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Buy Silver Dimes Online

Silver Dimes are part of the popular 90% Junk Silver Category. But these items are far from junk! Each silver dime contains .0715 troy ounces of pure silver bullion, so in total the $5 Face Value will contain 3.575 troy ounces, and the $100 Face Value will contain 71.5 troy ounces of silver.

Types of 90% US Silver Dimes

SD Bullion carries a full inventory of pre-1965 US silver dimes including:

Barber Dimes - 1892-1916

These dimes were minted by the United States Mint between 1892 and 1916 and were designed by Charles Barber, the chief graver of the US Mint at the time. Edward Leech, then Mint Director, turned to Barber in order to develop the new coin, this decision led to the iconic Barber Dimes. After Leech authorized Barber's concept, they were sent to then President Benjamin Harrison for the final approval. He approved them for release in November 1891. The design that was approved was also used on US Silver Quarters from 1892 to 1916 and on the US Silver Half Dollars from 1892-1915.

For several factors, barber dimes are pursued by collectors. The prices of these dimes do and may fluctuate but, because of their comparatively small market availability, the worth of these silver coins could increase in the coming years. The reality that these dimes were only in circulation for 25 years makes them even more appealing to coin enthusiasts. Moreover, the maximum mintage in one year for these coins was 34 million coins, opposed to Roosevelt Dimes, which in 1964 had a peak of 2.2 billion.

These coins have been named for the coin's designer, Charles E. Barber. The notorious design features the magnificent Lady Liberty in a Phrygian cap. A very similar design is also featured on the Mercury Dimes, which was the Barber Dime's successor. The obverse will feature the previously mentioned Lady Liberty design with an olive wreath around her Phrygian cap.

Mercury Dimes - 1916-1945

The Mercury Dime was named so because of the striking similarity of the depiction of Lady Liberty on this coin with the depictions of the Roman god Mercury. However, Adolph Weinman, the artist who rendered this design, later confirmed that the portrayal of these coins was indeed one that of Lady Liberty, with a Phrygian hat atop her head. This design replaced the Barber dimes in the middle of 1916. This was because there was a regulation that the design for each coin must be changed after 25 years.

Roosevelt Dimes - 1946-1964

The Roosevelt dime entered the market in 1946 after it was approved by Harry S. Truman to honor his predecessor in 1945, which would have been the year of the 46th birthday of President Roosevelt. They were minted using 90% silver by the U.S. Mint for circulation until 1965, when all U.S. 90% silver coins were discontinued. These dimes are easily the most recognized silver dimes of any, since their design is used to this day on dimes. This helps when looking to sell, or in the case if we ever have bartering situation where silver becomes the “currency”. In addition to this, however, these Roosevelt Silver Dimes have the highest mintage numbers of any of the silver dimes, with the most being 2.2 billion of these silver coins being minted in 1964.

The design of these Roosevelt Dimes are very similar to that of the current US circulation dimes. The obverse features the side profile of Franklin Roosevelt with “IN GOD WE TRUST” to his bottom left and “LIBERTY” next to his face on his left. The year that the dime was minted in will be featured to his bottom right (1946-1964).

Quality of Dimes

The majority of silver dimes are going to be in circulated condition, so dimes that are of a higher quality are going to be sold for a higher premium. At SD Bullion, we sell silver dimes in both circulated and higher quality conditions as well.

The Barber Dimes are only sold in circulated condition due to the over a century of wear on most of the Barber coins.

We sell the Mercury Dimes in both circulated and XF/AU condition. XF/AU stands for extra fine/about uncirculated, so these coins aren’t quite in uncirculated condition, but they will be higher quality coins compared to the traditional Mercury Dimes.

We sell Roosevelt Dimes in circulated and AU/UNC condition. AU/UNC stands for about uncirculated/uncirculated, so these coins would be in a condition very close to, if not uncirculated condition, and will be clearly in better condition than the circulated version.

Have additional questions on selling or buying 90% Junk Silver Dimes? Call our bullion trading desk at 1-800-294-8732. And don’t forget, when you buy at SD Bullion, you lock in the lowest silver prices online, guaranteed.