX warehouses & Palladium ETFs, since the CME Group's Central Bank Incentive Program (CBIP) got underway in the year 2013 through today.

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  5. Silver vs Gold Bullion Ahead of the Next Bull Market Mania Phase

    gold vs silver SD Bullion blog silver podcast gold podcast

    This past week the world witnessed the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Armed Forces shoot some 16 long-range surface to surface missiles at Iraq's Ain Assad air base housing US troops.

    Too, an international passenger plane bound from Iran to Ukraine was allegedly rocketed out of the sky. All 176 lives aboard were lost, 63 of which were Canadian citizens,

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  6. JPMorgan Silver Crime Charges to NY Fed REPO Loan Ramp

    JP Morgan Silver Crimes Manipulation Jaime Dimon

    We often cover the ongoing JPMorgan silver bullion saga here. It seems we have a new twist in the ongoing story since JPMorgan's takeover of the bankrupt Bear Sterns short silver position in early 2008.

    Late last year, in early November

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  7. Federal Reserve Record High Balance Sheet On Pace April 2020

    Federal Reserve Record High Balance Sheet On Pace April 2020
    The current central bank of the United States of America has now added over $405 billion fiat Federal Reserve notes to its official balance sheet since the official start of the New York Federal Reserve’s REPO Loan program in middle September 2019.
    The Federal Reserve has been adding just over $100 billion USD to its balance sheet every month to close out the last third of 2019.
    At this rate, the Fed’s balance sheet will hit new record nominal highs by April of 2020. Here we dig into the size and scale of the latest data updates on the NY Fed Repo Loan program ongoing. 
    As well, we’ll put it into further recent financial system Repo Loan operation expansions such as the Y2K change from 1999 to the year 2000, following September 11th, 2001, and the size and scale of the Repo Loan program expansion the summer leading into the Lehman Brothers bank collapse, October 2008.
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  8. Bank Runs to China Gold Confiscation History

    Welcome to this week's bullion update at SD Bullion were we examine Bank Runs in China past, present, and potential future.

    The image above is a just recent illustration we will uncover here. It helps to trace some od China's past to present in gold bullion stacking and in being the inventor of fiat currency issuance back when great Khans ruled their empire.

    Gold Update | Silver Update | SD Bullion

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  9. 6 Mega Banks Which May "Bail You In" | G20 Bank Bail-In Laws

    Hello out there, this is James Anderson and welcome to this sixth Precious Metals market update from SD Bullion.

    We will remind veiwers of still existing Bank Bail-In Laws and how new Financial Crisis Laws intertwine with this past week’s biggest financial news.

    At the 4:16 mark below is this week's brief major precious metals price update.


    Precious Metals Market Update | Bank Bail-In Laws Still on G20's Books

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  10. Silver Prices: What Will Happen in 2020?

    On December 2, 2019, James Anderson of SD Bullion, Louis Cammarosano of SmaulGld, and Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics joined Philip Kennedy’s live video conference call to discuss Silver Prices 2020 and beyond.

    The discussion is a deep dive into the silver market specifically while also touching on contributing forces at play.

    Silver Price 2020s Discussion | James Anderson of SD Bullion

    Timestamp points touched upon with backlink deeper dives in

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