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  1. 1 oz Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Proof-Like Silver Bar w/ Pendant Frame
    1 oz Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Proof-Like Silver Bar w/ Pendant Frame
    As low as $89.99

    Product Available Date:

    February 29, 2024
    1+ $89.99
  2. 5 Gram Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Proof-Like Gold Bar w/ Pendant Frame
    5 Gram Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Proof-Like Gold Bar w/ Pendant Frame
    As low as $418.39

    Product Available Date:

    February 29, 2024
    1+ $418.37
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Buy PAMP Suisse Bullion Products

PAMP Suisse is a renowned mint operating with a long history of experience producing precious metal products, including some of the most sold gold bars in the world.

PAMP Suisse has a vast catalog of products, including cast bars, minted bars, and collectibles of various weights in varied metal contents. PAMP’s Fortuna Series offers some of the world’s most recognized gold bar designs.

PAMP Suisse Mint History

PAMP Suisse started off as a family-owned company founded in 1977 in Ticino, Switzerland. PAMP soon became a trade leader and one of the most sought-after mints, especially after the union with MKS Switzerland. It now has over 40 years of experience in the bullion industry.

PAMP’s efforts to excel in the products and services offered made them collect many “firsts” that raised the company’s credibility, among other renowned mints. For instance, PAMP was the first mint to imprint designs on the reverse side of minted bars with their Fortuna Series. And they were the first to use individual sealed packaging in small bars to protect them from unnecessary contact.

Because of that, PAMP Suisse became a reference in sourcing, supplying, refining, fabricating, and trading precious metals products.

Security features are also one of the main focuses of the mint. PAMP developed the Veriscan and Provenance techniques to provide products with the best anti-counterfeiting measures. The Veriscan app allows authenticity checking through a simple scan. And Provenance Technology allows owners to trace the origins of the precious metal content all the way through the supply chain.

With a vast catalog of products comprising gold bullion, silver bullion, platinum bullion, and palladium bullion in varied sizes and finishes, PAMP Suisse is now a leading company in the precious metals market and a reference to investors and collectors worldwide.

PAMP Suisse Gold Bars Sizes & Designs

PAMP Suisse Gold Bars inventory is composed of minted and cast bars, collectibles, and simple assets for investment.

Minted Bars are PAMP’s most famous products. Especially the Fortuna Series because of its traditional motif.

Minted bars are those which demand more from the minting process. After pouring molten gold into molds, the bars receive special treatment to give them rounded edges, a polished surface smooth to the touch with mirror-like luster, and engravings regarding the bar’s information and design, delicately imprinted on both sides.

Regarding weight measurement units, PAMP’s gold bars are available in troy ounces, tolas, and grams. According to the bar's collections, sizes vary from one gram to one kilo.

Opposingly to minted bars, cast pieces demand less from the production line. Molten gold is poured into molds. When they are cool enough, the gold bar receives the necessary engravings, usually related to the bar’s description.

But as PAMP Suisse prioritizes excellence, even cast bars display an elegant visual experience, with rounded edges and smooth surfaces.

PAMP Suisse Cast Bars vary from 1 tael, equal to approximately 37 grams, to 400 troy ounce bars. 

Fortuna Gold Bars

Fortuna Gold Bars are PAMP Suisse's landmark among other gold bars because they were the first minted bars with a decorated reverse side. And the most sold one.

As the obverse showcases the company’s symbols, the bar’s weight, metal content, purity, unique serial number, and assayer’s mark, the other side of the bar features Lady Fortuna, which names the series.

The image became one of the most popular designs among gold bars around the globe. Lady Fortuna is the Roman goddess of prosperity, depicted with sheaves of wheat, the wheel of fortune, and the horn of plenty, also known as a cornucopia, lying from her head, overflowing with precious coins.

PAMP gold bars contain a unique serial number and an assay card to certify their authenticity. They are individually sealed with protective packaging, called CertiPAMP, to ensure the product’s conditions until reaching their destination.

This Series is the most extensive one. They have weights varying from 1 gram to 1 kilo, measured in tolas, grams, and troy ounces.

All the gold bars from the series are minted and have 99.99% fine gold bullion as metal content. 

Gold Bar Prices

Gold Bars prices may vary for many reasons, but the versatility of gold bars available allows investors to choose the product that meets their needs. 

The bar type is the first aspect that influences the difference in prices of gold bars.

Cast ingots tend to be less expensive compared to minted ones. A cast bar has a cheaper production cost, as it demands fewer resources and time. Therefore, it tends to have lower premium prices. 

Opposingly minted bars go through more steps when produced, raising their initial costs. But they showcase a more delicate visual aspect and could also allow investors to obtain better premiums themselves when they decide to resell.

The bar’s weight is obviously the main factor to be considered. Larger ingots tend to have higher prices, but they may be a faster way to increase wealth through bullion pieces. Smaller ingots may be a more exciting investment option for investors operating under a tight budget.

Gold Bars may be a more efficient way to acquire gold bullion per dollar invested than gold coins. Gold bars tend to have lower premiums as they can be produced in larger quantities and are devoid of face value.

What the above points are all true, the most important factor in gold bar prices is the daily spot price of gold. The price represents the current market rate for an ounce of pure gold and determines the bulk of each gold bar's price.


  • Is PAMP Suisse good gold?

PAMP Suisse is recognized worldwide for its high-quality products. PAMP gold bars contain a minimum of 99.9% pure gold, which means a lot regarding metal content purity. Besides the high percentage of metal content, the company has an internal policy concerning sustainability, which led to the search for environmentally correct extraction and the use of recycling and jewelry without compromising its high quality.

  • What does PAMP stand for?

PAMP is a French acronym for Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux. In English, it translates to Artistic Precious Metal Products. PAMP, or PAMP Suisse, is one of the most renowned mints worldwide. The company makes products of several bullion options in addition to offering services of sourcing, supplying, refining, and trading bullion products to the international market.

  • Where is PAMP Suisse gold from?

Originally from Ticino, Switzerland, the company has operated worldwide, maintaining its headquarters in its initial foundation. PAMP Suisse gold bars use sources from several origins worldwide. All the operating mines have a compromise with a responsible extraction to cause minimal environmental impact. Besides natural gold bullion, the company also uses recycled and old jewelry.

  • Is PAMP better than Valcambi?

Both companies excel at their products and use high levels of metal content in their composition. Therefore both may offer exciting purchase opportunities for bullion investors. Varieties come in design and dimension. For instance, Valcambi’s 1 Troy oz gold bars tend to be a little thicker, while PAMP’s are broader.