Platinum Pamp Suisse 25 x 1 gram Multigram Set

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The 25x1g PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar Set offers an easy way of accumulating the famed Fortuna designs imprinted on the purest platinum. Each of these platinum bars is sealed with their assay cards, ensuring their authenticity and alleviating any fears of counterfeit products. Each of these PAMP Suisse Platinum Bars is struck using 1 gram of 0.9995 pure platinum.

Goddess Fortuna themed silver and gold bars from PAMP Suisse have been popular items for a long time, capturing the interest of investors and collectors alike. More recently, the PAMP Suisse platinum bars featuring the same famous designs have met with tremendous demand due to the growing popularity of the precious metal in addition to investors wanting to diversify their assets.

In Roman mythology, Goddess Fortuna is said to personify luck and fortune. However, this luck could be good or bad, and it was believed that even she did not know the fortunes she brought upon her worshippers. The obverses of these platinum bars feature the Goddess in a blindfold, indicating the uncertainty and fickle nature of luck, which cannot be controlled. Additionally, she adorns a cornucopia of rich bounty, drawing people close in the hope of good fortune.

Imprinted on its reverse, the PAMP logo is accompanied by weight and purity of the platinum in this bar. Furthermore, the assayer’s mark is displayed at the bottom of this side, assuring buyers of the authenticity of the specifications of the bar.
This set is one of the most cost effective ways of adding substantial (25 grams) of pure platinum to investment portfolios – making it perfect for investors.

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