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Buy Silver Quarters Online

Each silver quarter contains .17875 ounces of pure silver. We sell them in both rolls and junk silver bags. The rolls are $10 in face value and the bags are $100 in face value. Each roll contains 7.15 troy ounce of silver, with each bag containing 71.5 troy ounces.

Types of 90% US Silver Quarters

SD Bullion carries a full inventory of Pre-1965 US Silver Quartersincluding:

Barber Quarters - 1892-1916

In 1892 the Barber replaced the Seated Liberty Quarters and in 1916 the Walking Liberty Quarters were introduced. They were designed by Charles Edward Barber, who from 1879 until his retirement in 1917 was chief graver for the US mint. He was the creator of the Barber Dime, Barber Quarter, and the Barber Half Dollar, making the Barber design one of America's most iconic designs in history.

There were over 264 million Barber Quarters minted, which is comparably low total when compared to its silver half dollar counterpart. The most common year for Barber quarters is 1900, when nearly 15 million of them were produced. The infamous design used on US silver dimes, silver quarters, and silver half dollars starting in 1892 features Lady Liberty in a Phgyrian cap with “IN GOD WE TRUST” above her and stars on either side with the year minted at the bottom of the coin as well.

Standing Liberty Quarters - 1916-1930

Standing Liberty Quarters are a major piece of US coinage history thanks to their magnificent design and controversy surrounding them.The total mintage of these Standing Liberty’s is 226 million, with the most common date being 1920, when 38 million of them were minted. The controversy surrounding the Standing Liberty Quarter is due toLady Liberty being bare-chested on the obverse of the coins. Lady Liberty is also holding a shield in her left hand and an olive branch in her left hand. However, due to changes in the design in certain years, you might notice some variation in the design on these coins.

Washington Quarters - 1932-1964

Silver Washington Quarters were struck by the US Mint between 1932 and 1964. The inclusion of precious metals in circulation coins was discontinued by the Coinage Act of 1965 which removed all silver from the composition. These silver coins have become harder to find and treasured by collectors since circulation coins started being minted with nickel and copper.

There was a staggering 3.8 billion Silver Washington Quarters minted, with the most common year by far being 1964, with nearly 1.3 billion minted in 1964 alone. The obverse of the 90% Silver Washington Quarter is President George Washington's left-sided portraitThe picture is still in use in the United States Quarter, but has since been slightly modernized. This image is the longest lasting design on any coin is US Mint history. As of 2019, the design has been in continuous use for 87 years. Along with the depiction of our first President on the obverse of the quarter is the word “LIBERTY” above his head, the words “IN GOD WE TRUST” to his lower left, and the mintage year directly below him.

Quality of Quarters

The majority of silver quarters are going to be in circulated condition, so dimes that are of a higher quality are going to be sold for a higher premium. At SD Bullion, we sell silver quarters in both circulated and higher quality conditions as well.

The Barber Silver Quarters and Standing Liberty Quarters are only sold in circulated condition due to the over a century of wear on most of the Barber Quarters and 70-90 years of wear on the Standing Liberty coins.

We sell Washington Quarters in circulated and AU/UNC condition. AU/UNC stands for about uncirculated/uncirculated, so these silver coins would be in a condition very close to, if not uncirculated condition, and these will be clearly in better condition than the circulated version.

Shop our full selection of US Silver Quarters online today and when you purchase from us, we guarantee the lowest prices online. So go ahead and add some to your cart and lock in your silver spot price today!