Gold Bullet | VIDEO: 50 Caliber Bullet vs Gold Kilo Bar

A few months back we ran into an entertaining Youtube Channel called Demolition Ranch where the host of the channel entertainingly shoots things with various guns and bullets.

It was mainly this 100 oz Silver Bar vs. Bullet video that called our attention and got us to thinking. 

Well, what about other, larger, more expensive bullion bars vs. bullets?

Of course, we would have to see how a 1,000-ounce silver bullion bar would hold up against various high caliber ammunition.

And this creative video endeavor would not have been complete without bringing a large caliber 1-kilo gold bar, weighing 32.15 troy ounces (learn how many grams are in a troy ounce of gold) into the mix. Then, of course, seeing how it would react when a 50 caliber bullet met its .9999 fine gold Royal Canadian Mint hallmark going about 3,000 feet per second.

We recently drove down to Texas and gave Matt Carriker of Demolition Ranch youtube channel a full run with some of the various investment grade precious metal bullion products we sell here at SD Bullion.


Silver Bullets | Gold Bullets | All Meet for Real Down at the Demolition Ranch

Bullion Products we Highlight in this Demolition Ranch Video


VIEWER NOTE: yes, we did sacrifice a few pre-1964 junk silver coins to make this video. We rationalized it knowing this effort could get more people to learn about sound money and prudent precious metals investing in doing so potentially. All warped and or shrapnel bullion recollected after the shoot will get refined back into products that precious metals get regularly used in (i.e., for silver uses, that is a ton of potential things we take for granted every day).

Both silver and gold cannot be destroyed molecularly by mere bullets.

But Hint, Hint: human-made government currencies or even private crypto-currencies will ultimately all end worthless. Give them enough time; history proves this claim (e.g., bullion vs. currencies).

Gold Kilo Bar vs. 50 Cal Bullet Auction

You can find that 50 caliber bullet-riddled gold kilo bar on our SD Bullion eBay auction page.

You can also see in the images below, that due to the bullets flying through the 1-kilo gold bar at around 2,000 miles per hour.

About 1/2 troy ounce of the regular 32.15 troy ounce gold kilobar got ripped from the bullion bar cavity. 

Matt's guess in the video, by the way, was far off. Only about 1.5% of the gold kilo bar's gold content was shrapnel displaced during the violent bullet encounter. Another example of how soft and malleable gold fundamentally is.

Gold Bullet Demolition Ranch SD Bullion

Gold Bullet Silver Bullets SD Bullion

Silver Bullets Gold  Bullet Demolition Ranch SD Bullion

Silver Bullets Gold Bullet SD Bullion Demolition Ranch gold kilo bar auction


Of course, we will be refining that 1/2 troy ounce of displaced gold for its melt value is currently about $750 in fiat US dollars given today's spot gold price.

We, of course, believe all this gold and silver bullion used in the video will be worth a lot more in future value, especially in fiat US dollars.

But that is a more extended case we won’t blogging on about here today.

If you want to learn more about bullion buying and bullion selling best practices, pick up our free SD Bullion Guide.

Thanks for coming by SD Bullion and checking out this fun promotion with Demolition Ranch.


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James Anderson
James Anderson
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