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Market Updates

  1. As States Reopen, Will Federal Stimulus Stall Or End?

    As States Reopen, Will Federal Stimulus Stall Or End?

    For another week, the overall markets are in search of a general direction. The equities markets don’t know if they want to crash or if they want to rally, gold & silver continue to correct, and now, the commodities, in general, are experiencing pullbacks after spectacular runs higher.

    Amid this backdrop of market noise, there are two fundamental forces to consider that will have a major influence over the direction of the US economy: The reopenings and the upcoming stimulus

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  2. 2021: Silver Hits The Ground Running (And Might Start Sprinting)

    2021: Silver Hits The Ground Running (And Might Start Sprinting)


    What a start to the year!

    A lot of people may be feeling nervous about the price of silver since it has risen over 20% in price since the end of November, but I’m not one of those people. I think silver still has a good way to run before becoming “overbought”, and I’m kind of expecting silver to surprise to the upside, and I say that for three primary reasons: Stimulus checks, TINA, and a possible Democrat-controlled Federal Government.

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  3. Silver: Good End, Better Start?

    Silver: Good End, Better Start?

    What an interesting year in the markets, and what an interesting end to the year!

    Right now, to end the year, the big news is that Economic Impact Payments have already begun to be deposited in eligible US taxpayers’ bank accounts.

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  4. Stimulus for Silver & Gold Prices in 2021

    We begin this week with the silver price popping over the key $26 per ounce threshold. Bloomberg Intelligence predicted this week that silver will follow gold, setting a record silver price high of over $50 oz in 2021. Bloomberg Intelligence said the bull market in silver has just begun...

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  5. No Deal? Trump Demands $2000 Stimulus Checks, Not $600

    No Deal? Trump Demands $2000 Stimulus Checks, Not $600

    Here we find ourselves this Wednesday morning, very, very, very close to another helicopter drop of money, and yet the size of the payload is in doubt or in limbo, now here’s the question: Why would silver NOT rise in price, and spectacularly?

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  6. 2020 Portends: Silver Gold Bull Market Mania Coming?

    This week, we look at what may be in store for us, early in the coming year 2021.

    As precious metal bullion bulls are further setting up, to reap rewards from years of positioning and patience.

    As politicians in Washington DC squabble over what amount of crumbs they may issue to US citizens, only has to look at the record-sized explosion in the fiat US Dollar’s M1 pile to know that the 2008 Global Financial Crisis was a mere speed bump to the Great Reset events unfolding.

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