New Release Selling Out Quickly - 5 oz High Relief Tree of Life Silver Coin

5 oz High Relief Tree of Life Silver Coin | SD Bullion Exclusive!

SD Bullion is very excited to announce the first-ever 5 oz Tree of Life minted with a high-relief finish.

About the 5 oz Tree of Life

The 2019 5 oz Tree of Life Silver Coin is the second Tree of Life coin is the first ever Tree of Life coin minted in the 5 oz weight.

The 1 oz Tree of Life was first minted in 2018, and was also minted in 2019 as well. The 1 oz coin has a mintage limit of just 30,000 coins. The 5 oz has an even smaller mintage of just 1,000 pieces.

Each coin in the 1,000-coin mintage with have its own unique serial number along the reed of the coin. The coins will be shipped to you in a plastic coin capsule, ensuring that the coin keeps its luster for years to come.

Additionally, this high-relief coin also features expert-level microengraving featured on the tree’s lower left branch. On the branch, using a coin loupe, you will be able to clearly read the words: “I AM THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE”.

Also, the engraving at the bottom of the obverse reads “Yahweh”, the Hebrew name for “God” used in the Bible.

The Truth Series

The Truth Silver Coin Series started in 2018, with the 1 oz 2018 Roaring Lion Coin and the 1 oz 2018 Tree of Life. Each year, the Roaring Lion is released first, with the first half of a “Truth” micro engraved into the lion’s mane. The Tree of Life is then released later that same year, featuring the second half of the “Truth” micro engraved into its lower left branch.

Each of these coins had a limited mintage of just 50,000 pieces, and this limited availability has contributed significantly to the premium appreciation we have seen for the 2018 coins.

For example, the 2018 1 oz Tree of Life is now selling for upwards of $24, and the 2018 Roaring Lion is selling for upwards of $28 as well. For reference, the 2018 coins started with a premium of just $0.99 over spot, so you can see just how well these coins perform.

Both the 2019 1 oz Roaring Lion and 2019 1 oz Tree of Life featured a 50,000 coin limited mintage as well.

The 5 oz High Relief Tree of Life is following the High Relief 5 oz Roaring which was released earlier this year. The 5 oz Lion also featured a 1,000-coin mintage, unique microengraving, and individual serial number on the reed of the coin as well.

With an even smaller mintage for the 2019 5 oz Tree of Life, there’s no telling just how high the premium for this coin may go in the future.

About the Sunshine Mint

The Truth Series coins are minted by the famed private Sunshine Mint, and are given their face value by the New Zealand government. This backing from New Zealand government is what makes this piece a silver coin, instead of a silver round.

The Sunshine Mint has been lauded for their excellent security features on all of their products, while you may not be able to use the SMI Decoder Lens on these coins, the microengraving and individual serial numbers on the coins are great security features as well.

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