2017 1 oz Australian Kangaroo Silver Coin

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Buy 2017 Silver Kangaroo Coins from the Australian Perth Mint

The annual release of the next coin in the Kangaroo Silver coin series by the Perth Mint is a highly anticipated event all over the globe. Now, this 2017 1 oz Australian Kangaroo Silver coin is available to purchase in pristine Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition.

Unlike their Gold coin counterparts, the Silver Kangaroo coins were first released in 1993. These coins quickly rose to a unique standing in the precious metals market, with people rushing to obtain this series of Silver coins. In fact, the Silver coin variants ensured that customers could obtain the iconic Kangaroo designs without having to purchase a sizeable chunk of their financial assets.

Known for producing high-quality precious metal products featuring elegant and breathtaking designs, the Perth Mint has decades of quality that inspires trust with regards to any product that is known to be minted by this renowned mint.

These coins are struck using 0.9999 pure Silver, weighing exactly one troy ounce. Additionally, a micro-laser engraving protects these coins from being counterfeited. Inspection under a magnifying glass of the letter ‘A’ in the word ‘Australia’ should reveal a micro-engraved letter ‘A,’ which verifies the genuineness of your purchase.

The reverse of this coin portrays the iconic Australian marsupial, found exclusively on the Australian continent. It is depicted in mid-jump, capturing the unique movement that this animal is known to exhibit. Moreover, the Kangaroo is synonymous with Australia and symbolizes the wildlife exclusive to the region. Encircling this image are the words ‘Australian Kangaroo,’ followed by the year of issue and the weight and purity of the Silver in this coin (2017 1 oz. .9999 Silver).

On the other hand, being recognized as money in Australia, the obverse features the familiar Ian Rank-Broadley depiction of Queen Elizabeth II. Displaying her side profile from above the neck, she is seen adorning the Royal crown – giving the design on this side a regal and impressive aura. Surrounding her portrait are the words ‘Elizabeth II,’ ‘Australia,’ and the face value ‘1 Dollar.’

Moreover, these coins have been an invaluable purchase for those who wish to maintain updated Australian bullion coin collections and obtain Silver of the highest quality at the same time. In addition to this, these coins are known to contain Silver of one of the highest purities in the world, making the precious metal in this coin an invaluable asset. Hence, they are a brilliant addition to any metals portfolio, when customers are looking to diversify and solidify their tangible assets.

1 troy oz .9999 fine silver
Orders in multiples of 25 coins ship in original mint tubes
Orders in multiples of 250 coins ship in original "Monster Box" from The Perth Mint.

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